TOEFL iTP Course Coming to Podia!

Has grammar always been a problem for you?

I get it. 

No, really. 

When I started tutoring in Rangsit, a province just on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand, it was difficult to explain what present perfect meant and took two hours to explain the concept. 

Since then, now I’m the top 1% in terms of TOEFL teaching on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, etc. 

I also didn’t know how much the SEO (search engine optimization) would direct students from countries all around the world to my blog, videos, etc. 

Given the fact that so many of my students tune into my TOEFL iTP blogs, today is the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!

On June 1st, my TOEFL iTPers who have been having difficulty with the grammar section (structure) of the test will finally be able to purchase the Structure part of the test. 

Oh, there’s more!

Pre-sale will land you a 50% discount, so you’ll save a fair amount!

So, Arsenio what’s going to be featured in the course?

Glad you asked: incomplete independent clauses, adjective clauses, missing participial phrases, XYZ forms, missing comparisons, missing conjunctions, missing negative words, and more. 

And you’re lucky!

Because you’ll be getting snippets throughout the entire month of what’s to come!

Consider yourself one of my loyal followers!

So, when the pre-sale launch is official, you’ll be the first to get it!

Stay tuned!

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