Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | Closing & Resolving Objections

Sometimes when you try solving objections, you’re looking at it from a win-lose situation. Win for you, lose for the other person — which they would regret later on.  Also, when you see a potential client drifting away, you shouldn’t continue pushing the narrative onto them, especially when you hear doubt behind their words. This makes the other individual feel very antsy and then they assume that it’s been approached as a transaction (win-lose rather than win-win). So, what could you do instead? Tune into the podcast!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 12 | Conference Breakfast & Importance

Without a good breakfast, your ability to learn goes down, thinking and concentration, weight gain, fatigue, & more stress/irritability.  So, why is it we skip breakfasts so often? But the even more important question is if you don’t have a proper breakfast before a long day, what could possibly happen to your energy throughout the day? Here’s episode 12 and the first of the year!

{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 15 | 5 Skills Entrepreneurs Need

5 Skills Entrepreneurs need! In today’s Business English Podcast, you’re going to find out what it takes to be an entrepreneur, as well as my journey to becoming one here in Thailand.

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{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 14 | Can CEOs Be Trusted?

If you look at Google, 63% of employees are not worried about layoffs. However, if you look at Walt Disney, the CEO slashed 40k jobs at the beginning of COVID and have laid off an additional 28k at the beginning of this month, leaving its workers in “an awful lot of pain.”  Meanwhile, the heir of the company, Abigail Disney, went on a Twitter-tirade over the businesses’ practices and why the upper-echelon had received billions in bonuses and dividends while the hard-working middle-class suffered egregiously during the crisis.

So, can we trust big cats? Can we trust that Jeff Bezos actually gives a damn about his employees (apparently not because tens of thousands had gotten COVID)? It’s tough to call, and that’s today’s focus.  Can we trust the BIG CATS?

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Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | Push & Pull Communication

Have you ever been in a meeting where someone is trying to push their point of view on another person? What’s the result of this? Going round in circles, getting angry, then storming off after the meeting.

So, how could you avoid this? Well, next time you disagree with someone, why not try pulling them towards you? In today’s podcast, I’m going to teach you how to encourage people to help them re-evaluate their position and think about your position in a different light.

Tune in!

{Patreon Special} International Business Guest Speaker | Lisa of England | Queen of Automation & Customer Journey

OMG! I was sitting on my bed, listening to a Business English Sales book and I heard Lisa Catto speaking. I went on LinkedIn to see if it was all real, and sure enough, it was! I connected with her, we had sent messages and emails and finally got on a pre-call.

The rest is history.

Business marketing strategy, expert coaching, consulting and operations funnel master is HERE! I’m beyond excited to bring you this amazing podcast featuring such an amazing human being who shared the greatest golden nuggets of all-time.

Oh, and Merry Christmas/Merry Christmas Eve! This podcast will debut to the public on December 24th!


In-Company Interviews Episode 1 Template {Patreon}

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Self-scoring 7 Habits Assessment | The Emotional Bank Account

Let’s get into scoring ourselves on a scale of 1-6 to see where we rank in these following areas. 

  • I show kindness and consideration to others
  • I keep promises and honor commitments
  • I do not speak negatively about others when they are present. 

Look at your life. In what ways do you show kindness and consideration to others? I’m very quick to think on my feet. It’s all a toss-up. I know that deep down inside, I’m a gorgeous soul, but when it comes to helping women in this country, it’s hit or miss.

In the morning, I helped a woman by getting off the treadmill, walking over to hers and turned it on for her (she didn’t know how to turn it on). She said thank you, and that was an amazing moment because the inner voice within me was like, “oh, look at you!” I quickly silenced him by saying “shut the f*** up.”

However, in the evening, you have a tendency of having hi-so (women who think they’re s*** don’t stink) walk in the lobby area and this lady knew i was behind her when we were both entering the lobby area of my condo. However, she opened the door only for her without giving me any leeway. So, not to get back at her, but I quickly went to the elevator and noticed that there was one at the bottom. Sure, I could’ve been the bigger person and keep the elevator door open for her, just because she was just about 4 meters back, but FUCK YOU.

So, it’s a toss-up.

The other two bullet points are in the podcast down below!


{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 10 | Workplace Scenario B: How to Get New Employees Started {Podcast}

Welcome to another Patreon special! This specific podcast is now available on my Early Access Podcast and my Business English Podcast badge. The write-up questionnaire and buddy task will come later on tonight, so please stay tuned for that!

Here’s a 4-step process to getting new people started in the workplace. Because people have a tendency of shoulder-shrugging people’s first day at work, this could be extremely problematic for most people in the world because studies have shown that the first day of work will show how long an employee actually stays at that specific job. So, if you have a very lousy welcoming, more than likely you won’t stay there long. I’m a great testament to that, too. The worst the first day is, the quicker I quit. This is in three countries around the world, too. So, it’s time to figure out how organization can help potential employees’ future and development.


{Patreon Only} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | New Business & Proven Track Records

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What is the best practice when meeting new clients in your country? What are some steps you take to meet these clients? In this podcast, I will unpack the different ways you can prepare for meeting new clients, as well as having a proven track record, which is a controversial topic.

Ten years ago, it was all about resumés and references. In the present day, it’s about testimonials and demos. 5 years ago I would have to do teaching demos to showcase my teaching skills. However, if you ask me to do a demo this year, I would say ABSOLUTELY NOT. Because if I have to prove to you my track record, which is all over google, Spotify, YouTube and websites around the world…it’s already a done deal that you won’t accept my services. Because I have this podcast that reaches tens of thousands around the world, people already know what I’m truly capable of. So, if new business comes and a Thai language center asks me “could you do a demo?” I would say, “here, I have numerous videos of me training at these companies, as well as the best podcast in the world. After you’re done viewing that, best of luck in your future search for a trainer.”

My capabilities and record speak for itself, so keep that in mind, people. Now, let’s dive in!