Spartan Super: Chon Buri, Thailand – The Good, The Ridiculous, The “Come On, Man”

The Race - A Debacle of Astronomical Proportions This is a very infuriating situation that was BECAUSE OF ME.  I couldn't believe out FAT and out-of-shape I was for this race.  Did I feel fat? Well, the extra fat on my stomach is absolutely noticeable.  However, I think a lot of it had to do... Continue Reading →


Travel Pod: Episode 3 – The Big 30 At Changi International Airport!

Wow.  What a journey.  I can't be grateful enough for everything that has happened in my life.  Honestly, going back to where I was 10 years ago?! In a dying relationship, moving into a new apartment, but three months later, a girl by the name of Satomi Nakagawa came into my life -- urging me... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Conditionals II

I wanted to do another rundown of conditionals so you all have a more thorough understanding. If you understand conditionals, not only will it improve your score by about 5-10 questions on Part 5, but also improve your writing - enabling you to use complex structures rather than simple structures. Conditional sentences contain two distinct parts:... Continue Reading →

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