33rd Birthday is HERE!

33rd Birthday! Wow, a third of a century being on this planet. The transformation in the last years, however, has been the most profound of my life. Here are my three biggest lessons of the last 365 days. 

  1. Seek Mentorship: If you told me I would have a transformation coach that would fall right into my lap who would mentor me through the abandonment I suffered in the early part of my life, the pain I’ve carried for decades, and heal all events while placing new ones — I would say “how much?” LOL. I kid you not, some of you like to walk to your destination without any help because of your ego. But what you need to do is find someone who will give you a ride, or maybe even fly you….so it could be quicker and you can get the guidance need to take you to the next level…and some of these people will be willing to do it FOR FREE. 
  2. Grow Into It: I grew into online coaching, another business presentation workshop, securing my first-ever Business Client in BKK, making 4 big online sales, and so many other things. However, I would always “want” before it all happened, but I wasn’t ready for it because I wanted to take a short cut. Be willing to not read the book for perception, but to experience life for the wisdom. 
  3. Let Them Go: The mentor who helped me allowed me to finally stand up to “business friends” who had taken advantage of me for more than three years. I quit. Other part-time gigs — QUIT. It’s not that you can afford me, it’s the simple fact that you’re doing it for best interest of you. College buddies from 15 years ago — I dedicated 100% to the relationship while they were giving less than 10%….BYE BYE BYE! I want to influence people who are willing to receive, and you better be willing to do that, too. Stop giving to deadweight relationships. Loyalty comes with an expiration date. 

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