Life Is Seriously A Game of Inches (Short Blog)

I was on the BTS and suddenly I got a message on a chatting app from someone.  Her first message was, “hey, are you in Costa Rica? Are you looking for a job?”

I replied, “hey! Yeah! I’m not in Costa Rica yet, but would love to make the transition there very soon!”

She went on to give me an email, the email of her school, so I can apply for the job.

What’s more is we went on to chat just a bit until she ended up disappearing.

Well, yesterday morning I got a golden opportunity to teach corporations in Costa Rica.

How is this? Who was this girl? She literally came into my life, gave me and email, then left.  That email transpired into one of the greatest opportunities of my life that will lead into the Central and South Americas?

This is LIFE.  And if you use technology to your advantage, you can enjoy the amazing riches.


Feelings of Sadness – Identified The Problem & Set Myself Up To Win

I, just like everyone else, have the same problems just like any other human being on this planet.  There are times that I get sucked into a state of mind that I can’t escape for several hours.  A feeling of discontent; probably stemming from a mishap, miscommunication, and depreciation of another human being.  Yes, someone who I thought was awesome turned into a needy, materialistic princess.  This past Tuesday was Day 1.  I knew that it wasn’t going to work, so I distanced myself immediately and she vanished.  However, that void needs to be filled.  Because the void isn’t filled yet, there was a feeling of emptiness throughout the day that put me into a melancholic state of mind.

So, what did I do?

Step 1: Look Back At The Wheel of Life

So, because the Romantic Relationship aspect of my wheel plummeted significantly, this explains why I’m experiencing such feelings.  Someone just walked right out of my life.  Understandable.  The feelings I had going on explained my current state of mind.  Anytime a category falls very fast, very quickly, you’re going to experience ‘negative’ feelings.  Not talking to her anymore means that void is open.  The void is open and it has to be filled.

I went on to ask myself ‘what areas of my life am I neglecting currently? Friends and Hobbies. 

Sure, I went on a trip to Kanchanaburi recently, but then it was overshadowed by constant nagging and resulted in a fallout.  I need to also look back and ask myself, “what am I doing on a routine basis that brings me joy?” Sure, running and working out, but I’m talking about in the friendship realm.  My best friend, who I’ve known for the longest, is a goner.  Someone who I spent a great amount of time talking to on a routine basis is now gone. A couple others’ communications are decreasing significantly….so what should I do? MAKE NEW FRIENDS!

There’s an app I use on a routine basis that landed me three purposeful relationships as of late; most notably, a teacher in Costa Rica that gave me an email that changed my life (later podcast). These people can come and go, though.  In retrospect, history has shown that I can create some lifelong relationships with some individuals.  I decided to sign up for some activities with the gym I go to.  There’s a massive park activity happening on the 16th of December where a lot of people will compete in a competition.  This is where I can meet likeminded people who are on the same wavelengths as me.  BOOM! I never used to do this because of work obligations, but now it’s time to become selfish and put “me” first.

This will fulfill the void soon and I’ll be able to meet people.

Practice What I Preached: Keep Myself Busy

Depression, which I don’t have, happens because you’re focusing too much on yourself rather than other people.  On days I have a lot of free-time, I schedule blogs, podcasts, videos, do writing, research, set up ads and other things.  I keep myself as busy as possible and this works because I take my mind off things I cannot control (circle of concern) and focus primarily on things I can control (circle of influence).

Anytime you’re in the gutter, look at the eight categories: personal development, physical environment, romantic relationships, fun & hobbies, family and friends, career, wealth, health.  When you do this, you can identify the problem and solve it rather than letting it seep into your next workday, week, month, or even year.


My First Tedx – Rundown & Notes

So, today marked the first day of doing my first ever Tedx on my podcast.  Here are some notes.


I’m trying to create a timeline from the beginning, preface, worst month, the overcoming, and then the resilience.

For example, I started it off with a visualization exercise which pinpointed that sever racial issues that plague this country.  This literally puts people into my state of awarness and make them view the world through my eyes.  This captures the audience (remember I told you about props before) instantaneously and now I have them in the palm of my hand.  After this process, they’re locked in and feel the raw emotion of what I felt.

