Questions & Answers: Why Stay In Thailand, Arsenio?

What a follow-up  question from one of my new friends (not sure how long she'll be around, but I'm grateful and humble - lol). So, Arsenio....why do you continue to stay in Thailand, even though all the noise has been happening for years? What Other Countries Are There? Honestly, if I had ever moved back to... Continue Reading →


How To Create A Band of Friends That Will Help Up-Level You

Set aside some time and make a list of people you would like to ask to mentor you. Tony Robbins Lisa Nichols Gary Vee Vishen Lakhiani Tom Bilyeau Les Brown Michael Bernard Beckwith Jim Kwik It will probably seem daunting at first to contact people and ask for assistance, but it's easier than you think. ... Continue Reading →

Napoleon Hill’s Golden Rule: Part IV

Positive thought develops a dynamic personality.  Negative thought develops a personality of an opposite nature.  In many of the preceding lessons of this course, and in this one, definite instructions are given as to the exact method of developing personality through positive thought.  These instructions are particularly detailed in Lesson Two, on Self-Confidence. In that lesson... Continue Reading →

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