Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: IELTS Speaking Part I – Television

Where do you usually watch TV programmes/shows? Why or why not?

What’s your favorite TV programme/show? Why?

Are there any programmes/shows you don’t like watching? Why/why not?

Do you think you will watch more TV or fewer TV programmes/shows in the future? Why/why not?

Welcome back to another IELTS Speaking Part, everyone! Today are some breakdowns of what to expect and this is from the IELTS Cambridge 13 book.

So, where do you usually watch TV programmes/shows?

The question word is where that’s what’s being asked. It’s very important to understand the -wh question. So, normally someone would watch this in the comfortability of their home. Tell the examiner WHERE and follow up with the “why.”

Always remember to keep the “why” in mind.

What’s your favorite tv program? Why?

For some of you this would be pretty difficult to answer, including myself. I’m not a man that wastes time away sitting in front of a screen. There’s much more to life than that.

However, it doesn’t matter. You will have to answer this question, and that’s when the imaginative side has to come in.

I have to think of a time when I used to watch a TV series, and this dates back to the beginning of 2013 (Hawaii Five-O). I would watch this TV drama series because I loved one of the actors, Grace. However, after a recent dispute regarding salaries, her and another colleague left the show and since then….I no longer watch it.

See, I think back in a point of reference and just use it in the present/present continuous.

Are there any programmes/shows you don’t like watching? Why/why not?

This is great. I would say “all” and give a very hot reason for it.

For some of you who don’t like drama, this is a great way to go about it. The feelings you would feel while watching people mistreat one another on a drama/reality TV show isn’t something you want to feel — because you simply have no control over it.

Do you think you will watch more TV or fewer TV programmes/shows in the future? Why/why not?

In the future, it may be all audio. We may become multi-tasking beings and we’ll never sit down and watch anything anymore. Just think about the future and think about responsibilities that you may have in the near future.

Podcast Through The Years

Man, I looked back on some photos over the past 1.5 years in my phone, and I couldn’t help but notice an amazing trend.  After the first six months of my podcast, I had only accumulated just under 1800 plays.  A year and a few months later, I’ve amassed a whopping 24k plays + downloads from so many different countries around the world.  Here are some photos and a podcast on my journey.











The trials and tribulations I had to endure on the way were insane.  At my job, during the month of July (when my plays sparked dramatically), the majority of the teachers were listening to my podcast to infer and implicate who I MAY have been talking about.  I got a lot of s*** for it, threatened, warned, and the teachers began to hate my guts (can’t handle the truth).  Teachers would walk by stepping on my shoe without apologizing, chatter on so many different levels about who I am and how come I have so much work – all this culminated into the biggest success EVER in the history of my life.  How? I never gave up!