Gary Vee: What (Still) Matters

“It’s not hard to figure out why so many who attempt to do it fail. In general, it’s because they’re putting their energies into the wrong things. They care, but not enough about what really matters. And what really matters is a pretty short list: intent, authenticity, passion, patience, speed, work, and attention.”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

What Gary put into his book is something of some beautiful beauty.

Authenticity – you’ve probably heard me rant about the Instagrammers, like the women, who show their half-naked bodies in pictures, supporting brands.  The motivational speakers on Twitter who never communicate with their followers; even the 100k followers on Twitter who have maybe two likes on each post (although they have 100k followers)?

It’s about being authentic.  The stories I tell you about my life here in Thailand cannot be fabricated.  I can’t lie about the pictures, the racism, the things I’ve seen in terms of sexual occurrences on public transportation, the comments spewed at me like “eww, low-class! Black man! Dirty! Nigerian scammer!”  It’s as real as it gets, but through personal development and learning so much in books, I’ve made my podcasts into a life experience and try relating it to my listeners as much as I can.

Passion is something that can’t be taught.  I love inspiring, instilling, transforming and helping my students, and listeners, from all over the world achieve their goals.  Students need a particular score on a test to get into a university abroad – done.  That’s what I do.  I live vicariously through them, and by creating a website and courses online to help students achieve those goals for very little – this is what I live for.  The passion you hear behind my voice on my podcast…..that’s all authentic.

Patience & Attention coincide with one another.  Some people want things to happen instantly.  It doesn’t work like that.  It takes time, commitment and hard-work — on top of constant and never-ending content creating — to get the world’s attention.  Just recently I saw that Lebanon and Fiji came onto my podcast.  That’s a beautiful thing and I would’ve never thought in a thousand years people would listen to me from those countries.  However, it wasn’t like that in the beginning.  I had the 45-75-year-old-wife tourists eavesdropping on me at my job, and a couple listeners back in Menlo Park, California.  That’s all.  A (what I call catfish friend) back in Denpensar, Bali, Indonesia once asked me, “ummm you haven’t made a podcast in a long time.  What are you doing? Your listeners, however little, need you.”

Don’t expect massive engagements, people.  Your followers, who are loyal, need that attention.  Don’t give up because you have only 10-100 Instagram followers.

Can I ask everyone why they want to become an entrepreneur?

Is it to share knowledge with the world? Help people in general? Build a legacy? Financial security? Create a community?

“With entrepreneurship becoming so trendy, a lot of people are calling themselves entrepreneurs who really aren’t. They should call themselves wantrepreneurs instead, and I wish they’d do this before they ruin the reputation of real entrepreneurs the same way unscrupulous brokers ruined how some feel about real estate agents or the way ambulance chasers and media hounds tarnished our opinion of lawyers. (And I wish they’d rename themselves before they waste a lot of time and potentially money). I promise you that getting into this game for the gold is the quickest path to long-term failure. When your intent is coming from the wrong place, customers may still do business with you if they have no other option (an increasingly rare situation), but they won’t tell others to. ”

Excerpt From: Gary Vaynerchuk. “Crushing It!.” iBooks.

See, he took the words right out of Lisa Nichols mouth.  She said in the interview, “if you’re in it for the money, it’s a short-lived victory.”

I recently stated on either a FB post or Twitter that your goal needs to be bigger than your money and you.  I went to NIST, which is the best international school in Thailand, and I met a couple of students, who are rich, that created a hub for a rural village in Cambodia – giving them clean water and food.  I asked the director, “why do they do that?” He retorted, “that’s their life-work.”

See, if you have any company that’s predicated on the fact that you want money to buy women, buy fame, being in the social circle where women are extremely fit and showing all their skin, show your cars, jewelry, etc…’ve lost the game already. Pack it up.  You’re never going to live a fullfilled life – period.  I currently work with men who are well over 50, 60, and 70 years of age who live paycheck-by-paycheck in Thailand.  Met an Irishmen who’s completely stuck here, saying that he lost his job in Saudi Arabia and married the wrong woman and had two wrong children.

Ok, that’s a little bit different from start-ups and business owners, but don’t live with the same type of regret.  I implore you not to.

