The Most Important Questions of Your Life

The most important questions that schools do not ask students.  I’ve done this before, and I’ve also replicated what Vishen Lakhiani did in one of his videos.  These questions are vastly important for a lot of people, but yet they go undiscovered because of outside influences.  With the PDF that I provided below and with plenty of empty space, get your life back together and take charge NOW!

Here are some of the questions I’ve answered….

What is my life purpose? To inspire people with my voice all around the world; to build an organization that brings innovation to rural villages and focus on the core geniuses of individuals; to make learning English as easy as possible and build a thriving community where people can help one another on a daily basis.

What are my dreams?

What are my goals?

What am I grateful for?

What makes me happy? Running, speaking, living and laughing.  I make sure I do my exercise once a day to bring that fulfillment that’s needed at the beginning of the day.  I also speak (with my podcasts, live video, or YouTube) on a routine basis (and that’s teaching, too).  I feel most alive when I’m speaking and working out; therefore, I’ve dedicated an amount of time to do these things.

How would I like to grow personally? Become a better empathic listener.  To build and nurture my relationships and not let go so easily.

How would I like to grow spiritually?

What would my perfect relationship look like? Walking anywhere and anywhere in the world, unattached to “our” surroundings while blissfully laughing the day away.  Interdependency and not having to rely heavily on one another like traditional relationships.

What would my ideal family life consist of?

What is something that I’ve always wanted to do?

What would I like more of in my life? Free time.  I’m dedicating far too much time to something that students can learn with (and will learn with) through virtual reality in the coming years.

What would I like to do more of in my life? Enjoy the little things.  Spontaneity.

Where would I like to travel? Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Macedonia, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Fiji, Samoa, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Panama.

Where would I like to live? For now, Asia.  In about ten years, I want to establish my presence in South America where I’ll retire.

What career would I ideally choose or create for myself?

What are my financial goals?

How can I give back within my community?

Which causes or charities would I like to be more involved with?

If I could change the world, how would I make it a better place?

Life Goals Assessment

Building Stronger Job Esteem

There’s nothing like getting the “thank you for applying” email, right?

Heck, just recently I went into a second-stage of an interview, only for them to tell me, “oh, well we think there are more qualified teachers.”  Ha! The qualified teachers who just open a book and teach number by number, right?

I began putting some figures together and things just weren’t adding up to be honest.  Honduras was offering 400$ USD a month – mind boggling.  Costa Rica, and it’s big companies, was offering just over $1K.  The job that denied me, located in Providencia, Chile, was offering just over 1k, too.

Well, after long though, why would I take gigantic steps back, right? I mean my first job (and I say this out of all honesty) was a measly $600 dollars a month: “sorry, we can’t give you the same price as the white teachers because they’re white and you’re black,” I was told.

Second job was an 80% increase.  However, I started making waves at my present job about two years ago, propelling myself to the $3k on pure hustle.  Since then there has been a change of management, and of course, lots of jealousy.  Lots of finger-pointing and “don’t give Arsenio work because he talked about why I came here to buy a wife” angry-at-my-dad syndrome.  LOL! Good times.

See, you never want to fall or take a gigantic step back.  Take your monthly average, for instance, and make that your starting mark.

I applied for an online teaching job, which will ultimately fall into my laps, recently.  What I like is I can make 2.5k easy and teaching at my own pace and rate.  Not only that, but breaking into the Chinese market is HUGE at this point.  I’ve been preaching about the emergence of online teaching and how China will ultimately burn out all language centers around the world because of face-to-face English conversation.  Well, I have an interview, which I should’ve had with another company about two years ago, coming up in a few days.  Once I land this, I’ll be able to teach from home, make a consistent wage, and push all my projects and MSI’s (multiple sources of income).  However, I don’t have a place I can call home…..which is being sorted out now.

