Business English Podcast | Special Feature | Negative Criticism for Presentation?

So, a little bit of an announcement to make.

I will not be doing my BIDC presentation this year.

It had begun by an unverified source stating that I was hard-selling at my presentation last year, 10 months later.

My ego was hurt (lol), because to hard sell, you must have a product to sell. Some people may disagree, but state your examples in the comment section below. If they equate story-telling with hard-selling, I wouldn’t be able to do my presentation anyways.

So, it was a dent in the ego, but I still continued on.

My instinct said, “Arsenio, don’t take this shit from these people. After all the shit you’ve gone through in this country?!”

But I continued on.

Then, there was the miscommunication, the presentation would have to be 4x longer, and just not answering my questions. Plus, in order to do a presentation that long, you have to implement story-telling, but because Thais believe story-telling is hard-selling (dumbest shit ever), it was the end of the line for me.

These were all significant red flags to me, and to be honest, I can give a damn about the money because I no longer operate from a scarcity mindset — I have an abundant mindset.

I withdrew my name and some people weren’t happy about it, but I don’t need their approval. I’m going with my gut feeling, and my gut feeling is 100% right ALL THE TIME.

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