  • A commitment to service
    A desire to provide value
    A love of teaching

Gary Vee wrote this in his book, and I’ve now adopted it as my life-work.  My love for teaching, which is unmatched compared to 99.9% teachers here in Thailand, is unshakable.  My desire to provide value both in classroom, on camera, through voice, and anyway I can is considered my life-assignment.  My commitment to service, especially with me starting up a non-profit organization to reach out to rural villages in southeast Asia, is not for fame – but it’s for the love of who I am and my legacy.

My money blueprint as a child was ugly.  My mother fought to put food on the table when my dad let his salary go….somewhere.  My mom cooked flour tortillas in vegetable oil to put some food in our stomachs before sleeping.  I remember paying the game “Real Monsters” and being in the cafeteria of the game, envisioning eating food within the game because I was so hungry in reality.  You can see where all of this comes from now.

Dig deep and find out the true essence of why you want to become an entrepreneur.  If it’s for a quick buck, you’re in the wrong game.



TOEIC: Listening – Part 1 – Photographs

As promised, the easiest part of the TOEIC test has arrived.  This part is basically about looking at the photographs and predict as many nouns, verbs, and sentences as you can.  After you do that, you’ll have an idea of what you’re probably listening for.



Tea, water, apple juice, chair, woman, spoon, man, shirt, bowtie, plant, carpet.


Sitting, smiling, standing, walking, gazing.


The man is walking away from the woman.

The man is working.

The woman is sitting at the table.

The lady is drinking.

The lady is looking.






Napoleon Hill: Tolerance – Part IV – The Plan

War can be eliminated only by education, through the aid of the principle of subordination of the individual interests to the broader interests of the human race as a whole.  Any plan to abolish war, to be success, depends upon the successful co-ordination of effort between all the churches and schools of the world for the avowed purpose of so fertilizing the minds of the young with the idea of abolishing war that the very word “war” will strike terror in their hearts.

Napoleon Hill said this a very long time ago just before WWII if I’m not mistaken.  Amazing, huh? Because shortly after that, Hitler’s army began the genocide of Jews.  I don’t remember exactly how the world was back in the 30’s, but as Gary Vee and so many people have said, “we’re living in one of the greatest eras ever!”

Can I ask those who are reading this a question? You could be reading this the day of, a week later, month, year, 10 years, or even generations: “how bad is the world at this very moment?”

I know things have been created since the dawn of the new millennium, but there aren’t tens of thousands dying as there were back in the 70’s, 60’s and downward.

Napoleon Hill wrote something so beautiful in his book.

War can be eliminated, not by appeal to reason, but by appeal to the emotional side of humanity.  This appeal must be made by organizing and highly emotionalizing the people of different nations of the world in support of a universal plan for peace, and this plan must be forced upon the minds of the oncoming generations with the same diligent care that we now force upon the minds of our young the ideal of our respective religions.

It’s not stating the possibilities too strongly to say that the churches of the world could establish universal peace as an international ideal within one generation if they would but direct toward that end one-half of the effort which they now employ in opposing one another.

If the organized religions of the world, as they now exist, will not subordinate their individual interests and purposes to that of establishing universal peace, then the remedy lies in establishing a universal church of the world that will function through all races and whose creed will be based entirely upon the one purpose of implanting in the minds of the young the ideal of world-wide peace.

I’ve always thought about how the Olympics are.  Look at the format.  Each country walks out holding their flag, but there’s no unity happening.  There isn’t a general consensus white flag being hailed into the air, showing peach and love.  The countries, and coming out to their different songs, anthems and alfits just shows more segregation.  Really, think about it.

If all religions, churches, creeds and colors can finally unite as one, there would be no more war.  Organized effort, not individual effort.


Is Thailand Really As Bad As “They” Say? Or Is It The Foreigners Who Come Here With Bad Intentions?

There’s really no other way to explain what I just read by just showing you what I just read – all credit to, the place where apparently “men” go to lose their feelings and talk about how bad life is here in Thailand.

As an African American, I’m completely appalled at the fact that so many people, of a completely favorable skin-tone, can complain about this country.  I mean, I was turned away at immigration and treated badly at the main dog house in the heart of Bangkok five years ago, I was looked down upon at the border crossing (Sadow) where a family before me went to the window and the lady gave them a proper “why”; however, when I approached the window, she gave me a disparaging look as if I was the worst drug-dealer on the face of planet Earth.  Does this happen to “anglos” here? Absolutely not.

