TOEFL iBT | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Questions 1-3: Her Road to a 28 In Speaking!

So, I decided to chop up a coaching session with my student who had recently gotten a 28 on the speaking section of TOEFL. My editing isn’t the best, but in this video, you’re going to hear a tremendous amount of feedback, as well as her answers to everything and those “moments of clarity.” She invested in 8 hours of coaching and got the mark of 28, and this is coaching session #3 so hear how I break everything down!

Weekly Learning Review | S1: E8 | The Main Struggle

Over this past week, I realized that my finances are absolutely soaring. In about 8 hours, I’ll be getting my first AZ Vaccine (contributing to the health category), and the clients are still rolling in from a post I had done a couple of weeks ago. However, the main struggle is still there

TOEFL iBT | Independent Essay | Evaluating an Essay | Progress Achieved!

So grateful to have seen the growth of one of my students.  The amazing dentist from Venezuela now understands exactly how to execute a cohesive essay.  I’m grateful that she went through with the coaching and now we’re just waiting on her result!

Stop Waiting for Others

We have a tendency of waiting for people to take action on our dreams and what we want to accomplish. Honestly, here in Thailand, and over the past couple of years, I’ve always had to wait. It was a guy who promised so many projects and never came through. A company that said “we’ll let you know when we’re ready” and disappeared in the first week of May. And now, two business clients and what could’ve been a MASSIVE company signing — crickets. 

I’m not blaming Thai people….although they do seem to be the ones that are flaky as hell, but when it comes to business and people in general, NEVER WAIT FOR ANYONE!


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Finally! It’s been months since I had this badge (originally on Patreon), but it has officially debuted to the public! I’m absolutely ecstatic to get this back out there. So what is this?

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Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 17 | Is Stress ALWAYS Bad?

When a situation arises in which we have to take action, our imaginative/creative side gets firing. Meaning, when we have to make ends meet or make a decision to act in a dire situation, we have a tendency to always finding our way out. After the situation comes and goes, we look back and say “how was I able to do that?”

That’s called our creative side. Now, if we can somehow shift that creative side to our everyday living instead of acting on situations because of what’s happening in the world around us, that’s when we could potentially take our lives to an entire new level.

In today’s podcast, we talk about stress in both a good and bad context.

TOEFL iBT | Speaking | Full Coaching Session

Hello, all! Today is a PHENOMENAL coaching session. By showing the value through social media, I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries. In today’s episode, we have a phenomenal student who has gotten a 26 in speaking one time, but is struggling to get it this time around. So, in saying that, today’s a power session of 6 questions and different ways to answer them, followed by a revelation at the end. Will keep you updated on her score, too!

TOEFL iBT | Integrated & Independent Essay | 1 on 1 Coaching | How to Score a 27!

A phenomenal session here. I’ve been coaching an awesome pharmacist from Egypt and just before his TOEFL Bank test, I sent him a writing evaluation response (membership holders) and he applied those skills. Let’s just say the highest score he had ever gotten on TOEFL Bank was 24, and by applying those skills, it rose to 27. So, in today’s video, let’s go through both of his essays, make corrections and see how both he can improve — and especially YOU!

TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Errors in Word Order

I can guarantee you this, there will be at least two questions involving word order where it’s in reversed form, whether it’s a noun trying to modify an adjective or a verb trying to modify a preposition. In this wonderful snippet, you’re going to understand the formulas, go over some sample items, and on my course, you’ll have additional exercises.