How To Use Affirmations

Tony Robbins said the late Jim Rohn told him, “you have very poor psychology.  Makes some statements about the life you want to live.  Restate it over and over and over again.”

There was a homeless man asking Tony for some change one evening and all he asked for was 25 cents.  Tony then pulled out a wad of cash with a lot of 100$ bills on top of it….the man looked at the money, the quarter, and then Tony.  He took the quarter and told Tony, “you’re weird!”

You get in life what you ask for.  Sure, entrepreneurs will talk about “hustle, hustle, hustle….affirmations and meditations mean nothing,” but I can go so far to tell you that many of the entrepreneurs out there lack empathy and have rotten personalities.  They’re in fight-or-flight mode 24/7 and they always think the “worse case” scenarios.  Everyone has bluerprints; whether they’re social, geographical, financial, etc.  To get over that negative conditioning, I don’t care how much you hustle, you’re going to have to reprogram your mind.

How to use your affirmations.

  1. Repeat your affirmations at least three times a day.  The best times are the first thing in the morning, the middle of the day, and around bedtime.
  2. Work in depth with a few affirmations.  This is much more effective than working less frequently with a greater number of them.
  3. Say your affirmations out loud, if possible.  If not, read them silently to yourself.
  4. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as the affirmation describes.  See the scene through your eyes, as if it were happening around you, just the way you would be seeing it in real life.
  5. Hear the sounds; see the images that would be present when you successfully achieve what your affirmation describes.  Include any other people who would be there, and hear their words of encouragement and congratulations.
  6. Feel the emotions that you would experience when you achieve this goal.  The stronger your feelings are, the more powerful the impact.

My most powerful affirmation…..

I’m more handsome than ever!

The drop back of this story has to be the fact that I would constantly say, “Thai women hate black men!” So what ended up happening? I attracted to me the most disgusting specimen imaginable three years ago.  So, how could I reverse the negative self-talk? By using reaffirming positive self-talk.

Pick a solid three affirmations.  I’m talking about affirmations that negative the most common negative self-talk phrases you spew everyday.  Example, I asked my students what happened during there tenure while learning English and they constantly said, “I’m stupid” — although they go to the best university in Thailand? That’s absurd. It’s ridiculous.  You can’t be STUPID in learning a language, so instead say “I’m brilliant with learning English as I learn 30 minutes in both the morning and evening.”

I’m fat, I’m stupid, I’m black, I’m not handsome enough, I’m not beautiful enough, I’m not tall enough, I’m not smart enough, I’m not experienced enough.  Enough with the bullshit opinions of others.  Reprogram your mind NOW!

Teemaree Interview on Affirmations 

How To Make Affirmations

Interviewee #7 – Celina Celeste On Self-Growth & Confidence

I had the special privilege of interviewing Celina Celeste on Facebook (Gary Vee’s page).  She connected with me and we spoke for a while until I realized she had a podcast.  I decided to reach out and ended up landing the first interview with her (on The Arsenio Buck Show’s FB page) as we talked about teaching and traveling.  Now she’s on my podcast talking about a very turbulent job in the beginning — turned passion.

It’s amazing how she developed the self-awareness and asked herself, “do I see myself here for the next 10 years?”  Working at a job she completely despised, she finally broke away from it and went onto the next chapter.

Now she has an unbelievable art page, organic dog treat business, and she’s creating a cookbook (currently).  This is the entrepreneurial spirit!

Podcast link down below! Along with links to her pages!

Seven Ways To Cultivate A Mental Attitude That Will Bring You Peace & Happiness

I’ve been preaching, speaking about, and dissecting this book for over two months already (Dale Carnegie’s How To Stop Worry And Start Living), and I’m thrilled at how much my life has changed.  There are a range of techniques that you can put to use in your life and here are 7 rules of doing so.

Rule #1: Fill your mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health, and hope, for “our life is what our thoughts make it.”