I’m pointing out ethnicities simply because this is what I’ve talked about all long.  Those “whiny bitch parties.”

Without further ado, there’s a little entry thingy on this particular website called the “great escape.”  The man, who doesn’t even need to be mentioned, is the creator of this – telling Native English Speaking teachers who have left Thailand to write an entry on why they left.

This is one of those cases…..

I wasn’t qualified enough as a teacher and the ESL industry in Thailand doesn’t allow for any sort of nurturing or learning of teaching abilities, except in a really cruel and counter-productive manner to the actual idea of teaching.

The way Thailand immigration and work laws are set up simply doesn’t allow for any sort of real growth in teaching or for students learning ESL. I wish I had done my research better and I had more realistic expectations to start with, because it really didn’t end well.

The first job, I got sacked from a high rotation agency for little reason and extremely roughly in a way that went directly against the contract I signed.

Second job was for a school that was little more than a prison for rich boys with an unbelievably toxic bully culture – and they had no curriculum, exam papers or even textbooks. I resigned from that one.

Even the international school I applied for was super wrong. They couldn’t even arrange a demonstration class for me properly and got me to travel back and forth three times before they threw me into a science class to demonstrate an English class I had prepared. Of course I didn’t get the job and I now understand I was set up to look incompetent because they couldn’t be bothered to manage things right.

My self-esteem plummeted and I guess I must have “lost face” with my own partner, with whom I’d arranged to marry after the school year ended. I told her I didn’t believe I was qualified enough (to be honest I don’t think anyone is except for local teachers) to teach in Thailand. We couldn’t realistically keep the same date for marriage so I suggested postponing. She kicked me out – taking my bike and leaving me in a hotel with only what luggage I could carry (after a 3-year relationship).

It’s a terminal issue that goes way beyond me. I met other teachers who were either alcoholics drowning their issues into oblivion, losers, sex pests using the local women for their man-ventures, people running away from their own countries for whatever reason, ditzy backpackers or gap year folk looking for a working holiday (probably the best way to do things), actual teachers who were extremely bitter (for good reason), or good folk who were stuck in relationship quagmires like me. The long-termers all seemed stuck in a toxic situation and all seemed miserable.

I realised that I was contributing to a more ingrained pattern of a toxic education system that is highly budgeted but highly ineffective in teaching English.

I got burnout from teaching and got treated badly by immigration and country in record time, and then everything I had built just fell apart. That could have been a good thing because it could have gotten worse. I saved money from the dowry (for a relationship gone bust) and I have that to get me by back at home.

First of all, how could you rely on immigration to help you with your personal and professional development as a teacher? I mean that’s what “schools” are suppose to provide, right? I mean I’m working at a language center which has declined rapidly because they don’t have development curriculums and classes that teachers can take to improve their teaching capabilities in a particular subject.  This is all because the foreign coordinator — and has nothing to do with the Thai system, immigration, or Thai culture.

The second school he was at where he detailed, “no curriculum, no textbooks, no nothing” is a reasonable find, but I’ve been through those, too.  However, can I just back up the Thais on this one? How about China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Indonesia…etc….do they have the same problems? The Australians and British within Thailand always love comparing saying, “back home in England we have such an unbelievable system that prepares students – BLAH BLAH BLAH!” Yeah, and they also have men shoving Africans off subway trains while spewing racial rhetoric.  This “I’m from England; therefore, I’m the greatest man on the planet” nonsense has to stop.

Him losing self-esteem is not because of what he went through, but because he allowed it to happen.  I lost my self-esteem when Thai women shouted racial comments at me on social media.  However, I got it back by taking personal development into my own hands. When he told his partner this, I can tell almost immediately that she was a bargirl.  No girl would kick a man to the curb, take his stuff, and leave him at a hotel.  My guess is again, he was a 40-70-year-old man like I’ve told you about a many of times.

If your is in the wrong place, you’re going to lose the game.  Those foreigners that come here winning the 1st and 2nd quarters will end up losing the game.  I can assure you that.


When In Doubt, Check It Out: Part II + Feeling The Fear & Doing It Anyways

Phew, I woke up in the morning on February 6th, contemplating whether or not I was going to block this fair-weather person who I had just met a week prior.  This person, who has sent me a crazy amount of jobs on a daily basis, has never given me a job.  Let’s put it this way, imagine that you met someone on a job site and she would send you daily job updates on newly updated gigs.  You “apply” for those gigs through an application, and then that’s the end.  You literally waste time applying for something that doesn’t even exist – either that or the students are just very adamant with studying with a colored guy.

