IELTS Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Emphasis & Assumptions about Speech Rate

How important is speech rate? Well, in speaking part 2, you need to have a good idea of how long your reference point is, the body, and summing it up. You can have a good indicator by writing down your speaking part 2 and record yourself on a timer. Now, all of this is just for practice. But for me, I can say 139 words in 59 seconds. However, non-NES might speak between 100-125 words a minute, so spatially speaking, you need to time yourself on your talks with a timer first, and then without a timer so you can have a clear indicator of your speech rate. Being cut off by an IELTS examiner is probably going to land you below a 7.0. Here’s a 1 on 1 coaching session with my student. 

IELTS | Speaking | Using Cohesive Devices for Your Speech

The best video is here, and specifically, for three of my IELTS students currently. Now, we all know the annoying linkers that TOEFL iBT coaches spout: therefore, however, furthermore, also. Yeah, these maybe be good in providing structure, but when it comes to a conversation with a human, you need to sound natural. Compartmentalizing your information and knowing the body of your talk is of the utmost importance. So let’s get there.

IELTS | Reading | 1 on 1 Coaching | Fill In The Blank: Polar Bears

We’re back with another IELTS Training session! In this video, both my student and I are doing an IELTS segment where we’re supposed to find the words (one word only) and fill it in.

In this session, however, I had a bit of a doubt about branch, indicating that it may be tool. And in the end, tool was the answer.

TOEFL iBT | 1 on 1 Coaching | Reading | Why Twigs & Leaves Fall off Trees

A coaching session with a student I hadn’t coach yet! after speaking to her four months ago, she is now preparing for her TOEFL exam and she’s doing an amazing job at answering these questions. However, before the techniques, she was lost with time. So in this session, I break down the questions so that she never wastes time again!

IELTS | Writing Task II | Essay Evaluation | How Cohesion Works

I’m bringing you a special I haven’t necessarily done in almost a year. I was really big on IELTS last year, but because TOEFL iBT became huge, I just steered clear of it. Well, it’s back! And in today’s episode, I go over the cohesion!

IELTS | Speaking | People & Relationships + Webinar Preview

Hello, all! I’m back with a wonderful webinar preview! So, in today’s session, we’re going to dive into adjectives and meanings, as well as relationship phrases and audios that support them. This is going to be an excellent lesson and the follow-up will be this upcoming weekend (Webinar!). So, let’s dive into some language development, introduce story-telling, grade three speaking part twos and go from there!

Language Development

Match the definitions with their adjectives

  1. ambitious
  2. nosy
  3. judgemental
  4. hard-working
  5. open-minded
  6. over-sensitive
  7. reliable
  8. self-assured
  9. stingy
  10. clever
  11. creative
  12. good fun
  13. outgoing
  • charismatic
  • benevolent
  • free-spirited
  • driven
  • energetic
  • intelligent and able to understand things easily or plan things well
  • willing to listen to and consider other people’s ideas and suggestions
  • putting a lot of effort into your work
  • saying exactly what you think without trying to be polite
  • an be trusted to work well or to behave in the way that someone wants you to
  • unwilling to spend money
  • too quick to criticize people
  • having confidence in your own abilities
  • with a strong desire to be successful, rich, or powerful
  • very friendly and likes meeting and talking to people
  • too easily offended
  • interested in things that do not concern you
  • with the ability to invent and develop original ideas, especially in the arts
  • easily irritated by things
  • enjoyable to be with because you say and do interesting or amusing things

Vocabulary: Relationship Phrases

  1. get on with somebody/get along with somebody
  2. look up to somebody
  3. be in touch with somebody
  4. fall out with somebody
  5. grow apart from somebody
  6. take after somebody
  7. grow up together/with somebody
  8. be close to somebody

a. argue and stop being friendly with somebody

b. have a good relationship

c. gradually have a less close relationship with somebody

d. be in communincation with

e. know somebody well and see or talk to them often

f. have many childhood and adolescent experiences in common with somebody

g. respect somebody

h. resemble somebody in your family (in appearance or personality)

Speaking Question 2 Evaluations

Number 1


got on and hardly ever fall out

really outgoing, always going out with friends and colleagues

good fun

look up to her because she’s so hard-working and never sits still

works long hours

could be a bit impatient

not efficient as her, take after her in that

over-sensitive, getting offended for no reason

Number 2


so creative

new games they can play

make stories to make her laugh

amazed by open-mindedness

I wish…

unfortunately grew apart

by the time they went to uni, not in touch

sad, blame it on reliability

Example, won’t respond

Number 3


don’t get on with inlaws



always wanting to know everything


upsets her


Ex, go out for meal

never offers to pay

much better off than them

she’s clever

set up own business

gone from strength-strength

What to Expect on Webinar?

