Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 18 | When Destiny Calls

‘It’s pretty simple. If the ratings are up, my bosses love me; if they’re down, I lose my job!’

This reminds me of not only corporate America but most American jobs. If you look at the NFL, if you will the Superbowl one year and have a bad year the next, you could be traded. If you stand for human rights and take a stance, the owners of the team could be completely opposed to you.

When I had an amazing three months back at my old job in Rangsit — however, one student complained about something ridiculous — that ultimately affected my pockets and they wouldn’t give me classes.

The problem with “jobs” is that they don’t keep that same energy. If things are going great, I don’t want insincere flattery; I want to see the same energy you give me when times are tough. When things are amazing you stay quiet; yet when they go bad you get loud — you deserve much more and should consider looking for a new job. 

In today’s podcast, we look at the tops jobs and how some people are truly trapped in the rat race.

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