Complaints from Consumers? Oh, Please!

So, over the past couple weeks, and if you guys don’t already know, I had been doing free consultations by reaching out to people on a Facebook page. Unbeknownst to me, I had received maybe 100 comments. Half of them weren’t series because I had messaged them, sent a voice note, but no response. Other people booked the calendar but never showed up….but about 30% of them did.

Now, the problem with takers are they are just there to consume. It’s not about receiving an ovation and external validation, but even when you help them and they achieve your score, they wouldn’t tell you that they achieved their score but rather give themselves all the credit for achieving the score without mention.

Again, not so much about external validation, but very disheartening.

This is what happens when you stick your head in places where people don’t know you, right?

So, there was an unruly one who had always booked consultations at 8pm at night. Me, being an early bird, closed my 8pm time-slots a number of times but he was still able to book it. So, here was the second-time-coming and without contacting him, I was already over the consultations. There was no ROI, other than recording some voices and posting them throughout the rest of the year. It’s not that I had expectations — but maybe I did, because I ended up being very disappointed with these people in the end. They would take from me, achieve the score, then post saying they did it on their own.

I had about 2 consultations left, and to be honest, I was just going to cancel them and not show up because I already knew the story. The last consultation I have (although there’s one more from a girl in Nigeria but Africans have a tendency of NEVER SHOWING UP)….I said “fuck it. Who cares.” But when you have a brand and an online persona, it’s very important to cancel.

I had my Whatsapp number on my FB page and got a direct message from my phone, again, from the angry taker, and so there really isn’t much left to be said. But what did I learn from this? Obviously to cancel all remaining appointments with takers. But two, protect the brand. Regardless of my personal feelings, I need to hurry up, cancel, and let him be angry. The scary part about it is perhaps he would tag my page in the group stating “he didn’t give me a free consultation”…..and then in that community, what happens then? I have to be very careful about how I go about things because it could be a disaster.

And what did I learn from the entire process of just giving, giving, giving with no ROI? Don’t stick your head into groups on Facebook that have people without money. I was able to attract people just by sharing my content. If people are interested and serious, my content would speak for itself and they would inquire about services that way. If they’re not serious and are there for taking, just say “offering free……”. All the takers will come flooding in wanting the free.

What did I learn, stop reaching out to the “people with no money” market and help people who are deserving of your services, are super fans, and appreciate all that you’ve done. It’s not about the external validation, but it is infuriating to see people ignore the fact that you helped them for an hour, only to post on their Facebook page the achievements and completely ignore you.

IELTS Live Coaching | S1: E2 | Speaking | Language & Communications

Here’s today’s lesson! We’re going to be discussing a broad-range of topics on speaking today, including English/foreign languages, and lots of vocabulary words to describe language learning.

  1. How long have you been learning English?
  2. What for you is the most difficult thing about learning English?
  3. Have you learned any other foreign languages apart from English?
  4. How important is it to learn a foreign language?
  5. What is the most effective way to learn a language?

Complete the opinions (a-j) with the words down below

Common                                 dead                         face-to-face                            first                           cross-cultural Minority                                  non-verbal                              official                    second                                      written

  1. ________ languages will die out unless people make an effort to protect them.
  2. If English is your __________ language, you will have greater opportunities in life.
  3. The reason people can find _________ communication difficult is due to different behavior and values rather than the language barrier.
  4. ____________ communication using technology like video conferencing and webcam is the same as talking to someone in the flesh.
  5. When nations share a ________ language, they are likely to have good relations.
  6. Children who are taught a ___________ language from an early age are far more likely to become fluent.
  7. There is no point in learning a _______ language like Latin.
  8. The decline in the standards of __________ communication and literacy skills in general is due to an increase in text messaging and social networking amongst young people.
  9. All citizens of a country should be forced to learn the __________ language even if it is not their mother tongue.
  10. Body language, facial expression and other ___________ communication skills are more important than speech in conveying emotions.

Which statements down below fit into the four bold categories.

