You Can’t Change People who Don’t Want to Change

At the beginning of my personal development journey in summer of 2007, I was introduced to the movie ‘The Secret.’ Shortly after, I tried introducing it to my brother, and we literally almost got into a huge fight in the middle of my living room before a childhood friend jumped between us. 

Six years later, my mom asked me one evening while watching something, “Arsenio, do you believe this?” But she said it in a way that was curious, not degrading. 

I said, “mom, when I came back from Australia, I was on Cloud 9. My entire mindset had changed and it’s because of this.”

Keep in mind, people, I didn’t know yet about Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Napoleon Hill…etc. These were the first authors, writers, speakers I found out about when I got into the grind of my personal development journey back in 2014. 

This was just me maintaining the POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.  Since then, my life has completely changed. However, my mother’s curiosity and the “Misery Loves Company” family has never grown since then. 

I changed. I wicked away the old versions of me and my family literally kept that same version of them for decades.  I tried showing them a new life, but they thought I was “crazy” and they thought I was weird and different. 

And today….

….it all makes sense. 

Fortunately I’m here and they continue to just be the same people they were from the 90s. 

Don’t try to change anyone. Accept your personal development/growth journey and maybe some day, curiosity will grow and they will ask you questions. If they don’t, their loss.

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