Your dominating thought will create your reality.  This is what has happened with my entire family.  If they’re constantly complaining about not having enough, those more “not enough” feelings will begin pouring in.

Rule #2: Let’s never try to get even with out enemies, because if we do we will hurt ourselves far more than we hurt them.  Do what General Eisenhower did: let’s never waste a minute thinking about people we don’t like.

This is extremely important.  After the mass disruption in my life just a year ago at work (employee trying to get me fired), I recently heard today that another branch employed him.  Those feelings of resent began to comeback, but who’s ultimately winning? He would jump up in utter joy if he knew I still talked about him in a derogatory way.  As Michael Bernard Beckwith said recently in his last Agape video, “forgive.  Forgive.  Forgive! Don’t be one of those people who wait for karma to take a toll.”  Since that occurrence, my life has been UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING and it continues to transform on a daily basis.  So, I’ll ask myself again, who’s winning?

Rule #3: Remember that the only way to find happiness is not to expect gratitude — but to give for the joy of giving.

I’m one of those people who expect a ‘thank you’ at the door if I hold it open.  In a country, such as Thailand, I never get a ‘thank you,’ therefore I never do anything for society.  And what does that ultimately do? It paints a picture of myself and an image that’s hard for me to look in the mirror each day….because that’s not me.  Regardless if they do or don’t acknowledge it…I need to do it for the sake of Arsenio Buck.

Rule #4: Count your blessings — not your troubles!

There was an article recently on Nikkei Asia, and I think it’s best if I just show you the photo.


Now, what’s the first thing you notice? When I teach my IELTS students, I always ask them, “what’s the key feature or biggest abnormality in the graph?”

See, as human beings we have a tendency of focusing on that one negative.  Some would go so far to say, “well, that’s a big negative!” Honestly, it depends how you phrase it.  Press Freedom? Most restrictive? How most safe instead? How any different types of media around the world spew hateful rhetoric about every country, culture, religion and other things? That “151” should be a “1.”  Look at the amazing travel, tourism, happiness….oh, and America is one of the top 10 most depressed countries on the planet. Just wanted to emphasize that.

Rule #5: Let’s not imitate others.  Let’s find ourselves and be ourselves, for “envy is ignorance” and “imitation is suicide.”

Don’t envy, celebrate! I love celebrating achievements of people who I hardly know, to people who I’m close to. I feel that I’m in their shoes!

Rule #6: When fate hands us a lemon, let’s try to make lemonade.

I’ve had wagons full of lemons get dropped off at my doorstep some mornings.  I then made one of the best lemonade stands in the world.  Get the metaphor?

Rule #7: Let’s forget our own unhappiness — by trying to create a little happiness for others. “When you are good to others, you are best to yourself.

Depression.  Yes, try doing something for someone else.  The podcast for these rules and even the depression podcast is down below!

Self-Confidence Formula

First: I know that I have the ability to achieve the object of my definite purpose, therefore, I demand of myself persistent, aggressive and continuous action toward its attainment.

Second: I realize that the dominating thoughts of my mind eventually reproduce themselves in outward, bodily action, and gradually transform themselves into physical reality, therefore I will concentrate my mind for thirty minutes daily upon the task of thinking of the person I intent to be, by reading a mental picture of this person and then transforming that picture into reality through practice service.

Third: I know that through the principle of auto-suggestion, any desire that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means of realizing it, therefore I shall devote ten minutes daily to demanding of myself the development factors that I want to attain.

Fourth: I have clearly amped out and written down a description of my definite purpose in life, for the coming five years.  I have set a price on my services for each of these five years; a price that I intend to earn and receive, through strict application of the principle of efficient, satisfactory service which I will render in advance.

Fifth: I fully realize that no wealth or position can long endure unless built upon truth and justice, therefore I will engage in no transition which does not benefit all whom it affects.  I will succeed by attracting to me the forces I wish to use, and the co-operation of other people.  I will induce others to serve me because I will first serve them.  I will eliminate hatred, envy, jealousy, selfishness and cynicism by developing love for all humanity because I know that a negative attitude toward others can never bring me success.  I will cause others to believe in me because I will believe in them and in myself.

