Tools of Titans: The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins


When Tony wakes up, he immediately goes into his priming routine, which is intended to produce a rapid change in his physiology: “To me, if you want a primetime life, you’ve got to prime daily.” There are a lot of different things I’ve tried using over the past few months, but doing this has changed my entire biochemistry in the morning.

Cold-water plunge (I use a quick cold shower, which could be just 30 to 60 seconds)

Tony follows this with breathing exercises. He does 3 sets of 30 reps. His seated technique is similar to the rapid nasal “breath of fire” in yoga, but he adds in rapid overhead extension of the arms on the inhale, with the elbows dropping down the rib cage on the exhale. Here’s an example that’s on  his ‘I’m not your guru’ documentation.  Fast forward to the 1:44.30 mark to see exactly how it’s done.

I normally follow through the rest of the way because the exercise that ensues is blissfully wonderful.

Alternative: “Breath walking.” This is vintage Tony, but I still use it quite often when traveling. Simply walk for a few minutes, using a breathing cycle of 4 short inhales through the nose, then 4 short exhales through the ”  He talks about this in one of his YouTube ‘podcasts’ and if you repeat an affirmation at the same time – even better!

Following something like the above, Tony does 9 to 10 minutes of what some might consider meditation. To him, however, the objective is very different: It’s about cueing and prompting enabling emotions for the rest of the day. His 9 to 10 minutes are broken into thirds.

Here is an abbreviated synopsis:

The first 3 minutes: “Feeling totally grateful for three things. I make sure that one of them is very, very simple: the wind on my face, the reflection of the clouds that I just saw. But I don’t just think gratitude. I let gratitude fill my soul, because when you’re grateful, we all know there’s no anger. It’s impossible to be angry and grateful simultaneously. When you’re grateful, there is no fear. You can’t be fearful and grateful simultaneously.”

“The second 3 minutes: “Total focus on feeling the presence of God, if you will, however you want to language that for yourself. But this inner presence coming in, and feeling it heal everything in my body, in my mind, my emotions, my relationships, my finances. I see it as solving anything that needs to be solved. I experience the strengthening of my gratitude, of my conviction, of my passion. . . .”
The last 3 minutes: “Focusing on three things that I’m going to make happen, my ‘three to thrive.’ . . . See it as though it’s already been done, feel the emotions, etc. . . .
“And, as I’ve always said, there’s no excuse not to do 10 minutes. If you don’t have 10 minutes, you don’t have a life.”

Excerpt From: Timothy Ferriss & Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Tools of Titans.” iBooks.

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Q & A: When, Why, & How Did I Start Traveling?

From being an interested boy in the mid-90’s, to meeting my first every Japanese friend on Myspace 10 years later, to traveling to Australia where an idea was born. Here it is!

The Backstory 

I woke up in the morning to see that an earthquake had taken place in Japan – a country which I described as a “red dot in the middle of a white piece of paper.”  Coming from a predominantly Caucasian and African American neighborhood, I was unaware of the way they looked.  I only recall seeing seeing the flag in another occasion such as Street Fighter on Super Nintendo.

I asked my mom, “mom, where is this?”

She replied, “Japan, boy!”

I said, “what dat mean?”

She retorted abruptly, “boy, don’t make me smack you in the mouth.”

And there that goes.

Myspace – 2006

At the conclusion of high school, my mom bought desktop computer for our household and once the internet got hooked up, I immediately got on myspace as any captivated teenager would; and shortly after, I found myself in the Japanese forums trying to meet people in Japan.

That moment back in the 90’s rescinded within me to the point I was so enthused about meeting people there – thousands of miles across the pond. And, so I did.

Satomi Nakagawa.  She was my first ever foreign friend; however, her English was very limited at the time.  Over the course of a year or so, and me being at college in Arizona, we kept in touch (since she was attending university in Miami) leading up to 2008.  After a massive argument with my brother that resulted in the police coming to my house and me making the decision to move out of my mom’s house, I moved into a bachelor’s pad apartment with my best friend.  It all culminated into a text message from Satomi saying she bought a RT ticket from Kyoto-Las Vegas and she ended up coming to Vegas that August.