IELTS Speaking Part 2 – Webinar

  • Introduction
  • Connecting words
  • Practice Speaking (Impromptu Style)
  • Listening to your audio and critiquing it
  • Task Cards
  • Story-telling style

A Story of Empathy

I had followed up on a construction company job that I should’ve gotten after my teaching profile was sent there. I was waiting for a while and finally I messaged the lady who had interviewed me just weeks before. 

“Hey, just wanted to know about the construction company?”

…”oh, they chose another teacher.”


I get it. You sent multiple profiles, and considering it was just 2018, I didn’t have the monster resumé I do today. However, why didn’t they send just one and say “this is your trainer?”

So I took it with a grain of salt. (no big deal)

However, it happened again just a year later. 

It wasn’t just one company, either. It was four. 

“Arsenio, you free Tuesday? You free Wednesday? You free this time?”

Locations were given and I was excited, but then the whole “disappearing act” happened. 

I FINALLY asked, after the fourth company, “why do you just disappear?”

Response: “oh, the company chose another teacher.”

Considering that I’ve trained at the biggest company in all of Thailand, this didn’t make any sense. 

So, you put a brown face and four other white faces on a table at a company — IN THAILAND. What do you think is going to happen?

Lack of Empathy: “it’s business. We want them to have choices.”

Empathy: “oh, Arsenio…I get it. Maybe we should give them just one choice, you, and then they can see your four cores of credibility rather than just choosing a trainer based on color.”

Since then, I withdrew my name from the pot and they could absolutely never ask me again because I’m not someone’s experiment. I put myself first and they know I’m the #1, yet if you give Thai companies the ability to act based on skin color, they absolutely will. 

Empathy is absolutely essential in the workplace, and if you don’t lead by example, you ultimately lose trainers, and the best of them.

I’ll leave you with this: I showed up with a friend at the biggest bank in Thailand. We did a presentation, she presented me as the trainer, and the top of HR absolutely loved me. You see, she didn’t put four pieces of paper on a table, she knew that I was the number one, and since then I’ve done four workshops at that bank. 

Do you understand now?




IELTS Speaking Webinar (June 26th at 6 pm GMT +7) | Part 2

Have you been having difficulties in improving your Speaking Part II? Not exactly sure how to answer the question? Are you lacking story-telling?

Well, it’s time to present you with this webinar!

Last year, lots of my Filipina students had always gotten the infamous 6.5 speaking band. They were never able to get a 7.0, which is required to get their license and head to America to practice nursing. After giving them structure, implementing story-telling, and practicing their reasoning….they were able to achieve these bands.

So, on June the 26th, I will host a Speaking Part II webinar at 6 pm Bangkok, Thailand time (GMT +7) and the first 3-5 attendees will have a coaching session with me!

You’ll be tested right off the back in the beginning, and then the coaching session will begin with a variety of ways of answering the question.

Sounds good, Arsenio…but how much?


That’s right. $5 gets you not only in but also access to the webinar for a lifetime.

Not able to make it? NO PROBLEM!

You can purchase the webinar later for the same price!

In saying that, message me and inquire today! Also, follow me on IG for more information!



Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Sales | Increasing Sales & Profiting from Greed

I had spoken to one of my students and she said, “today is probably the last week I’ll be learning with you.”

I said, “oh, hell no. What do I NOT know?”

Over the next 10 minutes, and to my amazement, I sold her a massive package to continued studying English without the middle-man.

The middle-man boosted packages for online learning — not once, not twice — but THREE TIMES! In the midst of an ongoing pandemic, he literally shot at his own foot and I profited from it.

In today’s podcast, it’s not only about going for the low-hanging fruit, but also giving learning alternatives to people who are willing to pay….but not to THEM!

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