Nonetheless, if you look at denial and failure by face-value, you will always give-up pretty quickly.  I just told you guys about the dream job – pulled disappearing act – that bailed.  Then, Providencia, which is located on the other side of the planet, later followed suit.  Are these blessings in disguise? ABSOLUTELY! How about you just have your own projects, Arsenio (what I ask myself)?

If you find yourself feeling like a failure such as what happened to me just a couple days ago, and in the last few months, create a list of “bragging rights.”  Create a list of all your accomplishments, contributions, and three key stories about times when you overcame an obstacle in the past.

By recognising your strengths and ability to succeed in the face of challenge, you can totally shift that bummed out state-of-mind that you’re in.


Herbalife Thailand = On Fire! Products Galore!

I was absolute ecstatic when I walked into the Herbalife Headquarters here in Bangkok Thailand this afternoon.

What I saw was a range of products I didn’t even know made way to Thailand.

For the first maybe 20 years, or whenever Herbalife first arrived in Thailand, the products were limited.  You had your typical Vanilla, Chocolate, and Strawberry Herbalife Formula 1 Shake mixes….and that was it.  You had some tea and a few other products.  It was dry.

Until two years.  Herbalife Thailand got an introduction to the snack department with protein bars (3 flavors) bursting into the market.  There was still jut three shake flavors, but I was content to that point because the perfect timing.  Later, Chocolate Mint flavor Herbalife made it’s way, saving me a few bucks from having it get mailed from America.

Recently, just a month ago, I asked about what other flavors they had and she said, “Cookies N Creme,” another flavor I would order from America.  I screamed and jumped! This is one of my favorites…ABSOLUTE FAVORITES in terms of Herbalife Shake Mixes (still love the Pralines N Creme + Cookie Dough combo).

Something told me to head down there today to see if there were anymore products.  So, I did.  When I arrived, there’s a display of products across the window in the front before walking in.


Yes, immune support tablets which I would have mailed from America. I had the BIGGEST SMILE ON MY FACE.

I walked in, looked at the product list, and chose a several things before I went to the counter.

I looked over my should about one-minute later — and there it was — Herbalife24!

It was a moment of sheer jubilance.  For those of you who are unaware of the 24 line, it’s basically for the 24-hour endurance athlete.  For example, I would take one scoop of Chocolate Peanut Butter after a workout, and with the amount of carbs in it, I would light up and get all my energy back.  So, let’s just say I have that in vanilla form now.

With Herbalife releasing an array of excellent products and boosting up their range, I can honestly see them surpassing Australia’s product range and getting to Chile’s level.


New recipe coming soon! Stay tuned!


Ramble of Positivity: Episode 19 – The Emergence of ??????

Man, oh man! It’s been a long time since I’ve done a ramble of positivity, and I’m super grateful to be back! Two weeks into the New Years….it’s definitely at a surplus in terms of projects, teaching and learning.  However, there is a little bit of an issue.

Now, I told myself I needed to live in these day-tight compartments because I have no idea what’s going on in the future.  Honestly, within the next three months, there’s a massive chance that I might experience a major transition (leaving from Thailand).

At the beginning of the New Year, I thought I was destined to land a job with a 65-year-old language school in Bangkok.  The interview process was superb and everything went well.  However, after a follow-up email and a week later, I got scared.  I felt that something was happening, but wasn’t sure what.  That feeling lead to me not getting the job for VERY OBVIOUS THAI REASONS and then there was the question: “should I keep doing this?”

I’ve preached so much about going after your purpose.  I’m getting ideas now about developing a curriculum online that students can easily access and learn English all over the world – a system that can trump language centers in a heartbeat.  This is going to take some massive pondering and setting up, but I’m pretty excited about it.

There comes a time in life, however, when you just get sick and tired of nonsense.  I’ve dealt with racial degradation for five years already.  In the beginning, it was new.  I needed to go through the amount of hell for me to become the influential person I am today.  On the other hand, the things that I continue going through today is just — boring.  I already got the point.  Yes, I’m a brown guy living in one of the most anti-brown guy countries on the face of planet Earth….which brings me to the questions….

Am I still learning?