I will sign my name to this formula, commit it to memory and repeat it aloud once a day with full faith that it will gradually influence my entire life so that I will become a success and happy worker in my chosen field of endeavour.



Before you sign your name on this formula (copy and past on microsoft word), make sure you intend on carrying out its instructions.

If you fill your mind with doubt and unbelief in your ability to achieve, then the principle of Auto-suggestion takes this spirit of unbelief and sets it up in your subconscious mind as your dominating thought and slowly but surely draws you into the whirlpool of failure.

However, if you feel your mind with self-confidence, the principle of Auto-suggestion takes this belief and sets it up as your dominating thought and helps you master the obstacles that fall in your way until you reach the mountain-top of success.


How To Use Affirmations & Visualization

Guided meditation and mimicking the environment (if you want to go to the beach, download an app or even go on YouTube that has ambient beach noises) will speed up the visualization process.  Also, these affirmations and repeating them aloud when you’re in a hypnotic state leaves a stronger impression on the subconscious mind.

  1. Review your affirmations 1-3 times a day.  Yes, you probably won’t be able to meditate that many times, but when I first wake up, I go into a meditate with an awake ending because the first 15 minutes of the day….your subconscious is still rolling.  In addition to that, the last 1 hour of your day and finishing the day off with a meditation is also crucial.  Example, I watched a video on YouTube of planes achieving sonic boom – that night I had a dream about traveling 60,000 feet in a Concorde plane (retired back in 2003).  See how important it is to meditate?
  2. 2. If appropriate, read each affirmation out loud.
  3. Close your eyes and visualize yourself as the affirmation describes.  See it as if you were looking out at the scene from inside of yourself.  Don’t see yourself standing out there in the scene; see the scene looking out through your eyes as if you were actually living it.
  4. The sounds: the surf, the road of the crowd, the playing of the national anthem, the birds chirping, the frogs, the whales, you could find all of these sounds online.
  5. Feel the feelings that you will feel when you achieve that success.  The stronger the feelings, the more powerful the process.
  6. Say your affirmation again, and then repeat this process with the next affirmation.

Other Ways

  • Post affirmations on paper or 3×5 cards around your home.
  • Hang pictures of the things you want around your house or your room.  You can put a picture of yourself in the picture.
  • Repeat your affirmations during “wasted time” such as waiting in line, exercising, and driving.  In my podcasts I talk about how long the typical residents of Bangkok stay in traffic jams.  This is the crucial time to go over these….well, the perfect time; especially if you’re in traffic for 3 hours.
  • Record your affirmations and listen to them while you work, exercise, drive, or fall asleep.
  • Have one of your parents even make a recording encouraging things you would like to have heard from them? Some of our parents leave strong impressions on us, most notably in Asian culture.  Whatever mother and father says, you do, am I right? So have them say in a recording something you want to reaffirm everyday so it pushes you even more.
  • Put them on a screen saver: tablet, computer, smartphone – just so you could see them overtime you use your computer.

Affirmations Work

In a movie called Focus, there was a scene that Will Smith played where they were at a football game and another guy wanted to get in on some bets.  After losing a whopping sum of money, which was all part of the plan, he bet one more time (little did he know, one of Will Smith’s guys was on the sideline wearing a jersey number). He told the bettor to pick a number on the sideline, and he did…number 58, which was the number Will Smith’s friend/associate was wearing.  How? Well, for the last 24 hours prior, this gentleman was being scrutinised and saw the number 58 more than a dozen times.  It was literally imbedded into his subconscious mind at that point, so with the last bet, he chose 58 because of seeing the number so many times in the last 24 hours.

I believe if you do this with whatever it is you want to attain, you will too….get whatever it is you want.