Anywho, I was contemplating in the shower and I told myself, “Arsenio, don’t just pull the historical action of blocking someone without saying anything.  Confront her, check out what’s going on, then make a decision.”

I did just that.  A couple hours later I got a response from her telling me what was going on.  I said to myself, “man, regardless if I think she’s full of $hit, I would’ve gotten rid of her without any explanation.”  This is my problem.  Impulse.  When you’re in doubt and you’re not sure what’s going on, ask the question.  Straight up.

Feel The Fear

Let me explain this particular day.  After the events that have taken place the last few days in terms of me finally resigning and getting out of the toxic environment, I’ve been pondering worse case scenarios (and I should resort back to my Dale Carnegie book) because I don’t know what’s happening.  What’s next.  Will I get a job? Will a company accept me? I need primary income while building this empire on YouTube.

I was walking this morning, adding up all the figures and figuring out what I should do.  A job, which I thought pulled a hiatus a week ago, messaged me two days after I sent the initial message.  This was the online teaching gig – and now it’s a thing of the past.  I tried looking at other ways of making income and nothing was happening.

Luckily and thankfully I got a quick response from a companion, telling me to fulfill a role in the afternoon before doing my evening gig.  On top of that, I got a new student.  However, the most disturbing aspect of it all was the potential was my job-for-only-7-more-weeks offering me two classes, which I haven’t been offered a god damn thing in the last four months.  It’s almost like a slap in the faith.  But what should I do: hold my pride together and say “f*** you,” or accept the job because it’s income? Explanation in the podcast down below.


Darren Hardy: Exceeding Expectations – Oprah’s Ultimate Viewers Win A Trip

During this particular Oprah video, she was going to surprise her audience with a trip to Australia.  However, the anticipation had some of the audience members in tears.  She mentioned Philadelphia, then mentioned New York and said, “well I was think this place, but I told myself that I wanted to do something…..bigger.”  The build-up was incredible, and then when she said the other side of the world, the audience erupted without even knowing where they were going until she rolled the airplane and confetti — expectations exceeded.

The gorgeous part about this is not only how warmhearted Oprah is, but the expectations that each individual was feeling at the time.  I mean the build-up was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before in my life.  This is especially something I want to do with my staff one day.

When I was first introduced the idea of developing a conversation curriculum, I had no idea that it would turn into a multi-million baht course and the most sought after one in the entire school.  In the beginning, they asked me “how much would you want for creating this course?”  I got paid maybe 200$ and the course has made between 50k-100k since then.  Was that fair? Obviously not….but we weren’t sure how well it was going to get.

Going forward, I’m getting insane ideas about uploading and delivering so many test preparation videos, courses and other things to beat all the other language centers.  Is this centered around me “getting back” at a language center? Of course not, because then I would never be happy, even if I did achieve the goal.  This is me building an empire.  I’m literally uploading a video per day and since then (over the last four days), the viewership and clicks on my website and YouTube page has sky-rocketed.

I asked myself at the time, “what can I do? What can I do to build more of an audience?” I was depleted and discouraged over the Christmas holiday because all forms of communication had hit a new low, but that was mainly because I stopped creating.  I had no idea that being consistent would allow me to take over all of YouTube and beat out every other “test prep” video.

That extra-mile means everything.

While I was working out this morning, I had Darren Hardy’s words in the back of my mind. “When that pain kicks in, you push more because that’s when the growth takes place.”

“Where in life can you do more than expected when you hit the wall?  Or where can you go for “WOW?” It doesn’t take a lot more effort, but the little extra multiplies your results many times over.  Whether you’re making calls, serving customers, reorganizing your team, acknowledging your spouse, going for a run, bench pressing, planning a date night, sharing time with your kids, whatever…..what’s the little extra you can do that exceeds expectations and accelerates your results?” – Darren Hardy



Darren Hardy: Multiplying Your Results

What if you can speed up the process and multiply your results?

Well, I just realized this recently.  With my test preparation videos, I wasn’t as consistent as I should’ve been last year.  I mean, even going back to the beginning stages of me uploading.  I launched two videos back in 2015 and stopping making videos all the way until last year.  Not good enough.

