There Are People Who Are Out There To Destroy You; Don’t Let It Get To You!

What I love about looking up statistics is I can pinpoint and see where people are listening to me around the world.  I've seen the likes of Macedonia, Cyprus, St. Lucia, India and so many other isolated and heavily populated countries. I really want to say thank you to all of you. On the other... Continue Reading →


Building Stronger Job Esteem

There's nothing like getting the "thank you for applying" email, right? Heck, just recently I went into a second-stage of an interview, only for them to tell me, "oh, well we think there are more qualified teachers."  Ha! The qualified teachers who just open a book and teach number by number, right? I began putting... Continue Reading →

Career Goals For 2018

Well, this is the big one! I mean there's Tedx, working for companies (on my own contracts), there's the podcast, Herbalife, YouTube, selling things on my website, business cards, meetings, presentations.  Omg! I mean I really need to thing and plan this one out thoroughly. Podcast One of the biggest goals of course for this... Continue Reading →

Biggest Week of My Life

When Chris sat down in a meeting room at the end of ‘Pursuit of Happiness,’ it was a completely different vibe from the first interview. He didn’t have leftover paint in his hair and he certainly didn’t smell like a dog (after getting arrested due to parking tickets).   He stayed in a hotel with... Continue Reading →

Lewis Howes: Material Mask – Part III

“Whatever success you’re after, keep in mind that someone has already had it, hated it, and deluded themselves into thinking that just a little more would solve their problems.” - Ryan Holiday Excerpt From: Lewis Howes. “The Mask of Masculinity.” iBooks. It makes you think a lot about materialistic things in general, doesn't it? I'm... Continue Reading →

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