After that, I pointed out some of the biggest problems I had.  The night I went home and slammed my arms on my bed, weeping.  Seeing the comments: “ewww, black man! Low-class! Pimp!” — and ultimately leading into the darkest month of my life.  I want this to be a journey, bringing people into the catacombs of what I went through.

The goal for a Tedx is what can the audience take from the Tedx? What can you give them? What can disrupt their biochemistry along the way? What could, and will be their breakthrough? That’s what came in the second half of my talk.

Comment From A Teacher

This was the changing point when a teacher, who I used to work with, told me, “Arsenio, you need to utilize all your skills.  You have a radio voice.  Create a podcast.”  I asked him what should the podcast be about and he said, “you’ll figure it out.”

Little did I know my story was being created after all those years, ultimately converting it into a podcast with personal development after a botched trip to Singapore.

Yes, there were still some problems along the way and some racial tensions, but they subsided after I started feeding my mind with texts that have been written in the last 100 years.  That was the beginning.

Would love to hear your feedback in my podcast down below!

Kanchanaburi, Thailand – Full Review & Score

It took me some days to just sit on it, ponder, and saturate myself with what happened in Kanchanaburi.  This trip had remarkable promise, but it ended up being a bit dismal.  If I talk solely about the trip and ignore the outer forces….let’s dive into it.

The Drive Over

I came across some beautiful restrooms, saw the ultra-gorgeous MRT (mass rapid transit) system overhead for about 15km, the forests, stop shop (burger joint) and so many other things. I’ll admit, the drive was very nice, especially when we approached the forest.

The Hotel – Big No No

To be honest, I’m not sure if it was just bad service or lack of care, but this hotel was full of question marks in my opinion.  What I would suggest is stay near the lake where people are.  Being in an eerie resort tucked deep into the forest with 2 out of 23 tenants is…..very odd and scary.  Blank stares, no smiles, lack of everything – and most importantly, BLOOD STAINS! Yes, the bathroom rug and the bedsheets had specs of blood on them and that really summed up what was going on.  If I had seen that before I slept, I would’ve never slept.  Hell, I would’ve left. LOL. There are better places.

Know Your Goals – Stay Away From Lawa Cave & Elephant Camps; Do Trekking & Waterfalls Instead!

Well, the second day I wanted to go to the cave to begin the day, and what I thought was going to be a magnificent cave with gorgeous lighting turned into a money-hungry dilapidation.  You have to pay a 200% surplus for foreigners and the lighting in the cave doesn’t work, so they will give you some 10 baht flashlights.  Was it worth the 30 minutes and the 40 minute drive on in? Absolutely not.  I would suggest Erawan waterfalls which is unbelievable.  Also, Sai Yok was a very intriguing place, too. First time ever sitting under a waterfall and it was the best feeling in the world.

The Elephant Camp excursion (didn’t know there was one) HAS to be booked way in advance.  There’s nothing like driving into green plains and being turned around.  By that time I had given up before going into town for a massage – and the trip ultimately resulted in a waterfall and massage.  I traveled to another province for just a waterfall, essentially.

Rating – 4 out of 10

Yeah, perhaps a little bit harsh, but it could’ve been better if the reviews were better; thus why I tell everyone to not follow Lonely Planet and Trip advisor because the pictures are very misleading.  Trekking and Waterfalls could’ve been wonderful, but I wasn’t that organized and it resulted in this.  Are there better places than Kanchanaburi? Absolutely — KRABI! Now THAT is a gorgeous places filled with beaches, scenic routes and free-climbing.

Other than that, this could possibly be my last ever trip going anywhere in Thailand for obvious reasons (change coming soon), but there still are some places to see.  I would totally recommend Chiang Mai (only if you have your own transportation. Don’t rely on the red tuk-tuk looking things), and even Ubon Ratchathani.  If you have money, Bali is definitely better (wait for now until the volcano tremors subside).

TOEIC Grammar: Conditionals (For My Students Around The World)



Type 0 General truth

If-clause (hypothesis)

Main clause (result)


If + present simple

Present simple

If the temperature falls below 0 C, water turns into ice.

Type 1 Real present

If + present simple, present perfect or can

future/ imperative can/may/might/must/should/ could/have to + bare infinitive

real – likely to happen in the present or future

If he doesn’t pay the fine, he will go to prison.
If you need help, come and see me.
If you have finished your work, we can have a break. If you’re ever in the area, you should come and visit us.

