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Nonetheless, here’s another great blog on Another and Other.

Used as an adjectiveAnother + singular
(Have another sandwich.)
Other + plural noun
(I wonder if there is life on other planets)
Determiner + other + noun
(There may be life on some other planets)
Used as a pronounAnother
(Thanks. I’ll have another.)
Determiner + other
(“I have one book.”
“I have the other.”)

Another means “one more, an additional one.” It can be used as an adjective before a singular noun or alone as a pronoun.

He needs another piece of paper.

I have one class in that building, and another in the building across the yard.

Other is used as an adjective before a plural noun. It is also used as an adjective before a singular noun when preceded by a determiner such as the, some, any, one, or no. It can also be used alone as a pronoun when preceded by a determiner.

There are other matters I’d like to discuss with you.

One of the books was a novel; the other was a collection of essays.

There’s no other place I’d rather visit.

Sample Items

Willa Cather is known for My Antonia and another novels of the American frontier.

An understudy is an actor who can substitute for other actor in case of an emergency.


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