  • Hell no.

Am I still growing?

  • In terms of my podcast, YouTube, Herbalife, speaking, etc….absolutely.  As a teacher in my primary job – absolutely not.

Are there still opportunities?

  • The only way I stay in Thailand is if I work at a multi-national country and make over 100,000 baht (3,300 USD). Other than that, side-projects are great, but they don’t provide anymore than just that – a side project.

Do I still want to live here?

  • Well, lets just say in a perfect world everything goes well and I can work in Bangkok….my max is one year — this year.  After that, I’m finished.  Unless something miraculous happens, I’m over Asia.

Is this a place to live for the next ten years?

  • I don’t know what opportunity Thailand provides anymore because of the amount of obstacles I have to go through.  The proving grounds and continuous (can you send us a video of how you teach) versus other teachers getting the job because of the color of their skin — it’s just pointless.  I don’t have to prove myself anymore.  With Facebook pages in the education and podcast sector totalling over 10,000 likes and constant content creation: “you said I needed to make a video because?”

What’s the end goal?

  • True happiness.  True fulfillment.  That’s why I do my ‘wheels of life’ on a monthly basis.  However, if there’s one area that’s causing 80% of my unhappiness, it’s the constant “needing a job” and trying to figure out the process.  My end goal is to obvious have my website up and running, posting videos on Facebook regularly, creating blogs, putting out content, doing things with other students and creating videos on a multitude of platforms.  On top of that, I still absolutely love teaching, but other than the money, what’s the point of staying here anymore?  I need to be smart about the process and see what situation I’ll possibly be heading into.  If I can make residual income on a monthly basis, Thailand would be finished.  Let’s just put it that way.

I’m so happy and grateful for being able to teach wonderful students a language and an idea with that language over the last three days.

I’m truly grateful for the present I got from a Deputy Prime Minister last night – and also knowledge along with that.

With all my heart, Im thankful for all areas of my life.  I’m extremely thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met the past few days and the dozens of new friends I’ve made.  I’m grateful for the posters on my FB pages who want more.  I’m thankful for my friends who tune into my blog, along with other bloggers; and I’m also super happy about my podcast and everyone viewing my videos on YouTube.


Now, I just added in the emergence….and you will be amazed who this person is.  17 years…..and he decided to add me on FB.  Oh, what a story this is going to be!  Only in the podcast!



Do Not Sink – Our Greatest Motivations Come Wrapped In Sandpaper: Part II

I never, and I mean I NEVER take things at face-value.

For two-and-a-half weeks I waited — constantly checking my email to see if a job prospective emailed me.  After an interview, which went down about 10 days prior happened, I almost thought that this job was locked in.  I even moved into Bangkok to get situated and prepare my new life for 2018.

Days went by… email.

I then spoke with one of my students on January the 6th and he gave me a huge dose of my own chemistry.

“Arsenio, you already know what happened.”

I retorted, “wait, what do you mean by that?

“You know exactly what I mean.”

The implication was they found someone else but just didn’t want to say anything to me.

However, I truly believed the interview went SO WELL that there was no way in hell I could be denied the job!  I’m unbelievably grateful because that night, after so many years of teaching, my student was the teacher and I wasn’t the student.  The closure and free-ing up of my attention units came back to me and I went on the grind again.

I sat there scratching my head saying, “well, what now?”

You know what now, Arsenio.  It’s time to close the chapter on this country you call Thailand.

What’s next lies on the horizon.


Personal Development & Physical Environment Goals For 2018

I combined the both together because there’s not much to report.  There are specific areas of my life that can certainly use some work – so let’s zero in on them.

Personal Development

Fear kind of gets to me still.  The fear of not getting a job.  The fear of leaving Thailand for Santiago, Chile.  It’s an exciting fear, but I do believe that I’m resisting a lot from happening because I wait anxiously and think too much (as most of us do).  In that case, I need to find a book that can help with fear.  The worrying book by Dale Carnegie was absolutely STELLAR; and I still use it to this day, but I need something that digs deep into my mind and can tell me, “um, Arsenio…what the hell are you scared for?”

