Brendon Burchard’s Lack of Empathy is INSULTING — A True d*** head!

“Don’t hire them! They will take too much of your time!”

“Call their former employer. If they hesitate with giving an explanation, that answers your question about hiring them.”

“If you do this again, we’re going to have to let you go.”

“Yeah, we have a very high turnover of employees, but that’s ok!”

No, you massive cunt, it’s NOT!

Granted, I was the biggest Brendon fan EVER. After hearing him on an entrepreneur’s show a couple years back, I loved his energy and vibrancy. Within a five-month period, that vibrancy, smile, energy and more is all unbelievably FAKE because he lacks the ultimate quality that ever human being MUST possess — EMPATHY.

“Arsenio, his networth is 25 million dollars! He doesn’t need to be nice!” Tell that to Steve Jobs.

When you’re an asshole, be that asshole. Don’t paint a picture that you’re a bubbly, high-energy guy that fires people because you think TIME IS MONEY and TREAT EVERYONE LIKE A NUMBER. Be that asshole. Be that Tony RObbins. Be that Gary Vee!

But after subscribing to GrowthDay and even contemplating becoming a high-performance coach, I can no longer give 10k USD to a man who isn’t even willing to train up employees because “time is money.”

“You should get hiring manager and HR.”

Those are by far, in American society, the most soulless assholes in the INDUSTRY.

If you were to call my former employee from four years ago, he would probably say, “Arsenio was rebellious. The teacher might not have kind things to say about him. He stayed in his room and he was always against my ideas.” — can I jump in to defend myself? Because you’re a pedaphile and you’re running an illegal business while touting that you have a farm.

Now, back to the discussion, according to Brendon, he wouldn’t hire someone — even if everything was justifiable.

I think this is just such a white American, 1980s, lack of empathy, Dentist/HR way of doing things, and after hearing those two back-to-back podcasts, not only is it dangerous advice but it also makes me realize that Brendon has been putting on this fake, bullshit ass smile before everyone for such a long time.

An extremely disappointing podcast/training episode that has forever changed the relationship with him. So from now on, I’ll just take whatever I can get from the cool modules and questions — and become my very own high-performance trainer with EMPATHY — something Brendon lacks but masks so perfectly.

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