When this happened, my life changed forever – it wasn’t necessarily the wondrous Satomi, but the idea was born. The idea whereas satomi dropped on her knees a day before leaving and sobbed before saying, “I’m never going to see you again, am I?

I replied, “I’ll come to see you.  I promise.”

And when this happened, I literally made an oath to myself that I would see her again, even if it was the last time.

Early May Morning – 2009

Email to Satomi: “Satomi, you’re in Australia going to school, right? I’m thinking of traveling this summer and would love to come see you, only if I could stay at your duplex with you friend for the two days and not pay hotel. HA!”

I went from being at a moped shop the day before and almost giving up 1500$ for one of them, to going to Australia on July 22nd, 2009.

Life is a game of inches, as Al Pacino once said. Why? If I had bought that shiny blue moped, I would’ve never gone to Australia – resulting in a cubicle job for the next ten years.

Yes, I met a girl named Satomi, and I did fall in love with her.  Well, that’s what I originally thought, but it wasn’t her… was the idea of going abroad for the first time and seeing how much of a magnificent world I lived in.

8 countries, lots of experience, and a compelling story later….HERE I AM!

Thank you, Satomi.  Regardless of the fallout, it was the idea in our short-story that got me to where I am today.


Tedx – From Grade Schools, To International Schools In Bangkok Preaching Equality, To Ivey Schools In The East Coast United States – It Doesn’t Matter

I was sitting at a table full of youngins in Koh Phangan, Thailand – and they were arguing about who got into specific and “high class” universities in America.

One said, “I got into Ohio State, Wake Forest, and FSU; therefore, I’m better than you all.”

Is that what society is predicated on now?  Being better than another particular individual because of the university they went to? If so, I say we stop using Facebook and all Apple products if that’s the case.

As an African American teaching in Thailand, and having those schools reply to my email saying, “can I see your picture to see if you’re black,” I’ve seen it all.

Recently I started watching Tedx events on YouTube because they could be very head scratching and I came across a particular one ( whereas a famous actress was preaching equality at the most expensive international school in Bangkok.  The most alarming thing is that the entire staff is all anglo-saxon/caucasian.  Most of these schools, even including Harrow, Shrewsbury and others that are incredibly expensive to get into, do not accept African American teachers because the parents don’t want their students to be taught by people of color.

If we look at other schools in Thailand such as government schools, white foreign teachers are paid more than Filipinos and Africans because they’re white, not because of what degree they have and definitely not based on experience.  I’ve seen a Swiss teacher speak next-to-no English and got paid 1300$; meanwhile, Filipinos get an unfulfilling 500$ USD.

I guess in some countries, education doesn’t mean a damn thing.  Education is a promotional tool to promote white skin (Thailand).  Conversely, if you look at some of the most prestigious universities in the world, education means absolutely everything, but nothing is based on the genius or essence of man.

  • What is your contribution?
  • How could you make your community better?
  • What is your community or country lacking?

If universities  selected students based human potential/volunteering (like the National University of Singapore) and on what women and men can do, we wouldn’t be bickering or paying large sums of money-turned-debt on artificial education and using bragging rights to belittle other people.

Regardless if you went to the top international school in Thailand, or Yale University…..your legacy and what you leave behind will be based on your contribution.

Remember that.



Lisa Nichols – The Law of Attraction

In Lisa Nichols ‘Abundance Now’ book, she states that when the secret took off in 2006, it was later translated into 50 languages and sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

Lots of people, especially religious folks, think other wise about the movie “the secret” in terms of it being real or not.  However, regardless if you believe it’s true or not, we’re all vibrational beings.

Have you ever thought about that specific person then ended up getting a call from them? How about waking up in the middle of the night with a bad feeling about someone, it ultimately leading to a phone call whereas something happened to that person.

Napoleon Hill talks so much about it in his book that was written the first time 89 years ago (The Law of Success).  We attract what we think about most.

“The Law of Attraction says: What you think about, talk about, believe strongly about, and feel intensely about, you will bring about.  Your life is a physical manifestation of your thoughts and your energy. You shape your life experience in your mind first by what you think, then in your mouth by what you say, and finally in your actions by what you follow through on. Your life experience doesn’t just pop up. It takes shape in your mind first.” – Lisa Nichols

Take a long read or look at your life, everything that is happening presently is because your past thoughts, words, and actions.

