The Desire Map | Broken Self vs. Whole Self

What you build on your self-value will be built to last.


This is a big ask, but let’s leap to it. Assume that you are already whole and worthy. You’re complete. You’re divine. You’re in. Embrace that Universal Truth and let’s work with self love and trust as our guidance system.

There’s the type of desire that flows from faith and self-valuing. It’s a desire that’s building on its worthiness and sense of the possible. It’s a desire that wants to go DEEPER and FULLER. That’s the energy that we want to bring to our Core Desired Feelings. That desire flows from your heart center.

The opposite of that healthy desire is ego-based wanting. We want something that will fix our perceived brokenness. We want something to fill our emptiness. We think something outside of ourselves will complete us.

Try on both perspectives—brokenness and wholeness—and see if either viewpoint changes what you actually want. It may not. Maybe what you’re desiring is being governed by your lack mentality, as well as your inner abundance—both can be at play. Perhaps if you’re in a place of fulfillment and you really don’t have any cravings for more. Or you could be as determined as ever to create what you’re desiring. Let’s see . . .


This is only an exercise, you’re not sending a direct signal to the Universe. Okay? Okay.

Imagine that you feel: broken, defective, in need of fixing. You think you’re behind in life. You wonder if you’ll ever catch up, you question if your dreams are even possible. Doubt is floating around. It’s hard to imagine being fulfilled.

Now! What do you think you need to feel to heal your brokenness? What do you crave to feel?


Take in this truth, let it fill every cell: you are complete, safe, loved, and loving. You are a Divine Being and Life rejoices in fulfilling your desires—you and life are in a dynamic collaboration. You’re perfect in Creation’s eyes. All Love and wisdom dwell within in. You radiate beauty and joy. You live in an abundant, trusting state of flow. Repeat: you are complete, safe, loved, loving, and Life is holding you.

Now! From that place of wholeness, you may not desire anything at all. Your cravings seem to have melted away. You ACCEPT YOUR WHOLENESS! You can flow with Life. If that’s what you’re sensing and perceiving, then the question is: What else do you feel in that state of wholeness? What other feelings would be a celebration of your wholeness?


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