TOEFL iTP | Listening | Part C | Clipper Ships

We’re back! It’s been SO LONG! Ha! The listening portion was on a hiatus, but with google rankings and blog views skyrocketing, I have some special treats for you coming. Today we’re going to be doing a Listening Part C with a comprehensive breakdown, so let’s get into it!


  1. In which course would this lecture probably be given?
  • water sports
  • physics
  • American history
  • psychology

2. What is the most likely meaning of the expression “to clip along?”

  • to cut
  • to move fast
  • to steer a boat
  • to build a ship

3. What were clipper ships first used for in the United States?

  • to bring tea from China
  • to transport gold to California
  • to trade with the British
  • to sail the American river system

4. What does the professor remind the students about?

  • a reading assignment
  • a quiz on Friday
  • a research paper for the end of the semester
  • some written homework


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