These past four days have been very tumultuous for me.  From a girl spouting at me “ewwww black men are dirty,” to a failed wire transfer from an inexperienced teller at the bank, to a famous restaurant taking 30 minutes + to serve my food which they still didn’t even do.  All that came about because of me conversing with people who aren’t part of the OQP (only quality people) club, me being anxious about not getting my money into my American account, and also knowing that this particular restaurant has appalling service.

Once you take 100% responsibility for it all, it’s life transforming.


Tim Ferris – Uncovering Fear Disguised As Optimism

It’s exactly what Bob Proctor has been saying for over 50 years, too.  That paradigm.  That mental barrier that controls everything about us.  Right when we’re getting ready to make that life-altering decision we say, “ahhhhh, I can go next year.  I’m happy with this car now.  Oh, I can save my money instead.  I can go next weekend.”

Most who avoid quitting their jobs entertain the thought that their course will improve with time or increases in income. This seems valid and is a tempting hallucination when a job is boring or uninspiring instead of pure hell. Pure hell forces action, but anything less can be endured with enough clever rationalization.

That particular afternoon after my nap and going through absolute HELL with a bunch of ignorant specimen and a completely shambolic school, I said, “is money worth it? Is this measly 1000$ USD a month worth it? No.  I quit,”  Three days later, after getting my last salary, I disappeared.

There was no future, no visa, no work permit, endless lies, horrific students, bad-mouthing teachers who spoke Thai behind my back to make a mockery of me…..that breaking point was reached.  Once you do it the first time, it makes it a hell of a lot easier.

Do you really think it will improve or is it wishful thinking and an excuse for inaction?  Did I really think my job situation would improve? If you were confident in improvement, would you really be questioning things so? Generally not. This is fear of the unknown disguised as optimism.

Are you better off than you were one year ago, one month ago, or one week ago?”

Probably not.

Nine to five for your working lifetime of 40–50 years is a long-ass time if the rescue doesn’t come. About 500 months of solid work.
How many do you have to go? It’s probably time to cut your losses.

If you are nervous about making the jump or simply putting it off out of fear of the unknown, here is your antidote.  Write and do not edit—aim for volume. Spend a few minutes on each answer.

Tim Ferris’ Rules

1. Define your nightmare, the absolute worst that could happen if you did what you are considering. What doubt, fears, and “what-ifs” pop up as you consider the big changes you can—or need—to make? Envision them in painstaking detail. Would it be the end of your life? What would be the permanent impact, if any, on a scale of 1–10? Are these things really permanent? How likely do you think it is that they would actually happen?”

2. What steps could you take to repair the damage or get things back on the upswing, even if temporarily? Chances are, it’s easier than you imagine. How could you get things back under control?”

3. What are the outcomes or benefits, both temporary and permanent, of more probable scenarios? Now that you’ve defined the nightmare, what are the more probable or definite positive outcomes, whether internal (confidence, self-esteem, etc.) or external? What would the impact of these more-likely outcomes be on a scale of 1–10? How likely is it that you could produce at least a moderately good outcome? Have less intelligent people done this before and pulled it off?

4. If you were fired from your job today, what would you do to get things under financial control? Imagine this scenario and run through questions 1–3 above. If you quit your job to test other options, how could you later get back on the same career track if you absolutely had to?

5. What are you putting off out of fear? Usually, what we most fear doing is what we most need to do. That phone call, that conversation, whatever the action might be—it is fear of unknown outcomes that prevents us from doing what we need to do. Define the worst case, accept it, and do it. I’ll repeat something you might consider tattooing on your forehead: What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do. As I have heard said, a person’s success in life can usually be measured by the number of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. Resolve to do one thing every day that you fear. I got into this habit by attempting to contact celebrities and famous businesspeople for advice.”


