Napoleon Hill: Lesson Fourteen – Tolerance/Intolerance — The Desperation of Help Needed In Thailand

First: Intolerance is a form of ignorance which must be mastered before any form of enduring success may be attained.  It is the chief cause of all wars.  It makes enemies in business and in the professions.  It disintegrates the organized forces of society in a thousand forms and stands, like a might giant, as a barrier to the abolition of war.

Second: Intolerance is the chief disintegrating force in the organized religions of the world, where it plays havoc with the greatest power for good there is on this earth; by breaking up that power into small sects and denominations which spend as much effort opposing each other as they do in destroying the evils of the world.

Now, let’s see how it affects you, the individual.

In my story, I think the lack of patience and not being able to tolerate even the meaningless situations has plagued me.  For instance, living here in Thailand and seeing how customer service is, I give a particular second/minute threshold in getting service.  If I don’t get the right service, or any in general, I will blow up.

In the workplace, we’ve all had that coworker that is “short-tempered” and get’s tense quite easily.  This is because of their tolerance level.

I remember back in 2007 I took the bus twice within the same week and got the same bus driver.  The first time I saw him, he said good morning.  The second time he was extremely agitated; and at one point, I heard him yelling at a passenger.  I heard passengers screaming, “f*** you bus driver!”  People saying, “oh, I think he’s from New York.” LOL!  These were good times, but it goes to show how the tolerance level on particular individuals is not good at all.

Here’s a story from Napoleon Hill’s book….

One day I was introduced to a young man of unusually fine appearance.  His clear eye, his warm hand-clasp, the tone of his voice and the splendid taste with which he was groomed marked him as a young man of the highest intellectual type.  He was of the typical young American college student type, and as I ran my eyes over him, hurriedly studying his personality, as one will naturally do under such circumstances, I observed a Knight of Columbus pin on his vest.

Instantly, I released his hand as if it were a piece of ice!

This was done so quickly that it surprised both him and me.  As I excused myself and started to talk away, I glanced down at the Masonic pin that I wore on my own vest, then took another look at his Knight of Columbus pin, and wondered why a couple of trinkets such as these could dig such a deep chasm between men who knew nothing about each other.

All the remainder of that day I kept thinking of the incident, because it bothered me.  I had always taken considerable pride in the thought that I was tolerance with all men; but here was a spontaneous outburst of intolerance which proved that down in my sub-conscious mind existed a complex that was influencing me toward narrow-mindedness.

This discovery so shocked me that I began a systematic process of psycho-analysis through which I searched into the very depths of my soul for the cause of my rudeness.

“Why did I abruptly release that young man’s hand and turn away from him, when you knew nothing about him?”

This is especially for every Thai in Thailand.  Just yesterday that was a situation where this lady saw me, gave me a dirty look, and walked almost in the opposite direction, twisting her head over her left shoulder to avoid looking at me at all costs.

The same schools in Thailand that get my resume, look at the outstanding experience I have before turning to my photo — seeing that I’m “color” — and plunge my resume into the trash.

Yes, I’m calling out each and every last one of you.  It’s like what’s happening on the roads here in Thailand.  A country that has the highest fatality rate by percentage in the world because Thais now tolerate the stupendously fast-and-furious type driving without any reconciliation.  It’s time to dive in!


Jack Canfield – When In Doubt, Check It Out

“There may be some substitute for hard facts, but if there is, I have no idea what it can be.”  – J. Paul Getty

Too many of us often way waste valuable time assuming what other people are thinking or doing.  Rather than just asking them for clarification, they make assumptions – usually assuming against themselves – and then make decisions based on those assumptions.

Instead, how about just asking? Don’t waste time assuming or wondering.

We, as human beings, are just afraid of what we don’t know.  We assume facts that may not exist, then build prejudices around those assumptions.  they make bad decisions based on these assumptions, rumours, or on other peoples’ opinions.

For example, a lot of Thai people assume.  Some of the nastiest assumptions I’ve ever heard comes from Thai people because often they say, “oh, black man….very big and drug dealer.”  So according to your perception, everyone black man on planet Earth is a drug dealer because they’re big and look scary?

Imagine how much easier would it be for you conscious to just go up to an individual and say, “hello.”  Once this individual smiles, you no longer have the perception of them being very big and scary.  They’re now nice and warming up to you….possibly.

