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I’m back with the good stuff! Today is the first day that I’m introducing the pre-sale to the reading course, and in doing that, I’m going to review a pretty difficult read down below. These are difficult from the readings I’ve done before because this is far more advanced, so you better brace yourself for this because it’s going to get UGLY. Check me on IG

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To date, Canada has produced only one classic children’s tale in rank with Alice’s Adventures in wonderland and the works of Mark Twain; this was Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables. Lucy Maud Montgomery was born in Clinton, Prince Edward Island. Her mother died soon after her birth, and when her father went to Saksachewan to assume a business position, she moved in with her grandparents in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island. There she went to school, and later qualified to be a teacher.

Montgomery wrote the Anne books while living in Cavendish and helping her grandmother at the post office. The first of the books, Anne of Green Gables, was published in 1908, and in the next three years she wrote two sequels. Like Montgomery, the heroine of the book is taken in by an elderly couple who live in the fictional town of Avonlea, and Montgomery incorporated many events from her life in Cavendish into the Anne books.

In 1911, Montgomery married Ewan MacDonald, and the couple soon moved to Ontario, where she wrote many other books. However, it was her first efforts that secured her prominence, and the Anne books are still read all around the world. Her novels have helped create a warm picture of Prince Edward Island’s special character. Several movies, a television series, and a musical play have been based on her tales, and today visitors scour the island for locations described in the book.

Bruce Rogers
  1. The main purpose of this passage is to
  1. Introduce Montgomery and her Anne books
  2. Contrast Canadian children’s literature with that of other countries
  3. Provide a brief introduction to Prince Edward Island
  4. Show the similarities between Montgomery’s life and that of her fictional character Anne
  • The word ‘this’ in line 2 refers to
  1. Canada
  2. The work of Mark Twain
  3. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  4. A Canadian children’s classic
  • According to the passage, Montgomery was raised primarily
  1. In an orphanage
  2. By her grandparents
  3. By her mother
  4. By her father
  • Approximately when did Lucy Maud Montgomery write the two sequels to her book Anne of Green Gables?
  1. From 1874 to 1908
  2. From 1908 to 1911
  3. From 1911 to 1913
  4. From 1913 to 1918
  • The word ‘elderly’ in line is closest in meaning to
  1. Kindly
  2. Old
  3. Friendly
  4. Sly
  • In the Anne books, the main character lives in
  1. The town of Cavendish
  2. Saskatchewan
  3. The town of Avonlea
  4. Ontario
  • Which of the following can be concluded from the passage about the Anne books?
  1. They were at least partially autobiographical
  2. They were influenced by the works of Mark Twain
  3. They were not as successful as Montgomery’s later works
  4. They were not popular until after Montgomery had died
  • The word “prominence” in line 10 is closest in meaning to
  1. Reputation
  2. Excellence
  3. Effort
  4. Permanence
  • Which of the following is closest in meaning to the word “character” in line 11?
  1. A person in a novel
  2. Nature
  3. A written symbol
  4. Location
  1. All of the following have been based on the Anne books EXCEPT
  1. A television series
  2. Movies
  3. A play
  4. A ballet
  1. In line 12, the word “scour” could be replaced by which of the following without changing the meaning of the sentence?
  1. Cleanse
  2. Admire
  3. Search
  4. Request


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