So, I asked myself how I can bring in more traffic? Staying consistent! DUH!

So over the last few days I decided that I would make one grammar preparation video, an incomplete sentence video, and one other specifically catering to TOEIC.  I also decided to throw at least one IELTS video in every week and possibly a TOEFL video.  That’s literally 5-6 videos a week.  In doing that, and just doing that the last few days, I’ve saw one of the biggest influxes in views, revenue, sharing and all other analytics in a three-day period EVER!

How did this happen? Consistency = multiplying results.

“Let’s say you’re weight training and your program calls for you to do twelve repetitions of a certain weight. Now, if you do the twelve, you’re fulfilling the expectation of your program. Great job. Stay consistent, and ultimately, you will see this discipline compound into powerful results for you. Yet, if you get to twelve, even if you’ve hit your max, and you push out another three to five reps, your impact on that set will be multiplied several times. You won’t just add a few reps to the aggregate of your workout. No. Those reps done after you hit your max will multiply your results. You’ve just pushed through the wall of your max. The previous reps just got you there. The real growth happens with what you do after you’re at the wall.”

Excerpt From: Darren Hardy. “The Compound Effect.” iBooks.

I mentioned in a recent podcast about how Ali never started counting his ab reps until the pain came in….because that’s when the growth took place.

Runners can attest to this, too.  Anytime I run a 10km race, the first km is a drag trying to control my breathing.  Shortly following that, I hit the wall probably halfway through.  It never has to do with my breathing but always the lower-body.  This is the “growth” stage of the race.  Another instance was when I was doing a recent strength training class in the evening.  After a few side squats with the kettlebell, I felt not pain, but soreness in my hamstrings and glutes.  I continued fighting through the discomfort and after the workout and in the ensuing couple of days, I could barely even walk.  However, when my muscle soreness goes away, I’ll be a hell of a lot stronger than before.

“Viewing yourself as your toughest competitor is one of the best ways to multiply your results. Go above and beyond when you hit the wall. Another way to multiply your results is pushing past what other people expect of you—doing more than “enough.” – Darren Hardy


TOEIC Listening: Part II – Question & Response + Audio

Welcome back to my first ever listening listening lesson! I’ve gone over common distractors before, but now I want to do it with audio so you guys have a more thorough understanding.

The most important part about question and response is understand the five 5’w: who, what, where, when, why – also, the how much, how many, which, etc.

If you don’t know what is being asked, you might ultimately end up answering the wrong question.  It’s imperative to understand the first word in the recording.  Here are some distractors down below.


A. Same word unrelated meaning

If you hear the same word, be careful! It could be a distractor!

B. Related subject doesn’t answer the question

It may relate to one or two words but doesn’t answer the questions.

C. Similar Sound – Different/unrelated word.

Sometimes the incorrect choices use words that sound similar to the ones in the recording.

Q. Has the sale improved profits?

A. Yes, it is for sale.

Q. Where can I buy a cheap air conditioner?

A. I agree that it’s very cheap.

Q. Have you met the new staff?

A.  No, it’s not the same stuff.

YouTube – Please watch the video before looking at the recording script and downloading the PDF!



Recording Script (Spoiler)

  1. What are the arrangements for tomorrow?
  1. There are a range of goods.
  2. Yes, it’s tomorrow.
  3. We’ll meet at 10.

2) Who’s taking the minutes?

a. I’ve asked Steve to do it.

b. It takes about an hour.

c. Jim’s talking now.

3) Why did he say he was late?

a. The traffic was very light.

b. His alarm didn’t go off.

c. He got up on time.

4) How were her findings received?

a. Very positively.

b. She couldn’t find them.

c. The receiver is broken.

5) What company did you use to ship the parcel?

a. I sent it by ship.

b. There were a lot of packages to send.

c. We used freightstar as usual.

6) How can I change my computer password?

a. Yes, I think you need a change.

b. You’ll have to talk to the support staff

c. To keep your computer safe.


Question & Response PDF

Gary Vee: How I’m Crushing It (The Arsenio Buck Show’s Story)

In 2015, I made my first YouTube video in regards to TOEIC (a test preparation course for non-native English speaker to take around the globe to increase their salary).  Shortly after that, I started a podcast in early 2016.  Now, my podcast focused on different books and chapters that I can relate to in my personal life.

