TOEFL iTP | Structure | 1 on 1 Coaching | All 15 Questions with Explanations

So grateful to bring you this amazing coaching session. First, I have a wonderful student from Saudi Arabia who had bought my TOEFL  iTP Course, and shortly after, she bought some coaching hours. Because she’s 13 points away, she cannot afford another slip up, so in the first coaching session, I introduced EVERYTHING to her that will benefit her greatly.  This is an amazing session going over misplaced modifiers, verb-agreement problems, parallel structures, adjective clauses, negative verbs and more!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 8: Episode 5 | How to Plan Ahead for Phone Calls in English

Sometimes when we make phone calls with friends, we kind of just “wing” the conversation, meaning it’s just random chit chat. However, the reason why you don’t make phone calls in English, even putting them off, is because you’re afraid, right? I’ve been there. I was terrified of calling ANYONE about ANYTHING when I was younger, and in today’s podcast, I will give you some useful techniques for planning ahead.


Business English Podcast | Corporate Finance | Fat Cats Lack of Empathy = Layoffs

When it comes to budget cuts, the Fat Cats — those who make all the money, including the CEOs managers and others that make a lot of money — are the ones that say “let’s fire employees” without any empathy. It’s ridiculous how some just fumble over their words. In today’s podcast, you’re going to hear a fat cat flip-flop on her words with zero empathy for those who are involved.

Business English Podcast

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 8: Episode 4 | What Conversation Topics to Use

When you’re at a business conference, there are a number of ways you can start a conversation. However, understanding what topics are interesting, safe, conversation killers, risky and TABOO are unbelievably important. There are topics, such as politics and region, which are NOT GOOD for starting conversations.  Conversation killers, like speaking about the “hidden-agenda-pushing news”, can destroy the energy of a conversation in the matter of seconds. So, what can you do to avoid catastrophe when trying to meet new people? Let’s dive in!


TOEFL iTP | Reading | Course Sneak Peek | Vocabulary In Context | Set Genes

Another week; another TOEFL iTP Reading! In this week’s episode, we’re going to do another slate of vocabulary-in-context questions, and to be honest, this is a bit more difficult than last week. Get ready!

Course Bundle

TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | 1 on 1 Coaching | Full Test

A SUPER session with one of my online coaching students! First, she came to me to buy my courses, and because the severity of the situation, she decided to buy a package of 10 coaching hours. Here’s our full session in terms of going over a Written Expression test. Hope you enjoy!


TOEFL iBT | Success Stories IGTV | Thais Huge 27 in Speaking!

Absolutely grateful to bring this IGTV to everyone. Thais, a Brazilian student living in America, reached out to me via WhatsApp. When she did, the journey began. Suspect testing center’ scores and trials with tribulations, she finally got her score. Here’s the story!




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TOEFL iTP | Reading | 1 on 1 Coaching | Victorian Houses

Another phenomenal session! So grateful to bring this to you today. In today’s podcast, we’re going to do an entire breakdown of a difficult passage. However, listen to my student navigate her way through the storms by me breaking everything down. This is going to be INCREDIBLY useful, so sit back and enjoy!


TOEFL Testing Center & Who Grades your Speaking Test

There have been fake profiles saying that “the testing center has absolutely no involvement with the scores.”

This fake profile, as seen in the TOEFL group, was confused by what I had stated.

So, of course, the testing center has nothing to do with it. But who grades the speaking questions? Each testing center has their own set of graders, thus why you always get the “my best scores.” There isn’t just one for an entire country, and in my IGTV video, I go into details about it.

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Sales | Dealing with Disgruntled Clients

Wow, for the first time in my life, I had someone call me “thief,” which is totally untrue.  The most important thing is how I reacted to the situation. Because this is my personal business, this could be a dire situation, but based on requests, actions, follow-up and repeating information from this particular client, it’s all about how you handle disgruntled clients.