6. What is it costing you—financially, emotionally, and physically—to postpone action? Don’t only evaluate the potential downside of action. It is equally important to measure the atrocious cost of inaction. If you don’t pursue those things that excite you, where will you be in one year, five years, and ten years? How will you feel having allowed circumstance to impose itself upon you and having allowed ten more years of your finite life to pass doing what you know will not fulfill you? If you telescope out 10 years and know with 100% certainty that it is a path of disappointment and regret, and if we define risk as “the likelihood of an irreversible negative outcome,” inaction is the greatest risk of all.

7. What are you waiting for? If you cannot answer this without resorting to the previously rejected concept of good timing, the answer is simple: You’re afraid, just like the rest of the world. Measure the cost of inaction, realize the unlikelihood and repairability of most missteps, and develop the most important habit of those who excel and enjoy doing so: action.

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A Morning Ritual That Helped Me Win The Day (#1)

Here are is one thing that I attempt to do every morning. Realistically, if I hit three out of five (which I will cover more over the coming days), I consider myself having won the morning. And if you win the morning, you win the day. I’m probably not the first person to say this, but it’s how I frame the importance of the first 60 to 90 minutes of the day.

These will probably seem like small things, but just remember: The small things are the big things…kind of like what I talked on my podcast this morning.

#1—Make Your Bed (<3 minutes)

If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task and another and another. By the end of the day, that one task completed will have turned into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also reinforce the fact that little things in life matter.

  • I tried this yesterday, making my bed, doing my mindfulness meditation practice, and my “Tony Robbins” prime. What ultimately happened is I had one of the most productive days of the year just by creating momentum.

What is “making your bed” to me? I use the sweep-it-under-the-rug approach. The goal is visual tidiness, not Four Seasons. I don’t tuck in the sheets. I have a large blanket or duvet, and I’ll use that to cover the sheets, smoothing it out. Then, I place the pillows symmetrically underneath or on top of the blanket, and I’m done. That’s it. It’s very simple. If you work from home, this serves double duty, especially if you work in or near your bedroom. If you see an external distraction (speaking personally), you end up creating an internally distracted state.

These external distractions, especially after a long working day, could doom your evening before it even begins.  You could end up getting home and getting on your phone….an hour later, you realise you need to hurry up and unpack your gym bag, jump in the shower, and you miss out on 4 practices towards the end of the day that you could’ve done to retire for the night.

See, this is just one simple, easy exercise that can create lots of momentum.  I have plenty more coming, so stay tuned for them.  I’d rather not give you 5-10 in bulk, or else you’d just put it off.  So this is number one.

Number two is coming tomorrow! In the meantime, if you’re interested in other personal development books and ideas, tune into my podcast which has over 300 episodes down below.


The Wheel of Life Updated – Changes Are Needed

For those of you who have never done this exercise, I highly recommend it.

The eight categories of life such as family a& friends, career, romantic relationships, fun & hobbies, personal development, physical environment, health, and wealth are always to be evaluated on a monthly or quarterly basis.

I got this nice little technique out of Glen Harold’s book, and I absolutely love it because it shows the strengths and weaknesses in particular areas.

It’s simple. Get a piece of paper, draw a circle and draw a mini circle in the middle.  The scale is 0-10 (0 being nothing and 10 being completely fulfilled).

For example, here’s how mine turned out.

Family & Friends – 3.5

I haven’t heard the voices of any of my family members in 4 years, so that pretty much epitomizes exactly where I stand with them (a whopping zero); however, my friends in various countries do come in strong and at least give me an agonizing 3.5

Career – 7.0

I reviewed and became enraged with some of the racial transgressions I’ve endured over the past 8 months with people neglecting me because of my color; on the other hand, the amount of opportunities that are zooming in because of outsourcing is incredible.

Romantic Relationships – X

There isn’t a god damn thing happening here.

Fun & Hobbies – 4

With 2 competitions in Mesa, Arizona and Singapore looming large, snorkelling in Hawaii, Mt. Bromo in Indonesia and possibly Malaysia/Vietnam, it will soar to 10 in an instant.  As far as now, the beginning of the new year has been a bit stagnant in terms of traveling.

Personal Development – 8

What are you feeding your mind? What new skills are you acquiring?  What are you reading? What audio books are you listening to? Yeah, with excellent books at my disposal and the removal of head teach, you bet your butt that this number will rise even more.