Type 2 Unreal present

If + past simple (were)

would/could/should + bare infinitive

imaginary situation contrary to facts in the present; also used to give advice

If I had time, I would take up a sport.
(but I don’t have time – untrue in the present)
If I were you, I would talk to my parents about it. (giving advice)

Type 3 Unreal past

If + past perfect (had +PII)

would/should/could + have + PII

imaginary situation contrary to facts in the past; also used to express regrets or criticism

If she had studied harder, she would have passed the test.

Conditional clauses consist of two parts: the if-clause (hypothesis) and the main clause (result). When the if-clause comes before the main clause, the two clauses are separated with a comma. When the main clause comes before the if-clause, then no comma is necessary.

Example: If I see Tim, I’ll give him his book.

I’ll give Tim his book if I see him.


YouTube Video

Wheel of Life – Month of November – The Change Is NOW!

That’s it, people.  After contemplating for so long and figuring out what I should do with the next step of my teaching career, I’m now on the board.  Come and get me, world! That’s right. My physical environment has dropped plummeted to a whopping three out of ten, bringing a big concern and action.

November was a tough, and a very head-scratching month.  Comments, which lead to lies, which lead to ridicule, then threats made me realize how great of a human being I am.  See, when you look at things face-value, you will fail.  You always have to ask yourself “what’s trying to emerge.”  After a dozen offers from Chinese schools, a school in Honduras and a couple others, I’ve been weighing my options.  However, Thailand has came on strong AGAIN with 4-7 massive projects, but it’s all about getting the proper documentation to work legally in the country — that means a visa and work permit.  After taking full-on action, it’s all about patients.

If this is your first time tuning in, I highly suggest you rate the eight categories 1-10 and see if you have balance in your life.  If you don’t have balance, make necessary adjustments to improve the category that you’re neglecting.

  • Personal Development – 8.5
  • Physical Environment – 3
  • Health – 8.5
  • Career – 8.0
  • Wealth – 8.5
  • Fun & Hobbies – 7.0
  • Romantic Relationships – 4.0
  • Family & Friends – 5.0


Tim Ferris’ Ten Questions In Tribe of Mentors – Dare To Try?

What is the book (or books) you’ve given most as a gift, and why? Or what are one to three books that have greatly influenced your life? 

I’ve talked about this a number of times, but Napoleon Hill’s “Law of Success” was the turning point in my paradigm.  I understood the art of clothing, pleasing personality, self-confident, habit of saving (although I already established that a decade ago) and so many other life-changing principles that most people need to read.  After that, Jack Canfield’s ‘Success Principles’ was another massive plateau, followed by Dale Carnegie’s ‘How To Stop Worrying And Start Living.’

What purchase of 100$ or less has most positively impacted your life in the last six months (or in recent memory)?  

I’m going to increase that to 300$, because if it wasn’t for my Bose Noise Cancelling headphones, there’s no telling if I would’ve made it out of America, or even Australia (noise disturbances from housemates, to slummy African American communities – lol).  Extremely grateful for them – and only now I realize that it was on a flight from Seoul, South Korea to Singapore where I found myself in a depressive state because the battery’s life ran out of the Triple AAA battery I had in my headset.  DAMNIT!

How has a failure, or an apparent failure, set you up for later success? Do you have a “favorite failure” of yours?

The story of the 2005 Nevada Sunrise Regional Track & Field Championships resonates and always will.

If you could have one gigantic billboard anywhere with anything on it – metaphorically speaking, getting a message out to millions or billions – what would it say and why? It could be a few words or a paragraph. 

Love is everywhere.


Follow your bliss.

What is one of the best or most worthwhile investments you’ve ever made?

Other than my Bose headphones, my soundlink was also a firm investment.  This would take away a lot of the ambient noise (security guards laughing and singing outside my window) where I live.  On top of that, I can literally put a podcast like Gary Vee on in the morning, clean my house, prepare everything and do the morning routine.  This established a very good morning routine for myself.

What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you love?

Rocking while listening to music.  (Story in the podcast). I’m not ashamed of it, either!

In the last five years, what new belief, behavior, or habit has most improved your life?