Strong agreement

Cautious agreement

Cautious disagreement

Strong disagreement

  • I’m not sure I agree with that.
  • I agree up to a point.
  • I’m sure that’s not right.
  • Personally, I’d say the opposite.
  • I agree to some extent.
  • I would tend to agree.
  • I couldn’t agree more.
  • There’s no doubt about it.
  • That’s so true.
  • I’m not so sure about that.
  1. There are plenty of examples in history which show that this is not true and it is often neighboring states who speak the same or similar languages who end up at war.  However, I do think that a shared language can help strengthen ties in some cases.
  2. Even if you speak the same language, cultural differences can cause significant misunderstandings between people and can lead to a total breakdown in communication.
  3. Governments should do far more to ensure these languages are taught in schools because we rely on the younger generations to keep them alive for the future.
  4. I think everyone should be able to communicate at a basic level in the official language but they should also be free to use their own language whenever they want.
  5. But it all depends on how well you are taught. Many people learn a language at primary school but they don’t all go on to speak it fluently.
  6. I think a knowledge of English can be very useful for work and study but it doesn’t necessarily have to be your mother tongue. I think it is more useful to be able to speak a number of languages well than to speak only English.
  7. You can tell far more about how someone is feeling from how he communicates than from what he actually says.
  8. It’s not the same as being in the same room with someone – there is always going to be a slight barrier if you are speaking to someone on a screen.
  9. It can really help if you are a linguist as so many other languages have their roots in Latin, so it’s great for understanding vocabulary. And like any academic subject it is good mental exercise.
  10. Spelling and punctuation in particular have really deteriorated and it can only be because young people are so used to using abbreviated text language.

Decide if the response is showing agreement or disagreement and choose a suitable phrase (a-h) from 3 to start the response.

Do you agree or disagree with the opinions?

The Arsenio Buck Perspective | Interviewee #1 | The Krazy Life of J’Anmetra Waddell

Oh, you guys are in for one of the best podcasts to this date. I’ve done so many podcasts interviews over the year, but this one is going to hit you in so many ways.  
After being abused, locked away in a room, almost died giving birth while having her husband at the time say, “b**** I hope you die” in her ear, Jojo- J’Anmetra Waddell has been through IT ALL. One more, she woke up and tried committing suicide, but the window was locked — and let’s say it was the greatest blessing in disguise because she ended up running away and now she’s an author, inspiring people all over the world. 


Establishing Peer Groups That Push You – High-Performance Habit

Has more meaning when they’re in a peer group – When you’re around people who will up-level you, this ultimately gives your life a sense of meaning. The self-discovery has a tendency of coming into your life and you start questions the good and the bad. After engaging with people in a peer group that’s full of harmony and goal-setting, you feel the energy and feel more empowered to do more. This is why having peers around you that will RAISE the energy is important.


Brendan Burchard’s Performance Prompts

EXCELLENT exercise for a lot of you out there. Performance prompts, which was featured in Brendan Burchard’s High-Performance Habits, is something that everyone needs to consider. This had given me ample clarity on what I was and wasn’t doing, and with my story down below, you’ll see just that. There are four basic prompts to follow everyday….

The activities that I currently do that bring me the most meaning are

Podcasting. That’s to say the very least. After I’m done doing a podcast, I feel like I elevate my level of energy and bring myself a sense of fulfillment. This is very important and also one of the performance shower prompts (next blog coming soon). Working out, and with the mental discipline I have now, I’m able to push myself much further than before the pandemic had started, further bringing me results in my health and satisfaction. Collaborations, interviewees, teaching business, etc…..everything I do in a typical day brings me a significant amount of meaning.

The projects that I should stop doing are….

Now, referring back to a part-time job I used to have for years, although mistreated and devalued significantly. While living in upcountry, I was not happy. Mira, who I’ve made blogs about before, knew that when she was life-coaching me through the process. From the moment I woke up, going to the gym was great. Buying food was wonderful. However, when it hit about 8am, I was like “ughhhh, now I have to speak Thai to these teachers who really don’t give a shit about English.” I went to a job, entered the workplace, and none of the 6 women would say good morning….to be honest, they would either complain or state the obvious (you need to speak Thai) for their own personal enjoyment. The students would then come to class, unenthusiastically, and gossip about how the women downstairs (the bitches is what I call them) are trying to cheat them of their money.

I really felt bad for them and I asked myself, “Arsenio, could you keep work for people who can potentially destroy your relationship?” I sensed a burnout coming for sure. I counted the days staying there for 10….counting them one-by-one because I hated being there so much. When I came back to BKK, I was happier than ever.

