TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Mini-test #3

Welcome to another wonderful TOEFL iTP Written Expression rundown! In today’s episode I’ll be covering 7 questions, followed by the additional 5 that you’ll be answering. Remember to follow me on IG to get the answers!


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  1. The wavelengths of ultraviolet light are short than those of visible light but longer than those of X-rays.

2. All thoroughbreds are descended from three Arabian stallion imported into England between 1689 and 1724.

3. By measuring the rate of decay of potassium isotopes in volcanic ash, scientists can date the layers of volcanic ash and any human remains in they.

4. Hundreds of partial to complete fossil skeletons of Triceratops have been gather in North america from rocks of the late Cretaceous period.

5. By the time of the dinosaurs, turtles have already developed the hard shell into which their heads and legs could be drawn.

6. A zoom lens produces an inverted real image, either on the film in a camera and on the light-sensitive tube of a television camera.

7. The leaves and young twigs of the henna plant are grounded into a powder to produce a paste that can be used as a dye.

8. Thirty-one pairs of spinal nerves are / present in humans, and each pair have two roots.

9. William Randolph Hearst built a chain of newspapers that included 25 dailies and 11 Sunday editions at their peak in 1937.

10. The electromagnetic spectrum consists in / bands of different wavelengths.

11. Lemon trees are similar in longevity and appear to orange trees but have more upright growth.

12. Christopher Columbus, alike / many / other explorers, underestimated the size of the Earth and overestimated the width of Asia.

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Sales | Patience & Execution

It was a turbulent month (June).  So much good happened, but there were also high-los.  One issue I had this month was my expectations and how high they can be sometimes, ultimately fueling disappointment when it doesn’t go my way.

Well, let’s just say I gave away a webinar for free to a student. This particular student had a key to another door.  This student had an even more unique key to another door. And the person on the other side of the door had a master key to Eldorado.

It’s not set in stone (as of the end of June), but if this goes through, this will be the most successful business acquisition of my early training career!

TOEFL iBT | Writing | Integrated Essay | A Good First Essay

Here’s a follow-up from yesterday’s podcast. The Integrated Task, which is far easier than the independent essay to most, is reviewed and he has a number of different phrases within his essay. The goal for any integrated task is to make comparisons, use passive voice, reported speech and especially a wide range of reported statements. So, hear my breakdown of this.

TOEFL iBT | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Full Session

Super grateful to chop up this podcast and give you the full coaching session with one of my previous students who was EXCELLENT at note-taking.  So, make sure you get a pen, pencil, and put yourself in an entirely different vantage point of understanding the TOEFL Speaking questions.

TOEFL iBT | Speaking Q2 | 1 on 1 Coaching | New Study Area

We’re back with a FANTASTIC breakdown of the speaking question 2. Some of you are still confused about how to take reading notes. I’ve heard a Thai student, who you will hear next month, state conflicting information. In this episode, I break down the reading, and we go really deep in detail about the others. Let’s dive into it!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 19 | CEO Tony Whitehorne on Leadership

Today we have an awesome, pre-recorded interview of an AMAZING CEO that gives a tremendous amount of perspective. In the last question about leadership, I was literally in awe about his perspective, and if we had CEOs like this at the heads of the biggest companies and small businesses in the world, we would truly be blessed. Let’s dive into these questions!

TOEFL iTP | Structure | Mini-test #3

We’re back with another superb mini-test! This one is difficult, and a lot of the skills revolve around what I taught in my courses. So, if you’re interested in my courses, make sure you hit the links down below. And in saying that, let’s dive into this monster mini-test!

Written Expression



  1. The planet Mercury _______ rotations during every two trips around the Sun.
  • three complete
  • completes three
  • the completion of three
  • completing three of the

2. In prehistoric _____ of western Utah was covered by Lake Bonneville.

  • times, a large part
  • times, there was a large part
  • part of the time
  • for large parts of time

3. The helicopter is able to hover in _______ powered rotors produce lift even at zero forward speed.

  • flight because of the
  • flying the
  • the flying of the
  • flight because the

4. The upper levels of the Sun’s atmosphere are of very low _______ heats the gases there to very high temperatures.

  • dense and solar
  • density, solar activity
  • density, but solar activity
  • density and activity of the Sun is

5. Lapis lazuli, ______ stone, has been valued for ornamental purposes for more than 6,000 years.

  • an opaque deep blue
  • is an opaque deep blue
  • it is an opaque deep blue
  • that is an opaque deep blue

6. Mountaineers _______ climb Mount Everest must take reservations to do so, often up to seven years in advance.

  • want to
  • they want to
  • who want
  • wanting to

7. Created by the dissolution of limestone, the underground cave system _____ Mammoth Cave is noted for its stalactites and stalagmites.