Physical Environment – 7

Where you live and where you work.  Where I live is absolutely wonderful, but sometimes work can fluctuate, depending on the individuals mood swings and other gossip.  At this time, it’s kind of solid, but will definitely improve as more opportunities will begin to pour in.

Health – 7.5

Look in the mirror with no clothes on.  Seriously.  Do it.

Ok, how do you feel? Terrible?

What about the inside? Sick?

If you answered yes to all my questions, you’re in the 0-0.01 range.

Wealth – 7

Primary job sways, so the wealth goes up and down.  Conversely, this should not be my only source of income, which makes me very upset with myself because I should have at least two other sources of income.  Wait, I kind of do, but I’m talking about bigger than the others.  So, it’s time to get projects done.

Do this yourself! Let me know how it goes!

How I Get Sleep At Night

It’s all about routine!

There are lifetime insomniacs out there, I get it, but there are different ways  to rid the insomnia and I’ve come up with a list of ways to lull yourself into the dream world.  Will this work for everyone? Obviously not, but one little thing could possibly change your sleeping pattern for the better.

Number 1: Get yourself an app that plays a variety of sounds.

I’m not going to name any apps because obviously I don’t get paid for it (LOL), but the sounds I’m talking about can go from small streams of water, to blizzard windstorms, fire crackling, thunderstorms, city rain, light snow, chimes, sounds of the jungle, etc.  If you want to know the app I’m talking about, please shoot a comment below!

Number 2: Meditation!

I will absolutely recommend the app on this one and it’s by Glen Harold (Meditation).  Some are free, which is great, and some you may have to pay 2.99$ for it, but it’s absolutely worth the price.  Some are very very effective such as the Chakra meditation and Lucid Dream.  I recall actually going into a very deep state of hypnosis during my massage while listening to the Chakra.  Afterward, I had this overwhelming sense of calmness come over me and five minutes later it loopholed into pure joy.  That had to be the deepest I’ve ever gone.

Number 3: Reading.

Yeah, perhaps a bit old fashioned as most individuals can read a book during the day and fall asleep, but not only does this work, but it’s beneficial.

Scientific studies have said that you’re more prone to remember something an hour before you go to sleep compared to the rest of the day by 6 TIMES! Has anyone ever been that person who watched a scary movie….let’s say “Freddy Kruger,” and he just so happened to be haunting the hell out of you in the dream? Exactly.  Another example, watch a video on YouTube.  Hmmm….watch a video flying a First-Class suite on Singapore Airlines to your ultimate destination. Right before you go to sleep….

Number 4: Herbalife Sleep Now

Obviously there are a number of different things out there that you can use in supplement form, but I’ve actually seen the best results with Herbalife’s Sleep Now. Melatonin, which helps control your sleep and wake cycles, is the main ingredient. You also have a variety of extracts from flowers, cinnamon bark, and Amla Extract, which has resounding health benefits just like echinacea (

The Ultimate Accessory: Bluetooth Soundlink

Have this playing somewhere in your room and control it by phone.  Set the sounds and put your meditation app on before putting your phone on a charger outside your room (no during-the-night-distractions). I can tell you right now that the ultimate sleep killer is looking at your phone.

Tim Ferris also has a couple of things that help him.

“Honey + Apple Cider Vinegar or Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea or California Poppy Extract

Honey + ACV: My go-to tranquilizer beverage is simple: 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (I use Bragg brand) and 1 tablespoon honey, stirred into 1 cup of hot water. This was taught to me by the late and great Seth Roberts, PhD. Some of his readers also noticed large and immediate strength improvements in exercise after a few days of using this pre-bed cocktail.

Yogi Soothing Caramel Bedtime Tea: If you’re trying to avoid sugar (honey), this is an alternative.

Visual Overwriting

“Visual overwriting” is what I do right before bed to crowd out anything replaying or looping in my mind that will inhibit sleep (e.g., email, to-do lists, an argument, “I should have said . . .”

Hopefully one of these will help you on your journey to getting better sleep.

Paul Levesque (Triple H) On Jetlag & Worrying Won’t Do A ‘God Damn’ Thing.