At work, we usually hesitate the most when it might be bad news.

We’re afraid of what the answer might be, right?

If I go home and my mom has a scowl look on her face, it’s easy to assume she’s mad at me; however, she isn’t.  She actually made a mistake while cooking and added an ingredient not suitable for what she was cooking.

Checking out your assumptions frankly improves communication.

Here’s my podcast if you want to hear what I said about this particular principle.

Podcast –

Hello, lovies!


I was recently interviewed by favorite teacher AJ about what my daily diet is.


My life consists of 4 hours of traveling a day to and from school.  Also, I have to leave home in the weeee hours of the morning, so I’m not able to prepare my meals.  School lunches could be very unhealthy and to get food, I have to walk up seven flights of stairs, which is problematic because I’m a busy 15 year old. HA!


So, I had a discussion with my teacher about how to manage meals throughout the day, even though with traveling, being at a school that normally has unhealthy lunches, and slammed with homework.




I actually don’t eat breakfast.  I leave my house around 6am every morning and I wake up around 4am.  Now, I know what you’re thinking, I have two hours to prepare a breakfast! True, but I pack my bags and check everything the morning of.  In addition, I don’t prepare anything the night before because I’m too tired.


AJ: The majority of students, people, and human beings find excuses for just about anything and everything to why something isn’t working.  Now, for instance, there were days that I had to take a minivan to Bangkok before 6am.  What did I do? I prepared my clothes, bag, and even my Herbalife (what I normally take for breakfast) the night before.  When I wake up at 5am, I do ten minutes of meditation.  Then, I take my vitamins, prime (boiling hot shower than a cold shower), before making my healthy meal shake (consists of honey organic almonds, vanilla + chocolate flavor healthy meal shake, almonds/walnut with some milk and ice).  This is all being done while I’m putting on my clothes, looking at my to-do list, and putting together all my charged devices.  By 5:30, sometimes I do a podcast, or other times I just clean up after myself.  5:45 rolls around and I’m ready to leave my condo.  You see that? That didn’t always happen, either.  I engaged in bad habits in the morning such as looking at my phone or reading something online that I shouldn’t be reading.  Come up with a list of things and prepare EVERYTHING the night before. EVERYTHING! Clothes, books, everything! Because if I’m able to fit in meditation, priming, podcast, meal plans and everything in a 45 minute period, you can, too!




Lunch is very difficult, given the fact that my school has poor lunch options and I don’t have time to prepare my lunch, either.  All I have to eat is sticky rice and chicken.  We can’t leave school to buy lunch and I can’t buy anything on my way to school.


AJ: This could be a difficult situation. I, for one, had the same problem when attending a school.  I always had a proper breakfast when I left my apartment at 6:15am, but by the time lunch came around, and with an atrocious variety of food, I was left with a motorcycle taxi ride to 7-11 – stuffing my face with processed food.  There has to be a way to find something along the way.  She talked about taking the subway and getting out at different locations.  Also, I’ve been down the street where she has actually walked and I’m sure just one left or one right…..there’s food around there.  Even if you have to go to 7-11….get some food.  Thai lunches can consist of up to 2,000mg of sodium in one plate.  Also, they’re made in bulk, which is terrifying because a lot of students have a tendency of getting food poisoning.   



Dinner: I get home and I’m too tired to do anything.  I only eat instant noodles because it’s the easiest way to eat my dinner.  The time I take to do homework takes away from the time I have to prepare my dinner, too.


AJ:  There’s NO EXCUSE to have a BAD DINNER at home.  No excuse.  Pack noodles are by far the worst thing you can ever eat because of the content it contains.  It’s literally carbohydrates and salt that can top out at 1,500 mg of sodium.  Come on, man! I’ve seen some of the biggest body building freaks make their meals for the entire week.  With a mom, and a complete family at home, and with a little bit of money….you can get the job done on Sunday night.  Plan each meal for the entire week.  You can do this with your weekly planner that you’re making…..or for anyone who’s reading this and have listened to the podcast, learn to plan or plan to fail.  Period.





Here’s a nice write up of what my teacher and I talked about during the podcast.  If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! Don’t forget to like and share J



I wish you guys are having a very productive and healthy day!


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