Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 36 | E-commerce

When the pandemic struck last year, lots of things went online. Whoever had an online business experienced a boom out here in Thailand. Even the food-hailing services out here in Bangkok, Thailand experienced a massive BOOM. So, when this happened, it was a permanent shift.

In Thailand, however, the experience of shopping in some of the biggest and best malls is still an experience compared to the very ordinary and functional malls of America that just provide retail.
What’s the future of it? Let’s dive in!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 35 | How to Avoid Toxic Office Gossip

Yes, I’ve worked in workplaces where some employees would speak a language that I don’t understand in front of me and other employees. I’ve lived with housemates that spoke French in front of me when I knew they were gossiping about me. I’ve also worked alongside toxic senior citizens who would berate one another here in Bangkok.

How did I navigate out of it? Well, I severed Thais with everyone, but it’s easier said than done. You need to surround yourself with Growth Friends and Growth Employees. Let’s dive in!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 34 | Giving Bad News

This could be a process, but it could also be beneficial from the end listener’s perspective. It depends how we translate the information and how we react to it, too. I’ve been given lots of bad news before, and although some of it was a shock, it was Happy-Transforming because I can escape a cesspool of hate from specific places. Let’s hear how one break’s down bad news with an employee and listen to pointers on what to avoid.


Business English Podcast | Corporate Finance | Full Introduction

Yes, YES! The third English for Specific Purpose segment is here!
We covered sales, investment, and now we’re onto Corporate Finance. There’s going to be SO MUCH COVERED throughout this segment. Here are some of the units.

ForecastingBudgetingManaging paymentsReporting financial informationInterim resultsBusiness developmentFinancial services and adviceAuditingLots of great interviews, segments and other things will follow. If you want the grammar, exclusive listening, language development, mini-tests and vocabulary, make sure to inquire about my Business English Membership!


TOEFL iBT | Integrated Essay Evaluation | How to Score a 28-29!

It’s not clickbait, my student really did write such a phenomenal essay(s) that I had to share this content with all of you out there. See exactly her sentence structures, gerunds, passive gerund, made a list using a colon, and so much more. These complex structures will absolutely guide you to the promise land of TOEFL, so if you’re having difficulty in your Integrated Essay, watch this, take notes and apply!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Overcoming Racism in The Workplace

WOW! Just like 2013, 2014, 2015 all over again! It’s unbelievably unfortunate that I work under the umbrella of people who completely degrade me, lie to me, and are totally unethical, but my values, principles and everything I represent will reign! In today’s podcast, you’re going to hear a bit of a past me, things I had to overcome, present situations, and now to navigate these types of storms in life.

Note: two weeks later, out of the 6 people who I thought were minimizing me and my potentiality, only one of them was. 5 of them fought for me, and in the end, I did get my class back, as well as an additional class and my first-ever corporate class with the company.

In the end, NOT EVERYONE has a myopic point of view, and for the first time since living in Thailand, Thai women stuck up for me and what was right. So I’m truly blessed to work alongside some amazing human beings. For the one that minimized me, I simply will never deal with them again and wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.


TOEFL iBT | Webinar Snippet | Reading: Mass Extinctions

 Did you miss the webinar (Reading) last night? Mass Extinction was on the menu, and I had two newcomers from Peru joining my champions who will be taking the test soon. Want the full video? Link is down below for $5!

Next Webinar is this Saturday, and next week will be Monday-Thursday.

In this snippet, I break down two questions, as well as a phenomenal break down from one of my students, Gonzalo.