With a colossal flight approaching in April (Bangkok-Singapore-Japan-Los Angeles-Arizona) and coming back, I continue to ask myself, “how the hell can I beat the jet lag?”  I carefully planned out my trip and even coming back, but with an even bigger trip to Hawaii looming large and a soon-to-be-debacle of a return flight, there’s no escaping the madness of what’s about to happen, or is there?

Famous WWE Wrestler “Triple H” has a way of breaking this so-called jet lag.

“During his peak travel period, Paul traveled 260+ days per year, performing in a different city each night.

Here is one of his rules:
Triple H: “When I landed, I would check into the hotel. The second we checked in, I’d ask them: ‘Is the gym open? Can I go train?’ Even if it was to get on a bike and ride for 15 minutes to reset things. I learned early that it seemed any time I did that, I didn’t get jet lag.”
TF: This absolutely seems to work, even if done at 1 a.m. and for 3 to 5 minutes. I don’t know the physiological mechanism, but I use it.”

For those who do unrelenting traveling for competitions and even for business, TRY IT!

Also, there was a fight between Floyd Mayweather and Marquez several years ago and Triple H was actually part of Floyd’s “the money team.”  Well, Mayweather asked to see Triple H and his wife at the time went back stage to say what’s up.  Floyd, with a fight looming within about an hour, was lounged out on the couch watching a basketball game.  After a few minutes, and even a couple of attempts, Triple H told Floyd, “Ok, Floyd, have a great flight.  We’re gonna get outa here.”

Floyd retorted, “you don’t have to leave, man! Have a seat!”

Triple H said, “aren’t you worried and nervous?”

Floyd responded, “either I’m read or I’m not.  Worrying isn’t gonna do a god damn thing.”

Wow….that’s a very unnerving way to put it, but Floyd went out and pounded Marquez unanimously after a 1-2 years layoff to claim a title (correct me if I’m wrong).

And there you have it! A story for the ages and something that could perhaps help you rampant travellers.

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Tim Ferris: Slow Carb Diet

“Many people lose hope when trying to lose weight. – Tim Ferris

Fortunately, it doesn’t need to be complicated.  There are a lot of people out there, gym junkies and all, who question themselves about how many carbs to eat.

The basic rules are simple, all followed 6 days per week:

Rule #1: Avoid “white” starchy carbohydrates (or those that can be white). This means all bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, and grains (yes, including quinoa). If you have to ask, don’t eat it.  This kills for me because sometimes I would throw rice into my diet – the Thai diet.  This is very pivotal for the majority of Thai people, even including one of my students who doesn’t like her shape.  Well, she eats rice three times a day with her meals.  Boom.

Rule #2: Eat the same few meals over and over again, especially for breakfast and lunch. Good news: You already do this.  Example, with a busy teaching schedule such as mine, I always prepare my trips on Friday (the day before the madness) so I know not only what I’m going to eat, but how I’m going to get there.  I buy my almonds and avocados the night before, get my salad after I workout in the morning, and get my main meal for the day that lasts me all the way until 6:40pm.  Time to stay away from the rice!

Rule #3: Don’t drink calories. Exception: 1 to 2 glasses of dry red wine per night is allowed.

Rule #4: Don’t eat fruit. (Fructose → glycerol phosphate → more body fat, more or less.) Avocado and tomatoes are allowed.  Yeah, we were told our lives to eat 2-4 servings (plus or minus) of fruit along with a ton of grains.  Oops.

Rule #5: Whenever possible, measure your progress in body fat percentage, NOT total pounds. The scale can deceive and derail you.

Rule #6: Take one day off per week and go nuts. I choose and recommend Saturday. This is “cheat day,” which a lot of readers also call “Faturday.” For biochemical and psychological reasons, it’s important not to hold back. Some readers keep a “to-eat” list during the week, which reminds them that they’re only giving up vices for 6 days at a time.”

See, now that isn’t so bad, right?  Speaking of cheat days, one of my students declared Sunday his cheat day.  He literally goes into a shopping center for a few hours and loses it.  I never really had a cheat day throughout my week (although cheat meals are more common), however, I will closely consider this.

Hope this works for everyone!