My morning routine dictates how a day will turn out.  For instance, if I wake up looking at trashy media, I will have a trashy morning, which will then spill over into the afternoon and evening.  However, on days, such as today, I can wake up and bang out three pre-recorded podcasts and five blogs.  It all comes from establishing a sound morning routine that involves exercise, priming, meditation and making a gratitude list.

What advice would you give to a smart, driven college student about to enter the “real world”?

What do you REALLY want? Not what society tells you to want?

What are bad recommendations you hear in your profession or area of expertise? 

“You’re not very academic.  You need to become more academic.”

This is the silliest shit (excuse my French) I’ve ever heard in my life.  How about Elon Musk, Mark Zuck, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mohammad Ali – were they “academic?”  Historical teachers and historical mindsets are a thing of the past.

In the last five years, what have you become better at saying no to?

People who want something from me without giving me a damn thing.


Kanchanaburi, Thailand – The Weekend Getaway: Day 1

The last time I traveled to Thailand was the last time I was intoxicated to the point where I couldn’t sleep for a couple hours.  Normally I can contain my alcohol, but seeing a friend for the first time (since Las Vegas) in Chiang Mai (famous province to the north); and also it being Christmas Eve, it was that time to rock it out!

One-day trip.  A Christmas breakfast that involved the best banana pancakes in Thailand, a lunch with a couple folks while I was repping a flashing reindeer stocking, and an almost-missed flight because I decided I wanted to see the ‘Doi Suthep.’

However, since then….why travel in Thailand when you can go to Bali or the Maldives, right?

Here I am in a pinnacle moment that it’s either stay or head to Central America.  So, to burn off some of the steam and step-away from all the noise, I decided to head to a place like no other.

Toilets Outside Bangkok = The Best

I’ve never seen toilets quite like these.  It’s funny because the beautiful, newly built slate of shops are at the back of the parking lot while the typical 7-11 and pitstop is in the front.  For people who don’t like walking an extra 20 meters – you’ll miss a remarkable, and I mean a REMARKABLE glimpse of the worlds best public toilets.





I was contemplating whether or not I should upload more of the photos from the trip, but it would be alot of scrolling (lol) for you guys, so I’ll just talk about it on my podcast and you guys can tune into my twitter (arseniobuckshow) and see some of the photos I took yesterday.

In saying that, after heading down dozens of miles to this place called Kanchanaburi, we stopped at a local Steak Burger place that was sitting roadside in the middle-of-nowhere.  What was so nice and odd about this place was not only the modern jazz music, but the cacti.  That was the first time in my life I saw those spikey-thorned plants in this country.   The entire vibe was great and I’ll have to write a blog or so on the places I ate at.

Finally, after what seemed like a half-a-day, we arrived at this ultimate retreat.  It was tucked off in a very narrow alley-way, paved with dirty and covered by trees.  While we were driving through, I just felt like it was a horror movie.  We were inching little-by-little with our eyes wide-opened, hoping nothing would go wrong.  At the front of the gate, a girl rose up from her hammock and instructed us to drive through the gates.  Following that, a man on his motorbike guided us to the rocky parking lot where a lady greeted us, hauled our bags into this two-wheeled cart, and walked us over to reception.

Upon checking in, it was SURELY FORESTY. I had no idea it would be of this magnitude, though.  Frogs, birds, bugs of all kinds, big wooden seating panels everywhere, bungalows tucked away everywhere and even a three-story one that featured rooms on every floor.  The seating area/breakfast area overlooks a gorgeous river and you can hear chatter off in the distance.  Ahhhhh…just wonderful.  The room, as spacious as it was, was pretty nice.  I mean it’s going to be a battle with bugs in the outer area (bathroom), but for the most part, the place was pretty legit and well-worth the price.

Waterfall Haven 

The waterfall was absolutely GORGEOUS! That was the first time I’ve ever been to one, and it was at no additional cost (because Thailand has a tendency)! I sat under a waterfall for the first time in my life, and it was exquisite! Just feeling energy piling on top of my head and hearing people cheer and laugh around me….life; at its very finest!

Story of being followed and a little bit more is in the podcast down below!


Lewis Howes: The Athlete Mask

It was March 17th, 1990.  Meldrick Taylor, a prominent superstar welterweight vs. the furious Julio Caesar Chavez.