  • is known as
  • it is known to be
  • known as
  • to be known

8. Most slang terms are simply old words ______ additional new meanings.

  • give
  • given
  • are given
  • they are given

9. North Carolina’s Outer Banks are a chain of low, narrow islands _____ the mainland from the frequent Atlantic storms in the area.

  • they buffer
  • that buffer
  • to buffer them
  • that they buffer

10. It is at the age of approximately eighteen months _____ children begin to make combinations of two or three words.

  • when many
  • when are many
  • when do many
  • when have many of the

11. Story of a Bad Boy, a semi-autobiographical novel by Thomas Bail Aldrich, ranks high among books ____ have incorporated their boyhood experiences.

  • the American authors
  • which are American authors
  • in which American authors
  • are those which American authors

12. In the La Brea tar pits of Los Angeles ______ which have been preserved from the Pleistocene period.

  • thousands of animals are
  • thousands are animals
  • the thousands of animals
  • are thousands of animals

13. _______ provided a living for nearly 90 percent of the population of the American colonies.

  • Farming was what
  • what farming
  • Farming was
  • What was farming

14. Not only ______ more brittle than hard maples, but they are also less able to withstand high winds.

  • soft maples are
  • are soft maples
  • they are soft maples
  • fot maples

15. _______ become blocked so that heat and moisture could not escape, death would result.

  • were the skin’s pores to
  • The pores of the skin were to
  • The skin’s pores
  • if the pores of the skin

TOEIC | Part III | Listening | Brainstorming Vocabulary for Locations, Activities, & Occupations

Welcome back to ANOTHER TOEIC! At the beginning of next month, I’ll be hosting another TOEIC Webinar (Listening Part III) for everyone who’s interested. There’s unlimited seating, and with a $5 buy-in, it’s a score!

Listening Webinar

Free Reading Webinar


In saying that, today we’re going to discuss vocabulary clues to infer meaning. The answers in the Part 3 of the listening test are not stated directly. You have to listen for related vocabulary and context. Here’s an example. Make sure you watch the video!

Where is the man?

a. At a hotel

b. At a car rental agency

c. At a train station

d. At a sports event

Related vocabulary: room, track, bed, stadium, fans, car, license

2. What is the first man doing?

a. Making a hotel reservation

b. getting married

c. borrowing a book from the library

d. making a restaurant reservation

Related vocabulary: table, bride, room, dinner, library card, vacancies, novel, dress

3. What is the man’s job?

a. a delivery man

b. a musician

c. a banker

d. a salesman

Related vocabulary: deposit, truck, discount, concert, withdrawal, order, recording, package

Listening Practice (in podcast)

  1. tickets, dallas, sleeper car, coach class, leaves 9am track 11
  2. vacancies, me and wife, bath, single room, fully booked
  3. like features new unit, sound better, lighter, 30 dollars more, delivery, 10% discount, 50 units

Tactic Practice

  1. Where are the speakers?
  • in a library special, birthday, recording of piece, rare, available on double CD released last month, sold out, order for you? Yes
  • in a book store
  • in a music store
  • in a gift shop

2. What is the woman doing?

  • recording a CD
  • looking for a present
  • taking an order
  • paying for something

3. What does the man imply?

  • the item is in stock
  • the item will arrive very soon
  • the item is extremely rare
  • the item is popular


4. What are the speakers doing?

  • watching the news
  • going overseas
  • looking at a job ad
  • planning a holiday

5. What can be inferred about the speakers’ relationship?

  • They have known each other for a time
  • they have just met
  • they work together
  • they live together

6. What does the man imply?

  • he is desperate to work overseas
  • he wants to go on holiday
  • he has enough money to live for a while
  • he would like to get a new place

When People Get What They Want From You…

Boy, how often does this happen? Whether it’s some of my coaching students, getting their score before disappearing (and not telling me what their score was); or the language institutes that I’ve worked for who get what they want (financially) before disappearing.  How can you protect yourself from other’s agendas? In today’s podcast, I’ll give you the three “stop” doings. 

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 18 | When Destiny Calls

‘It’s pretty simple. If the ratings are up, my bosses love me; if they’re down, I lose my job!’

This reminds me of not only corporate America but most American jobs. If you look at the NFL, if you will the Superbowl one year and have a bad year the next, you could be traded. If you stand for human rights and take a stance, the owners of the team could be completely opposed to you.

When I had an amazing three months back at my old job in Rangsit — however, one student complained about something ridiculous — that ultimately affected my pockets and they wouldn’t give me classes.

The problem with “jobs” is that they don’t keep that same energy. If things are going great, I don’t want insincere flattery; I want to see the same energy you give me when times are tough. When things are amazing you stay quiet; yet when they go bad you get loud — you deserve much more and should consider looking for a new job. 

In today’s podcast, we look at the tops jobs and how some people are truly trapped in the rat race.