10 Ways to make your dream come true

1. Be Yourself

SOME people might say you’re too fat, you’re too short, too straight, too gay. Whatever your sexual preference is, color of your skin, perception of life, values…just know that there will never be another YOU on this planet. In order to make your dreams come true, you have to be 100% authentic about who you are. If you’re even just slightly off, that could have a catastrophic effect on your passion.

My Personal Development Podcast Schedule!

Ok, so I remember doing a schedule at the beginning of the year, but the numbers were still extremely down because I posted sporadically.  There weren’t seasons, either.  There were set days, but a colleague of mine said I should focus on just one book.  So, this is how the schedule is going to look.

Monday – Podcast

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – Podcast (today off though)

Thursday – Off (but tomorrow on)

Friday – Podcast

Saturday/Sunday – Add-ons


What do I mean by this? Well, for instance, I have Celina, who’s an entrepreneur in Denver, Colorado, who I will do a bi-weekly podcast with starting this weekend.  Also, my entrepreneurial friends out there in Malaysia (Hakeem and Moustafa), will becoming on this weekend for a nice chat on the health sector.

Anytime I interview anyone throughout the week, I will put them on Saturday or Sunday.  This is much better for my content writer, too, just so she can do the show notes.

So, now that we have a set schedule and numbers are rising, stay tuned for more podcasts debuting tomorrow (making up for not doing one today)!