For at least 8 of the rounds, Meldrick Taylor was putting on a boxing clinic against the heavily favored Chavez.  However, in the latter rounds, Chavez blows started to take a toll, startling Meldrick Taylor with about 1:15 to go in the 12th round.  After a knockdown with 15 seconds left in the fight – followed by a controversial stoppage of the fight — Chavez won, but who really won the war at “life?”

Following the fight, Meldrick Taylor urinated blood – resulting in Kidney damage.  The fight was one for the ages and Taylor really never bounced-back and became the champion he once declared to the universe a year or so prior.  Instead, 10 years later, you can hardly understand a word he says.  He has a severe speech impediment, just like Tommy Hearns who went to war with the Marvelous Marvin Hagler in the 80’s.

Another notable trilogy was the Bowe vs. Holyfield – two massive beasts punching each other to near death over the course of 36 rounds and I can hardly understand a word they say, too.

What’s the paradox? Boxing fans around the world cheer on two men beating each other to death like it’s ancient Rome.

However, this is what it feels like to be a “man,” right? If you look at my picture, men aren’t suppose to show signs of defeat because then that makes you a “coward” in the world of sports.  To be a man, according to bodybuilders, is all about how much you can deadlift or bench.  If you can’t do either, you’re a ***sy.

Welcome to the Athlete Mask.


Darren Hardy – Story of Kathleen

“Twelve years ago I had a wonderful assistant, Kathleen. She earned $40,000 a year at the time. She was tasked to manage the registration table situated at the back of the room during one of my lectures on entrepreneurship and wealth building. The next week she came into my office. “I heard you talk about saving 10 percent of everything you earn,” she told me. “That sounds nice, but there is no way I could do that. It’s totally unrealistic!” She proceeded to tell me about all her bills and financial obligations. After she wrote them all out, it was obvious there really wasn’t any money left over at the end of the month. “I need a raise,” she said.

“I’ll do better than that,” I told her. “I’m going to teach you how to become wealthy.” It wasn’t the answer she was looking for, but she agreed.

I taught Kathleen how to track her spending, and she began to carry her notebook. I told her to open a separate savings account with only $33—just 1 percent of her existing monthly income. I then showed her how to live on $33 less the next month—bring in her own lunch just one day a week instead of going downstairs to the deli and ordering a sandwich, chips, and a drink. The next month I had her save only 2 percent ($67). She saved the additional $33 by changing her cable subscription service. The next month we went up to 3 percent. We canceled her subscription to People magazine (it was time to study her own life), and instead of going to Starbucks twice a week, I told Kathleen to buy the Starbucks beans and other fancy fixings and make her own coffee in the office (she grew to like that even better—me too!).

By the end of the year, Kathleen was saving 10 percent of every dollar she earned without noticing a significant impact on her lifestyle. She was amazed! That one discipline also had a ripple effect on many other disciplines in her life. She calculated what she spent on mind-numbing entertainment and began investing that money on personal growth instead. After feeding her mind with several hundred hours of inspirational and instructional content, her creativity started to soar. She brought me several ideas on how we could make and save more money in our organization. She presented me with a plan that she would implement in her spare time, if I promised to reward her with 10 percent of all the money-saving strategies and 15 percent of all the new revenue strategies that proved profitable. By the end of the second year, she was earning more than $100,000 a year—on the same $40,000 base salary. Kathleen eventually started her own independent contract service business that took off. I ran into Kathleen at an airport two years ago. She now earns more than a quarter of a million dollars a year and has saved and created more than $1 million in assets—she’s a millionaire! All starting from the choice to take one small step and start saving $33 a month!”

Excerpt From: Darren Hardy. “The Compound Effect.” iBooks.

See how it works? It’s the little steps.  I’m not telling everyone to save a whopping 20-40% of your salary each month.  I’m not even saying 15%….but saving incremental one’s there and one’s here will add up to the significant amount.  I always take good care of my monthly subscriptions.  I limit myself to going to my favorite Italian restaurant.  I make sure I don’t buy anything completely outlandish if I don’t need it.  All these little things have added up to a savings account whereas if I look at it — I go “DAMNNNNNN!”

Time Is of The Essence – Tony Robbins Video On Compounding

In This video, Tony talks about starting at particular ages, but what it all comes down to is you can start saving little-by-little now and reap the rewards.