Gerri Cortes: Scaling a Business

Super excited to have brought Gerri on again to throw some BOMBS down. In terms of scaling a business, you want to be able to scale comfortably so you can focus on big picture stuff. Example, if you have a soap making business, you don’t want to continue making soap, right? You want to promote your business, so this is going to take you hiring someone and showing the ropes of how it’s done. Lots of gems in this podcast, so hit the link down below! Also, here are some show notes of what we talked about to give you an idea of what’s on there.


Things we discussed

How to scale a business and what ways you can go about doing that.

How to sell and stop being demanding.

Looking for the right audiences when you run your Facebook advertising.

Be patient for your first sales.

You need to build an offline relationship.

When should business owners start to sell.

Market research, know your products and services, know your business models and know your customers.

Figuring out why people want to buy your products or services.

Mistakes people do in their business.

Not repeating the same mistakes in business over and over.

Which social media platforms would be suitable and knowing your market. Knowing your customers and your competitors.

Focusing on less platforms by repurposing.

How to scale a business in 3 steps. (HUGE)

Time management is the utmost importance in building a business.

Talking about the power of affiliate marketing and how to utilise it.

Online presence and image on other social media platforms.

Marketing on other platforms.

How to engage and create value for other audiences.


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Decentralization of The Internet: Longread (1/2)

By Jiun Ting Yong

Since the boom of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, enthusiasts and adopters are very fascinated about the potential future of Bitcoin.  The WWW was invented by Sir Tim Berner-Lee. He had addressed his concerned of the potential monopoly if users’ data by Google, Facebook and Microsoft Bing and other niche websites. The internet experts named the new web or the internet as the ‘Web 2.0′ with the rise of social media like Facebook.  With the rise of sharing and consuming content on WordPress, unlike the dawn of blogging, was meant to be like personal web diaries or web blogs.

The world is getting hyperconnected, cybersecurity will be at stakes and the government will be ensuring their citizens’ safety by requesting the giant technological companies to hand over their users’ personal data just like Apple had handed over their users’ data and their cloud storage system to China state-backed data centre. Also, Google and Facebook are doing data mining and feeding users with their advertisement through their advanced algorithms.

A couple of months ago, the world was in shock.  A data company, Cambridge Analytica was allowed by Facebook Inc to do data mining and extracting them for manipulating a state’s election according to their powerful and influential clients who turned out to be ruling elites. This revelation really shocked the world and Sir Tim Berner-Lee and other founding founders of the internet were concerned that the massive surveillance will become the utopian dystopia Orwellian Big Brother as China already had already become by conducting massive social credit scores of her citizens, as well as using facial recognition to scan a Chinese citizen for any signs of ‘anti-government and Maoism.’  The China Communist Party is policing her citizens’ everyday lives by justifying for being the Nightwatchmen, a famous libertarian ideology by Robert Norwich. Furthermore, Facebook Inc admitted that the giant internet company really does scan their messenger platform for security purpose without users realising it!

The founding fathers of the internet and the inventor of the world wide web dreamt of an impenetrable and powerful communication tool that could be free from governments’ intervention, due to the combination of left and right wing ideology, ‘libertarian’ because of the countercultural movement back in the 1960s.  However, as the world is moving to digitisation, the government began to start their own digitised policies by regulating the internet for being a utility and even started their policing.