TOEFL iTP | Listening | Part C | Stage fright

We’re back with another! You guys are super lucky! Ha! Let’s get into this one. Just like the last one, this is a Part C with some guidance in how to follow the conversation, linkers, and the process of elimination. Let’s get it!



  1. Who would probably not experience stagefright in their work?
  • Writers
  • actors
  • athletes
  • musicians

2. What physical reaction might someone who’s experiencing stage fright commonly have?

  • he or she would see butterflies
  • he or she would break a leg
  • he or she would have shaky knees
  • he or she would stop breathing

3. How can someone combat the negative thoughts associated with stage fright?

  • By staring at the audience
  • by breathing shallowly
  • by thinking about possible negative outcomes
  • by focusing on what needs to be done

4. When should the actors arrive at the theatre?

  • at 2pm
  • at 3pm
  • at 6pm
  • at 8pm

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