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Walking up to everyone, smiling before shaking their hand.  You will be remembered, why? The emotional reaction behind it. Lily Singh, who’s a prominent Indian-American youtuber, mentioned Jimmy Kimmel in a chapter of her new book titled, “shake what your momma gave you.” Jimmy began laughing in confusion as to why he was in that […]

Some of you wonder why are you even reading some of my blog posts on how to win friends and listening to my podcasts on developing the confidence to win people? Why not just study the greatest man-winner of them all.  The thing that runs up to your leg, tail-wagging, licking you, jumping all over […]

We’re back! Another wonderful recipe, which I had the idea come about this morning, is in the books. When I was a child, every time my mother would by neapolitan ice cream, I would literally just eat the strawberry and vanilla portions of it.  I was never a big fan of chocolate ice cream or […]

After reading extensively through this chapter of Dale Carnegie’s book, I realized that this particular area can be of immaculate service to those who follow my blog, and those who are here for the first time. In relevance to my last blog, showing interest in other people is extremely important in terms of ethics.  So […]