Business English Podcast | Corporate Finance | Full Introduction

Yes, YES! The third English for Specific Purpose segment is here!
We covered sales, investment, and now we’re onto Corporate Finance. There’s going to be SO MUCH COVERED throughout this segment. Here are some of the units.

ForecastingBudgetingManaging paymentsReporting financial informationInterim resultsBusiness developmentFinancial services and adviceAuditingLots of great interviews, segments and other things will follow. If you want the grammar, exclusive listening, language development, mini-tests and vocabulary, make sure to inquire about my Business English Membership!


TOEFL iBT | Integrated & Independent Essay | 1 on 1 Coaching | How to Score a 27!

A phenomenal session here. I’ve been coaching an awesome pharmacist from Egypt and just before his TOEFL Bank test, I sent him a writing evaluation response (membership holders) and he applied those skills. Let’s just say the highest score he had ever gotten on TOEFL Bank was 24, and by applying those skills, it rose to 27. So, in today’s video, let’s go through both of his essays, make corrections and see how both he can improve — and especially YOU!

TOEFL iTP | Reading | Protecting the Coastline

Welcome back to another TOEFL iTP! We’re on fire with the readings, and you guys love my TOEFL iTP Reading blogs. Remember, on July the 1st, you will be able to preorder my TOEFL iTP Reading Course! Nonetheless, let’s get into this!

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In the first half of the nineteenth century, the U.S. government decided that it needed to set up a system for protecting its coastline. It then began building a series of forts along the coast of the eastern part of the country to facilitate its defenses.

The largest of these forts was Fort Jefferson, which was begun in 1846. This fort was built on Garden Key, a cluster of small coral islands 70 miles west of Key West. At the time of its construction, Fort Jefferson was believed to be of primary strategic importance to the United States because of its location at the entryway to the Gulf of Mexico. Because of its location at the entrance to a great body of water, it became known as the Gibraltar of the Gulf, in reference to the island located at the mouth of the Mediterranean. The fort itself was a massive structure. It was hexagonal in shape, most of the Garden Key, it was approximately half a mile in circumference.

In the latter half of the nineteenth century, during the Civil War and its aftermath, the fort was used as a prison rather than a military installation. The most notorious of its prisoners was Dr. Samuel Mudd, a physician who was most probably innocently involved in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The actual assassin, John Wilkes Booth, broke his leg as he lept from the stage of the Ford Theater during the assassination. Dr. Mudd set Booth’s broken leg, unaware of Booth’s involvement in the assassination. As a result of this action, Dr. Mudd was sentenced to life in prison and remanded to Fort Jefferson. He was pardoned after only four years because of his courageous efforts in combatting an epidemic of yellow fever that ravaged the fort.

Continuous use of Fort Jefferson ended in the 1870s, although the U.S. Navy continued with sporadic use of it into the twentieth century. Today, the massive ruins still remain of the tiny island that stands guard over the entrance to the gulf, undisturbed except for the occasional sightseer who ventures out from the coast to visit.

  1. The passage is mainly about
  • A series of forts
  • A series of events at one fort
  • A single event at one fort
  • A series of events at several forts
  • All of the following are true about Fort Jefferson EXCEPT that
  • It is on an island
  • It was built because of its strategic location
  • It is in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico
  • It has been compared with an island at the opening of the Mediterranean
  • The word “hexagonal” in line 9 is closest in meaning to
  • Six-sided
  • Seven-sided
  • Eight-sided
  • Irregular in shape
  • The pronoun “it” in line 11 refers to
  • Fort
  • Shape
  • Moat
  • Circumference
  • All of the following are stated about Dr. Samuel Mudd EXCEPT that
  • He was a medical doctor
  • He cared for Lincoln’s assassin
  • He was imprisoned at Fort Jefferson
  • He was most likely guilty of Lincoln’s assassination
  • How was Fort Jefferson most likely used in 1865?
  • As a strategic defensive unit of U.S. military
  • As a penal institution
  • As a regularly functioning naval base
  • As a destination for tourists
  • “Yellow fever” in line 19 is most likely
  • an enemy military force
  • a prison regimen
  • a contagious disease
  • a mental illness
  • What is implied about Fort Jefferson today?
  • It is a thriving community.
  • It is a relatively quiet place.
  • It is still in use by the U.S. military.
  • It remains in good condition.
  • Where in the passage does the author describe an injury to the man who shot Lincoln?
  1. Lines 5-7
  2. Lines 13-15
  3. Lines 15-16
  4. Lines 18-19
  1. The information in the passage is presented
  • In chronological order
  • By listing examples of a concept
  • In spatial order
  • By arguing for a hypothesis


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You Can’t Change People who Don’t Want to Change

At the beginning of my personal development journey in summer of 2007, I was introduced to the movie ‘The Secret.’ Shortly after, I tried introducing it to my brother, and we literally almost got into a huge fight in the middle of my living room before a childhood friend jumped between us. 

Six years later, my mom asked me one evening while watching something, “Arsenio, do you believe this?” But she said it in a way that was curious, not degrading. 

I said, “mom, when I came back from Australia, I was on Cloud 9. My entire mindset had changed and it’s because of this.”

Keep in mind, people, I didn’t know yet about Les Brown, Jack Canfield, Lisa Nichols, Napoleon Hill…etc. These were the first authors, writers, speakers I found out about when I got into the grind of my personal development journey back in 2014. 

This was just me maintaining the POSITIVE MENTAL ATTITUDE.  Since then, my life has completely changed. However, my mother’s curiosity and the “Misery Loves Company” family has never grown since then. 

I changed. I wicked away the old versions of me and my family literally kept that same version of them for decades.  I tried showing them a new life, but they thought I was “crazy” and they thought I was weird and different. 

And today….

….it all makes sense. 

Fortunately I’m here and they continue to just be the same people they were from the 90s. 

Don’t try to change anyone. Accept your personal development/growth journey and maybe some day, curiosity will grow and they will ask you questions. If they don’t, their loss.

TOEFL iBT | Podcast Changes

Hello, all of my TOEFL followers!
So, I’ve realized that once I started posting a lot of exclusive coaching podcasts on my Spotify, inquiries and other things fell. Last year, I didn’t have that many 1 on 1 coaching sessions on my podcasts and I had a lot of people from around the world asking me for services.
Since the beginning of this year, that number has plummeted and then I realized that this material is extremely good. So, from now on, all 1 on 1 coaching and podcasts from December last year (in TOEFL iBT) are now available on my Early Podcast Patreon Badge on TOEFL iBT. This is an experiment, and if it’s true, it will remain. I realized that I may have shot myself in the foot in terms of my business (lol) so I’ve unpublished about 20 episodes and they will now be exclusive on my Patreon badges. If you’re interested, inquire! So many other great things on there, too! All TOEFL iBT, as well as the writing segments and “listening techniques” will remain, but coaching sessions, discussion and lectures are now exclusive.