The Eight Guidelines For Creating Effective Affirmations

To be effective, your affirmations should be constructed using the following nine guidelines:

  1. Start with the words I am. The words I am are the two most powerful words in the language.  The subconscious takes any sentence that starts with I am and interprets it as a command – a directive to make it happen.
  2. Use the present tense.  Describe what you want as though you already have it, as thought it is already accomplished.

Wrong: I’m going to go to Mongolia.

Right: I’m enjoying these frigid temperatures in Mongolia right now.

3. State it in the positive.  Afford that you want, now what you don’t want.  State your affirmations in the positive.  The unconscious does not hear the words no, or not.  This means that the statement “Don’t slam the door is heard as “Slam the door.”  The phrase “I am no longer afraid of flying” evokes an image of being afraid of flying, while the phrase “I am enjoying the thrill of flying” evokes an image of enjoyment.

4. Keep it brief.  Think of your affirmation as an advertising jingle.  Act as if each word costs $1,000.  It needs to be short enough and memorable enough to be easily remembered.

5.  Make it specific.  Vague affirmations produce vague results.  Remember what I said on my podcast about the woman who said, “I want a lot of money.”  Well, a lot of money can be a quarter.  The universe needs specificity to deliver the specified results.

Wrong: I am driving my new red sports car.

Right: I am driving my new red Porsche 911.

6.  Include an action word ending with -ing.  This is the present continuous that I teach so much about.  The continuous form indicates that it’s happening now.  Stay away from future conditionals such as I want, I will, if only, I would.

7.  Include at least one dynamic emotion of feeling word.  Include the emotional state you would be feeling if you had already achieved it.  I’m talking the adverbs: calmly, peacefully, delighted ,enthusiastically lovingly.

8. Make affirmations for yourself, not others.  Make them describe your behaviour, not the behavior of others.

Wrong: I am watching Johnny clean up his room.

Right: I am effectively communicating my needs and desires to Johnny.

Jack Canfield – Release The Brakes

Have you ever been driving your car and suddenly realized you left the emergency brake on?  Did you push down harder on the gas to overcome the drag of the brake? No, of course not.  You simply released the brake, and with no extra effort, you started to go faster.

A lot of people go through life with a psychological emergency brake on.  They hold negative images of themselves and suffer from all the effects and powerful experiences.  Everyone, especially Asians, have a tendency of living in their own comfort zone.  Their social groups because their culture restricts them to speaking to people outside their nationality.

In addition to individuals, we have a lot of inaccurate beliefs about reality or harbour guilt and self doubt.

I want you to think of it this way, your comfort zone is a prison you live in.  A confined area that you just can’t break free from…..they included the collection of can’t, musts, must nots, and other unfounded beliefs.

I like the story Jack Canfield talked about that pertained to a baby elephant.  This baby elephant is tied down to a wooden post.  The elephant’s area is determined by the length of the rope….the elephant’s comfort zone.  So, years later, when the elephant turns into a massive 5-ton beast, it doesn’t even try to cut loose from the rope because it was conditioned as a baby not to.

Perhaps this also describes you.  You’re trapped, or you feel you are.  You harbour all the limiting beliefs about yourself and images that you took in while you were young.  If this describes you, the good news is that you can change your comfort zone.  How? There are four different ways:

  1. You can use affirmations and positive self-talk to affirm already having what you want, doing what you want, and being the way you want.
  2. You can create powerful and compelling new internal images of having, doing, and being what you want.
  3. You can use the revolutionary technique called Tapping Therapy.
  4. You can simply change your behavior.

Podcast –

Tools of Titans: The Morning Routine of Tony Robbins – THE BURN OF TONY ROBBINS

RE-EDITED January 25, 2020

Over the past several months, I had received not one, but two emails from someone who is apparently from Tony Robbins “team.”

The audacity and privilege of these idiots living in America are beyond comprehension. First email was “could you please add Tony Robbins links on your post so your viewers can get to know him better?”


Free fucking advertising, you mean? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Has Tony Robbins ever said anything to me? Done anything for me?

