Weekly Learning Review | S1: E8 | The Main Struggle

Over this past week, I realized that my finances are absolutely soaring. In about 8 hours, I’ll be getting my first AZ Vaccine (contributing to the health category), and the clients are still rolling in from a post I had done a couple of weeks ago. However, the main struggle is still there

High-Performance Coaching | Wealth | The More Value + Scale = More Money

Much of the time, the question of scaling comes down to what you are providing online. What are you adding to the digital marketplace to grow your business? To serve more people? To enable your service and revenue to scale? A lot of structure and scalability tactics come down to what you are doing online. In order to enable your business and revenue to scale, you need to incorporate the digital tools of the modern era. 

Take the time to think about and consider where you fall in this realm, if you are providing the most amount of value in your marketplace, and how you can scale up. These are hard questions, but they’re impactful.

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E5 | Struggle & Defiance

When everything had quieted, feelings of the past resurfaced. Old feelings, my ego, and my wants began nudging at me. Then I knew something was wrong — I’m constantly trying to go for the big fish, the hail mary, the homerun, the half-court shot.  It’s all about the baby steps. 

Wheel of Life | June 2021 Edition | Career & Finance On FIRE!

As always, here’s another monthly edition of the Wheel of Life! In TEN categories of life, rate yourself on a scale 1-10. Here are the categories…..

  • Health
  • Mental Emotional
  • Relationship/Partner
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Mission 
  • Experiences
  • Spirit
  • Finances
  • Learning

See how your previous month has been with the prompts provided in this podcast!

High-Performance Coaching | Wealth Building

What’s your relationship with money? Have you always felt that there was never enough? What’s your view of poverty and charity work? Does the discussion of money and wealth make you feel uncomfortable? It’s time to evaluate your financial blueprint and see what could potentially be stopping you from fully engaging in wealth. For years, I always floated around the same wage, and it’s because I came from a family where we never had enough money and it was always scarce. So, it’s time to change that!


Mini-series Debut | Think Like a Monk | I Am What I Think You Think I Am

Introducing a new book series! So, I was at one of the massive shopping centers, waiting for one of my friends to get her vaccine. But with my battery life slowly deteriorating on my devices, I decided to have a walk in the bookstore a couple of levels down below. After looking at a couple of books that were extremely promising, I found this one.

And we’re kicking it off with one of the greatest quotes ever!


Weekly Learning Review | S1: E4 | The SUPER Best Week of My Life (Career)

Wow! From having two long-term students inquire, to course buys from students off YouTube, and membership/coaching hours. I couldn’t be more grateful for what’s happening currently. To see everything turn up within a week, I’m honestly in my highest spirit perhaps EVER.

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 9 | Passing the Buck: Communication Problems in the Workplace

We’re finally here! This will literally be a full week’s worth of development, and it all comes down to communication. When we look at communication problems in the workplace, where do the breakdowns happen? Are they the barriers, work vs. personal communications, rules, or attitudes? Could you add any more? In today’s podcast, we discuss them all!

High-Performance Coaching | Morning Mindset

We’re back with the morning mindset! Here’s the full write up of the performance prompts you can write in the morning!

Today’s Message to Myself

My answer: schedule your day out! This is critical because after 7am, you have a completely wide-open day! Make sure you manage your activities well and live!

Today’s Top 3 Goals & Priorities

20 pages of your course write up (be sure to schedule in at what time of day you would like to start writing your course). 4 pages minimum each starting point. TOEFL Speaking Question 4 video for the membership, conclusion video for the membership, and start advertising more.

Morning Mindset Questions….

  1. One thing I can get excited about today is…
  2. If one word could best describe the type of person I want to be today, then that word is _______ and why I choose it is ________.
  3. Someone who needs me on my A-game today is….
  4. A situation that may stress me out or trip me up today is…..
  5. …..and the way that my best self would deal with that is…..
  6. One action I could take today to demonstrate excellence or real value is….
  7. One thing I could do today that is a little outside my comfort zone is to (try, ask for, express something, take a big step)
  8. If I was a high-performance coach looking at my own life from a high level I would tell myself to remember that…
  9. The big projects I have to keep in mind today that I want to take on, even if I can’t act towards them today are….
  10. I would know that today was a great success if at the end of the day I did, said, or feel this….


Brendon Burchard’s Lack of Empathy is INSULTING — A True d*** head!

“Don’t hire them! They will take too much of your time!”

“Call their former employer. If they hesitate with giving an explanation, that answers your question about hiring them.”

“If you do this again, we’re going to have to let you go.”

“Yeah, we have a very high turnover of employees, but that’s ok!”

No, you massive cunt, it’s NOT!

Granted, I was the biggest Brendon fan EVER. After hearing him on an entrepreneur’s show a couple years back, I loved his energy and vibrancy. Within a five-month period, that vibrancy, smile, energy and more is all unbelievably FAKE because he lacks the ultimate quality that ever human being MUST possess — EMPATHY.

“Arsenio, his networth is 25 million dollars! He doesn’t need to be nice!” Tell that to Steve Jobs.

When you’re an asshole, be that asshole. Don’t paint a picture that you’re a bubbly, high-energy guy that fires people because you think TIME IS MONEY and TREAT EVERYONE LIKE A NUMBER. Be that asshole. Be that Tony RObbins. Be that Gary Vee!

But after subscribing to GrowthDay and even contemplating becoming a high-performance coach, I can no longer give 10k USD to a man who isn’t even willing to train up employees because “time is money.”

“You should get hiring manager and HR.”

Those are by far, in American society, the most soulless assholes in the INDUSTRY.

If you were to call my former employee from four years ago, he would probably say, “Arsenio was rebellious. The teacher might not have kind things to say about him. He stayed in his room and he was always against my ideas.” — can I jump in to defend myself? Because you’re a pedaphile and you’re running an illegal business while touting that you have a farm.

Now, back to the discussion, according to Brendon, he wouldn’t hire someone — even if everything was justifiable.

I think this is just such a white American, 1980s, lack of empathy, Dentist/HR way of doing things, and after hearing those two back-to-back podcasts, not only is it dangerous advice but it also makes me realize that Brendon has been putting on this fake, bullshit ass smile before everyone for such a long time.

An extremely disappointing podcast/training episode that has forever changed the relationship with him. So from now on, I’ll just take whatever I can get from the cool modules and questions — and become my very own high-performance trainer with EMPATHY — something Brendon lacks but masks so perfectly.