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So grateful to bring you this amazing coaching session. First, I have a wonderful student from Saudi Arabia who had bought my TOEFL  iTP Course, and shortly after, she bought some coaching hours. Because she’s 13 points away, she cannot afford another slip up, so in the first coaching session, I introduced EVERYTHING to her that will benefit her greatly.  This is an amazing session going over misplaced modifiers, verb-agreement problems, parallel structures, adjective clauses, negative verbs and more!

All answers in video down below!

  1. Sharpe knives are actually safer to use _____
  1. As dull ones
  2. As ones that are dull
  3. Than dull ones
  4. That are dull ones

Safer is a comparative adjective so it is comparing two different things/same things.


Formula for as is as + adjective + as

  • Daniel Webster, Thaddeus Stevens, and many others _____ prominent in public life began their careers by teaching at a school.
  1. They became
  2. Once they became
  3. Became
  4. Who became

Began = verb

You must have a relative pronoun if the sentence has two verbs.


  • As coal mines became deeper, the problems of draining water, bringing in fresh air, and ______ to the surface increased.
  1. Transporting ore
  2. To transport ore
  3. How ore is transported
  4. Ore is transporting

Verb(ing) + noun

  • ______ because of the complexity of his writing, Henry James never became a popular writer, but his works are admired by critics and other writers.
  1. It may be
  2. Perhaps
  3. Besides
  4. Why is it
  • Piedmont glaciers are formed ______ several valley glaciers join and spread out over a plain.
  1. By
  2. When
  3. From
  4. That
  • As late as 1890, Key West, with a population of 18,000, ______ Florida’s largest city.
  1. That was
  2. To be
  3. Was
  4. It was
  • A mastery of calculus depends on ______ of algebra.
  1. An understanding
  2. Is understood
  3. To understand
  4. Understand
  • _______ he was not a musician himself, Lawrence Hammond developed an electronic keyboard instrument called the Hammond organ.
  1. Although
  2. That
  3. Despite
  4. For
  • Agnes De Mille’s landmark musical play Oklahoma! was ________ of story, music, and dance.
  1. Successfully combined
  2. A successful combination
  3. To combine successfully
  4. Successful combining
  1. ________ single dialect of American English has ever become dominant.
  2. No
  3. Not only a – correlative conjunction = not only…..but also
  4. Not
  5. Nor a – correlative  conjunction – neither — nor
  1. In 1837 the University of Michigan became the first state university ______ by a board of regents elected by the voters of the state.
  1. Under the control
  2. It was controlled
  3. Being controlled
  4. To be controlled
  1. Indoor heating systems have made ________ for people to live and work comfortably in temperate climates.
  1. It is possible
  2. Possible
  3. It possible
  4. Possibly
  1. Certain fish eggs contain droplets of oil, ________ to float on the surface of the water.
  1. Allowing them
  2. Allows them
  3. They are allowed
  4. This allows them
  1. Considered America’s first great architect, ___________.
  1. Many of the buildings at Harvard University were designed by Henry Hobson Richardson
  2. Henry Hobson Richardson designed many of the buildings at Harvard University
  3. Harvard University has many buildings that were designed by Henry Hobson Richardson
  4. It was Henry Hobson Richardson who designed many of the buildings at Harvard University
  1. ________ is caused by a virus was now known until 1911.
  1. That measles
  2. As measles
  3. Measles
  4. What if measles

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