I just shrugged it off until I got the second email days ago, and that blew me over the top. So, I decided to revert this into a TONY BURN blog, the first of its kind on my blog.

The privilege of the “uber-rich,” is unbelievable. Tony Robbins went from helping people, to apparently “feeding a billion mouths a year” (absolute bullshit because one meal doesn’t do a GOD DAMN thing to the subconscious mind), and now posting a ridiculous amount of podcasts and photos of him with “superstars.” Back in 2017, when GSW won the NBA championship, Tony tried uploading a video of “why did the Warriors win?” And he showed the players meditating.

This was all the build his sham ass business to begin with. Yeah, because Tony Robbins, the GSW won the NBA championship. Infuriating and ignorance at its finest.

He doesn’t help people like “us.” He boasts that he has helped people, followed by the “NOW THEY’RE MAKING 10 BILLION IN SALES” type of comments, back-to-back-to-back.

Stating in his Money:Master The Game bs book saying “don’t attach your identity with money,” only for him to boast about how he has helped people achieve their financial goals.

If You’re in Personal Development, there’s room for you!

Most people say “well I can never be like Tony, so why would I be a coach?” Well, you for one don’t wanna be like Tony because he’s not what he used to be. He used to actually help people without a ticket price, but now he’s untouchable. You’d be lucky to get a picture with the fool because his ego is through the fucking roof. The fuckers at the top: Dalio, Bezos, Robbins, and the other ignorant souls of the computer industry world…..don’t give a shit about you and never will….and this is why people like you are needed for personal development to help “NORMAL PEOPLE.”

And that’s it for this burn. This was because I’ve been slightly harassed by an ignorant soul who’s on an egotistical team and believes they’re privileged enough to fucking demand shit without not only showing a face, but not GIVING WHATSOEVER.

So, big fuck you, Tony — and your shitty team.

Jack Canfield – Practice Uncommon Appreciation

“I have yet to find a man, however exalted his station, who did not do better work and put forth greater effort under a spirt of approval than under a spirit of criticism.” – Charles M. Schwab

Throughout all my teaching jobs in Thailand, I’ve never been praised for an amazing job I do. Period.  Even if my students excel significantly, it’s not happening.  Other foreigners would want to see me fail than succeed because that means they’ll get a higher salary if I get fired.  The scrutiny is incredible, too, especially when color goes against you for whatever reason.

I still love telling the story about my first dental assisting job in America.  I worked with one of the most wonderful Dental Anaesthetist who I thought was a big brother.  His wife would come in and say, “we need positive reinforcement.”

So, one day she walked into the surgery and delivered some good news.  He said, “hey!”….approaching her, put his hand up and said, “good job.”  She bursted into laughter, including the dentist and I.  It’s hard to practice uncommon appreciation.

A management study revealed that 46% of employees leaving a company do so because they feel unappreciated; 61% said their bosses don’t place much important on them as people, and 88% said they do not receive acknowledgement for the work they do.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, manager, teacher, parent, coach, or simply a friend, if you want to be successful with other people, you must master the art of appreciation.

What Are The Five Love Languages?

Words of affirmation.  If this is someone’s primary love language, they feel most cared for when you are open and expensive in telling them how wonderful you think they are, how much you appreciate them and what they do, and sharing words of encouragement expressing your belief in their talents and abilities.

Quality Time.  If someone’s love language is quality, they need you to be fully present and engaged when talking to them.

Receiving Gifts.  If someone’s primary love language is receiving gifts, you need to give them a gift for them to feel loved and appreciated.

Acts of service.  If someone’s love language is acts of service, doing something for them makes them feel appreciated.  It could be watching the kids so they can go to the gym, washing the dishes without being asked, bringing them breakfast in bed, etc….

Physical Touch.  A warm hug, a kiss, snuggling, holding hands, a massage, and sexual intimacy will make them feel most loved.

If you want to know more about these, tune into my podcast down below.

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