Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 13 – Pronunciation Skill: Intonation In Questions

Intonation In Questions In a yes/no question use rising intonation. In a Wh- question use falling intonation.   Is that on sale? What size is this? Do you have this in blue? Where are the fitting rooms? Did you go to the party? Where is the party?   Now you practice with the four down... Continue Reading →


TOEIC: Strategy Practice – Part II (Time Test)

Hello, all! I was thinking of doing a video with this blog, but since it's a test run for the many of you, I've decided to just post it up for you guys to practice.  Remember to send me your answers!   11. The government will ________ a new tax on imports of foreign good... Continue Reading →

Evaluating My Spartan Score

So I was practically top 25%, and almost 20%, in all categories.  If I look at the time, it's not that good.  I don't know exactly what happened during the race, but the obviously made it to be very difficult for attaining a good time.  I think I completed my Spartan Sprint last year in... Continue Reading →

New Book Series: Tony Robbins – Unshakeable

Oh, again! A lot of you are probably thinking, "weren't you dissecting "Money: Master The Game two years ago? What happened?" Well, the information seemed to be all over the place, and then Cryptocurrency happened.  I want to really know if stocks are safe.  I've been asking myself over and over, without any answers, about mutual... Continue Reading →

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