I stopped making YouTube videos for a while because I had numerous complaints from my job about using the Interactive whiteboard which is seen in a couple of videos.  So, I discontinued most of my YouTube videos for more than a year.  However, my podcast was on fire.  I wasn’t that consistent, but I would put out at least 3 podcasts a week in 2016.


After a teacher began stalking me on Google (who I worked with), he saw that I had a podcast and apparently “implicated” some teachers in it – this was in regards to sex tourists and wife tourists here in Thailand.  Well, that didn’t go too well and I almost discontinued my podcast because of it.  However, I fought through it and ultimately that snake ended up retiring himself from the company.

Synced In

In last 2016, I made a blog for my podcast, cleaned up my Instagram, connected my Facebook pages and created a Twitter.  Now when I post my podcast, in uploads directly onto FB and Twitter.  I then post the link episode and a fresh Instagram photo on my Instagram, telling everyone that a new episode has been uploaded and what content would be in the episode.

Late 2017 – New Market

Now, late 2017 had a hell of a lot of downs.  From being ostricized and damn near fired over lies, to ALMOST having a new job before them disappearing.  It was relentless.  However, let me highlight what exactly happened one evening with my wonderful students (who greatly suffered from my dismissal of the company due to racial discrimination – just putting it out there – lol).  One asked me if I had YouTube, so I showed them my YouTube video and realized that my views were at a whopping 2.5k for one particular test preparation video.  I said, “omg, I didn’t know that!” Because I stopped checking after a while.  Push came to shove, I went up 100% since then and I started to make videos on a routine basis.

So what does this all bring me to today?

Ok, YouTube….I make at least three videos a week.  I’m reaching out to newer markets everyday – including Albania, Andorra, Turkey, Morocco, Peru, Mexico, Taiwan, etc.  This is with NO ADVERTISING.  I’m connecting my blog and Facebook page with all the content I produce on YouTube, too.  It’s difficult to break into the Chinese market (with them not being able to access FB without VPN), but I’m still trying to grasp Weibo, which in China’s number one social media platform.  However, it’s beginning to Skyrocket.  Just recently I had Greece come on board, clicking all my blogs and watching my YouTube videos.  This won’t happen overnight, but the build-up is more exciting than an explosion.

My podcast is up and down for the most part, but a lot of my listeners are reaching out to me.  It’s pretty exciting because they’ve never reached out before until now.  I think it’s enticing to see UAE, Greece, Tunisia, Japan and other countries listening to me.  There’s nothing quite like it and the development of a community is utterly fascinating to me.

I can keep writing about it but it’s all too much to explain.  Tune into the podcast down below!



TOEIC: Phrasal Verbs: (Two-Word)

Two-word verbs are basically words that can standalone by themselves,  but have a different meaning when combined.  For example, turn means to rotate, and down means from a higher to lower position.  Together they mean to reject.  Be sure to check out the YouTube video for a more thorough understanding of them.

  1. If during our lunch hour you cannot __________ on the phone, try sending us referrals by email or fax.
  1. get to
  2. get through
  3. come by
  4. get by

2.    During tough negotiations, such as the ones we have witnessed over the last week or          so, neither side wants to _________.

  1. give in
  2. get by
  3. take hold
  4. come on

3. It is mandatory to _________ all potential hazards before marketing your product.

  1. look to
  2. look away
  3. look from
  4. look into

4. If you __________ an error in reviewing the proposal, please bring it to my attention.

  1. come on
  2. come across
  3. look to
  4. get in

5. It is understood that her closest advisor will __________ as president should she resign early.

  1. take up
  2. take over
  3. get by
  4. come about

6. This time around we need to send a representative we can _________, rather than someone who simply looks good.

  1. stand ford
  2. catch on
  3. count on
  4. find out

7. While you’re at the conference, take an afternoon to _________ and check out the competition’s booths.

  1. look out
  2. look around
  3. look for
  4. look through

8. If they refuse to meet us halfway on this point, we should not __________ them in the future.

  1. stand up
  2. deal with
  3. keep to
  4. run into

9. Since the members are unable to meet now, we have __________ the meeting until tomorrow. 

  1. taken off
  2. taken from
  3. put on
  4. put off

10. It is regrettable that two items were ___________ of the invoice and need to be added immediately.

  1. left out
  2. stood out
  3. found out
  4. cut up




Two-Word Phrasal Verbs PDF