I’ve done some extraordinary podcasts, gone through some books, and read hundreds of pages in 2017 for my blog and podcast that lead to not only me instilling lots of prized information, but changing the lives of so many people around the world.  That’s such an accomplishment.

So what’s the plan for this year? I need to keep learning.  Hell, I believe I can improve my writing style.  Different complex sentence structures and need to vary my vocabulary much more – especially in my book.

Spanish, which I haven’t listened to since Wednesday, is something I’m preparing and practicing for (potential move to Chile is becoming larger).

How can I become a better teacher, student, lover, and so many other things?  This is all part of personal development.

Physical Environment

My place, which I just moved into two weeks ago, is marvellous.  I’m literally sitting on my bed overlooking traffic, a Sky Train system, sun is setting, skies are somewhat blue, and I’m eight floors up.  Everything from the air condition, to my kitchen is just SOUND! I’m in love! This is a big part of what could be my last months here in Thailand. What’s interesting is I was thinking a few days ago about living in my other condo.  If I was there for five days doing nothing during the holidays, I could’ve lost my mind, given the fact there’s nothing in that area except ignorance, and a shopping plaza full of ignorance (lol).  I’m just so grateful to be living in Bangkok because it’s just active.  Hell, I just went running recently down the streets and these office women were looking at me, biting their lip.  My physical environment is at a 10 at home. However, work is work…and until I have an interview next week on Skype with a potential employer in Santiago, it will remain a source of income.

Goals for the year is definitely to live in a place where there isn’t any music (if I move), and have a job that I can make money on top of money.  I want to have projects like I have here in Thailand…but in Chile.  Only time will tell.


Fun & Hobbies Goals For 2018

An implementation of “fun time” during the week is absolutely vital at this point.  I believe living in a slummy area (what I seriously deemed as a slummy area) in north Bangkok where the mindsets were extremely low…it took away from me meeting a lot of amazing people.  The monolithic perception of “blacks” being labeled as “bad” and the “wife tourists” being labels as “wonderful human beings” took so much of a toll on me.  The funny part about all of it was I was the one who decided to stay in this area from October 2014 – December 2017.

I took the “great leap” last September when I decided to join a gym — the Lab BKK.  What’s so special about this gym (and of course the price dug well into my pockets) the business-minded entrepreneurs who work out there.  The majority of everyone speaks solid English and it made me realize that Thai women are accepting of African American men.  However, if you trek about 10 minutes north of DMK Airport in north Bangkok, you can find yourself in an extremely racist society.

I’ve neglected my own self from being around these ultra-successful people.  I finally had reality slap me real hard in the face around the same time (September) when I decided to teach millionaires – all of which were over the age of 30, accepting of my color, and SO HAPPY with life!

This also stemmed from me telling my primary job that I wanted time by myself on a Sunday morning.  The rebellion began at the beginning of last year, and it ultimately lead to somewhat of a demise at a present job — followed by a rapid emergence all around Bangkok.

I traveled to America, Malaysia, and the Maldives, but it felt like I was doing more escaping rather than going on a holiday.  The last trip westward to Kanchanaburi (3 hours drive from Bangkok) was an epitome of ‘when things go wrong, go travel.’  However, when I was on this trip I just kept thinking about my well-being.  How one angry individual now possessed the power to do whatever he wanted or wants with me.

NEVER — and I’m saying NEVER — go on trips when you have baggage on the table in your physical environment at home, work, or anywhere else.  If you go on holiday and all you think about is what’s happening back home, you’ve spoiled the entire trip.  I believe that it happened a couple of times (in Arizona and Kanchanaburi) and I wasn’t able to be fully immersed in what was happening.

Being able to put “fun” in your schedule is vital.  My motto this year is “make the same amount of money but in a fraction of the time.”  Well, it’s soon going to start working! If I can somehow teach for two hours on a Saturday morning, it can total nine hours of teaching that I currently do on a Saturday and Sunday; dealing with the ignorance in the racially infested province, teachers gossiping about how wonderful I am (lol), and so many other factors.

