TOEFL iTP | Reading | Vocabulary Questions | The Black Widow

Another wonderful weekend and another wonderful podcast/video on The Black Widow…and I’m not talking marvel, either. Here are some vocabulary questions and ways to identify context!

TOEFL iTP Course (Reading):

TOEFL iTP Course (Structure):

TOEFL iTP Course (Written Expression):

TOEFL iTP Course (Listening):

Business English Podcast | Corporate Finance | My Wonderful Student’s Presentation

Finally, after several weeks, I’ve finally brought to you my wonderful student, Ni! So grateful, Ni, for you to send me this recording. And what’s so deserving is the fact you’re on here in the midst of my podcast going viral. Thank you so much for your presentation, and for everyone else, she gives a presentation within this podcast explaining Selected P and L items, along with the salaries, overheads, and depreciation.

Business English Podcast

TOEFL iTP | Listening | Course Sneak Peek | Understanding Content & Main Dialogs in Idioms

Some of you are probably saying, “it’s impossible to memorize thousands of idioms for TOEFL.”
You’re right. So, what could you do to answer the question correctly? In today’s sneak peek episode of my listening course, I’m going to show you exactly how to pluck the main idea out of the question, and with using the context in the answer, figure out how to answer it using the process of elimination.