Fortunately, I quit the job and terminated the relationship not only because I hated my apartment, noise, poor area, horrible people, being cheated but also because I had core values and principles. I didn’t like being there but I was so focused on the money….dumb me. How happy am I now? I thank myself for establishing that inner-child and faced the music with him. He now has a significant voice.

If I was going to add new activities to bring me more meaning would be…

Do the things that I’m passionate about and give me life. Seriously. We have a tendency of putting other people first but never put yourself first. I’m not sure about you guys, but I wake up every morning with that burning desire to inspire people. Messages and ideas come to me that I need to jot down that could be made into something bigger. Strolls in nature would be phenomenal, and fortunate enough, I live in BKK….a place where I see squirrels running across power-lines, snails strolling slowly across the pavement, cats purring at the base of my condo, frogs leaping around plants, and birds saying “hello” in the morning on my balcony. Upcountry, it was far different with a wider-range of animals, insects, reptiles….but I embrace what this planet has to offer.

Maybe you should add strolls in nature to your daily routine.

When a Negative Thought Comes to Mind, I Will……

Details in my podcast….


TOEFL iBT | Part 3 Question | Speaking | Vertical Migration + Note-taking

Welcome back to another TOEFL iBT Speaking segment. Today we’re going to be focusing on Part III, a difficult task for many non-NES speakers (because it’s difficult to follow) and in today’s podcast, we’re doing vertical migration. This was a difficult task for a recent student of mine because he was unable to follow the conversation. However, I’ll show you exactly how I had taken notes (video down below in the links if you want to see it).

Transformation Tuesday | Are Your Expectations Too High?

Because I’m service-minded, I never go into situations with expectations. However, I felt myself feeling very down as of late and wasn’t sure why. I try pinpointing the emotions, such as perhaps the fallout of what had happened at the upcountry job — no. Finances — no. Friends — no….that has improved significantly.

So what was it? It was that my expectations were too high then I felt like I was not only appreciated, but felt like I was giving service with nothing in return. It was a frustrating experience, until I did my Facebook live last night and felt a million times better. Not only that, I woke up this morning with a clear conscience. Then I knew, “ok, you’re back. Let’s get it.”

Here’s the podcast!


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast | Season 5 Episode 181 | Discussion Point | Top 8 Workplace Conflicts

The last CHAPTER! That’s right. We’re on the home stretch of Season V and it’s been an unbelievable experience going through all of these episodes with you.  At the conclusion of this series, we’re going to be shifting to Business English from the Elementary Level, but grammar and other things will be combined.  Also, within each season, I’m going to have either Sales or Investment Products as a feature, along with other bonus episodes throughout the season.

IELTS Live Teaching | S1 – E1 | Task 2 – Giving Opinions

Hello to everyone who has possibly come over from another Facebook page to check this blog about tomorrow’s live details. So, after considering all possible scenarios to have a live lesson on a weekly basis, it has finally launched! In today’s live episode, here are some things for you to write down, ponder or even speak about with some friends.

What do you see in the photos down below?

  1. Make a list of the pros and cons of the internet and related technology.
  1. Communication
  2. Study
  3. Socializing
  4. Work

Great adverbial phrases to use: generally speaking, by and large, typically, unfortunately, disturbingly, worryingly, importantly, significantly, notably, probably, apparently, as might be expected

  1. Evidence has _________ shown that too much gaming can damage children’s concentration.
  2. _____________, a higher level of funding in technological research will lead to better results and new technological developments some years later.
  3. ____________, younger people are more likely to be “digital natives” and older people tend to be digital immigrations.”
  4. ____________, 70 percent of teenagers’ report seeing cyberbullying on a regular basis.

Words: highly, unfortunately, apparently, consistently, clearly, conclusively, seriously, probably, strongly, without doubt, vastly, severely, worryingly, disturbingly

Tip: When writing an evaluation and opinion essay or a viewpoints essay, use adverbs and adverbial phrases to identify the position you’re taking.

Is Technology Making Humanity Worse? — Article

IELTS | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Speaking Part 1 – Future | Azerbaijan

The first-ever student from Azerbaijan has joined me in today’s podcast and there are lots of things to talk about in terms of improvements that she will need to make in regards to her overall speech. Nonetheless, it’s a true blessing to have brought on someone from a country that I’m completely unaware of!