When People Get What They Want From You…

Boy, how often does this happen? Whether it’s some of my coaching students, getting their score before disappearing (and not telling me what their score was); or the language institutes that I’ve worked for who get what they want (financially) before disappearing.  How can you protect yourself from other’s agendas? In today’s podcast, I’ll give you the three “stop” doings. 

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Investment | Risk Management

When it comes to assessing risks, what do you do? Whether it’s everyday risks, such as buying something that you really need but you’re hesitant because of the job market. Or perhaps even risks in the stock market? Well, there are ways of getting around it, such as buying a share + an option to hedge against the risk.  That way if the price falls, you can choose to keep your share or sell it using the option you had agreed at a higher price. 

This is called mitigation, and whether you do trade stocks or you’re looking to invest in general, there’s always a way of offsetting and protecting yourself. In today’s podcast, I got you COVERED!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Investment | In-Company Interviews: Diversifying Your Assets

Think about, when COVID had first erupted last year, how prepared were you — financially? Good chance that you were on the outside looking in. Meaning, when everything shut down, you put all your eggs into one basket (your main income stream) and then POOF! Gone!

How about the second, third, fourth, etc…..times that the economy in your country had been shut down due to COVID?

What I learned was diversification, whether it’s your job, multiple streams of income, and even assets….it’s unbelievably important.

In today’s podcast, you will listen to three financial managers giving their opinions on diversification.

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 14 | Four-Step Strategy for Dealing with Complaints

We got a fantastic one today! Listening with an open mind, repeating the problem back, being sympathetic and fair, and following up promptly is the four ways of dealing with complaints. In today’s podcast, we’re going to listen to a manager deal with a complaint from a staff member, as well as the useful phrases that will help guide you in dealing with complaints. This will be FANTASTIC for a lot of you out there, especially those of you who work cross-culturally and with foreigners. Not only that but also for native English speakers, too.

A Story of Empathy

I had followed up on a construction company job that I should’ve gotten after my teaching profile was sent there. I was waiting for a while and finally I messaged the lady who had interviewed me just weeks before. 

“Hey, just wanted to know about the construction company?”

…”oh, they chose another teacher.”


I get it. You sent multiple profiles, and considering it was just 2018, I didn’t have the monster resumé I do today. However, why didn’t they send just one and say “this is your trainer?”

So I took it with a grain of salt. (no big deal)

However, it happened again just a year later. 

It wasn’t just one company, either. It was four. 

“Arsenio, you free Tuesday? You free Wednesday? You free this time?”

Locations were given and I was excited, but then the whole “disappearing act” happened. 

I FINALLY asked, after the fourth company, “why do you just disappear?”

Response: “oh, the company chose another teacher.”

Considering that I’ve trained at the biggest company in all of Thailand, this didn’t make any sense. 

So, you put a brown face and four other white faces on a table at a company — IN THAILAND. What do you think is going to happen?

Lack of Empathy: “it’s business. We want them to have choices.”

Empathy: “oh, Arsenio…I get it. Maybe we should give them just one choice, you, and then they can see your four cores of credibility rather than just choosing a trainer based on color.”

Since then, I withdrew my name from the pot and they could absolutely never ask me again because I’m not someone’s experiment. I put myself first and they know I’m the #1, yet if you give Thai companies the ability to act based on skin color, they absolutely will. 

Empathy is absolutely essential in the workplace, and if you don’t lead by example, you ultimately lose trainers, and the best of them.

I’ll leave you with this: I showed up with a friend at the biggest bank in Thailand. We did a presentation, she presented me as the trainer, and the top of HR absolutely loved me. You see, she didn’t put four pieces of paper on a table, she knew that I was the number one, and since then I’ve done four workshops at that bank. 

Do you understand now?




Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 12 | Becoming A Storyteller

Everyone has a story; regardless of what you think about storytelling. Your story is attached to your brand, and yes, my story about victimization is what I took and ran with from 2016-2018, but I knew that story wouldn’t entice new followers. So, I needed to recreate and not make those stories a pity party, but a vision party.  In today’s podcast, I will talk about the two teachers (from 2003 and 2009) that helped me realize my true potential. Also, how you can begin to share your story. 

Business English Podcast Talks | S1 E1 | Culture Clashes & How to Navigate Around Them

To top off the culture-clashing, problem-week, I’ve brought on my favorite Business English teacher, Ebru, to dive even further into the concept. This podcast has it all: from our personal experiences, to what to do, and even job interviewing questions. We will give you cues on what you see during the job interview, what questions to ask, and other techniques in the workplace. Enjoy!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 11 | Techniques for Problem-solving

We’re back with the ultimate podcast! After covering communication breakdowns, it’s time to start developing that inner coach and obtain some qualities, formulas and other tools on how to problem solve your way out of any situation. Tune in, people!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 10 | Workplace Scenario: Marketing & IT Problems

Today’s podcast is going to be a situational one where you hear a couple of individuals within a company ‘pass the buck’ around. So, when this happens, you need to figure out a way to tackle the problem, and if you have someone in your department that knows how to do follow-ups, have meetings (successful ones), and others, you know they may be getting paid the big bucks. If there isn’t a manager within your company or a voice within your household who do not possess these leadership characteristics, it’s up to you to develop them and make a career out of them! Let’s dive in!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 8 | How to Initiate Conversations in Business Settings

Whether you’re at a seminar or your first-ever meeting, how do you initiate a conversation? Most of you find it daunting to do so and believe me, I was that same person back in my freshman year of high school. This was with my BAND MATES! Now, I’m a phenomenal conversationalist because I look at context clues, relate, use gambits and send jolts of energy and positivity in the initiation. In today’s podcast, I’ll teach you the basics of how you can do this in the world of business.