TOEFL iBT | Podcast Changes

Hello, all of my TOEFL followers!
So, I’ve realized that once I started posting a lot of exclusive coaching podcasts on my Spotify, inquiries and other things fell. Last year, I didn’t have that many 1 on 1 coaching sessions on my podcasts and I had a lot of people from around the world asking me for services.
Since the beginning of this year, that number has plummeted and then I realized that this material is extremely good. So, from now on, all 1 on 1 coaching and podcasts from December last year (in TOEFL iBT) are now available on my Early Podcast Patreon Badge on TOEFL iBT. This is an experiment, and if it’s true, it will remain. I realized that I may have shot myself in the foot in terms of my business (lol) so I’ve unpublished about 20 episodes and they will now be exclusive on my Patreon badges. If you’re interested, inquire! So many other great things on there, too! All TOEFL iBT, as well as the writing segments and “listening techniques” will remain, but coaching sessions, discussion and lectures are now exclusive.

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