Fun and hobbies can be anything ranging from working out with awesome people, going running, going for a movie by yourself, walking the dog, having a drink by yourself and chatting with passerbys, or anything.  I haven’t been able to enjoy that because there was NO WHERE in the area I can do that….but now, times have changed.

Ok, we have travels.

For Sures 

  1. Indonesia
  2. Malaysia (possibly this month
  3. Kazakhstan + Kyrgyzstan


  1. Australia (high chance)
  2. Hong Kong
  3. Taiwan
  4. Morocco (Tedx)


  1. American Samoa
  2. Japan

So these are the trips.  Some revolve around the Spartan Race; others are real vacation.  But what about in Thailand?

  • Fit in relaxation (this could be with great people over amazing food)
  • Enjoy the scenery (don’t always be tugged away in my condo and go to the rooftop)
  • Meet new people (and especially not on Craigslist – LOL!!)
  • Ask for feedback (have more people listen to my podcast around Thailand and become well-known)

Swimming, playing basketball, running the streets, going to a park to do random pull-ups.  These things will come a long way.


Stay or Go?

2013-2018 – Thailand.  Boy, how can I even breakdown what has happened over these years.  Was most of it good? Good came out of what was extremely bad.  The “ewww, black man! Low-class! Pimp! Black people are the worst.  Black people are dirty.  No black teachers here.  White old men are more handsome than young black men.  Don’t put black teachers in school photos.”  These comments are just a microcosm of what I’ve been through, from the top of management in my current company to just randoms.

It’s been a battle.  It’s been a battle that put me in the darkest corner of my life, wonderful what I was going to do next with my life.

There comes a time when you have to say, “is it worth it?”

Thailand is an opportunistic country – if you’re a certain “color” through the eyes of these people.

What I thought was a golden job opportunity turned out to be a racial issue.  After going through a racially influenced expunging from a company, only to be harassed by my boss and threatened, I started applying for jobs all around the world.  However, one Monday morning I got “6” projects (which is frankly 2 now) and decided to move here to Bangkok.  Two days before I moved here, I had probably the best interview of my life.  We talked about so many particulars going forward with the company and I was beyond excited about what had happened.  This was it! A free-lance type job where I got to different companies to teach a variety of different things.  This was it!

One week later, no follow-up on those projects, no “needing” documents or contact whatsoever.  I started scratching my head, telling myself, “hmmmmm that’s odd.  Let me email him.”  So, I did.  Emailed him all the documents……



No response.

Another eight days later and I’m clinging onto hope, knowing that if this job doesn’t go throw, I’m leaving the country.  I tried coming up with a series of explanations, but maybe I’m just giving myself false hope? If I go into detail of how amazing the particular interview was, you guys would say, “omg….that’s 1000% yours!”

But then….this is my guess.  My guess is he approached the main lady, who’s Thai, and told her about me.  She saw the picture, noticed that I was “color,” and dismissed my application.  Given the fact that he’s from England, he’s probably ashamed to tell me that he can’t hire me because the color of my skin.  I’m probably 100% about this situation, too.  Why? Because it has happened before and has been the story the past five years.

I’ve had a number of email replies before of prospectives saying, “can I see your photo?”  It’s a disgusting way of waking, “are you black? You have the experience, but we don’t hire black people here.”

When is enough….enough? I think I’ve found my purpose and everything in this country, but when is “Arsenio, the racism you’ve endured there is too much now.  You’ve gotten everything.  Move on.”  When will I make an oath?

I believe the time is now.

Sitting here in my condo, I received a complaint about my voice.  When I knew it was a lie, they said they hear my “voice” from 10pm-12am…..times that I’m completely knocked out in la-la-land.

Could they be talking about someone else? Doubtful.  So now just two weeks in, I’ve received the first complaint in 4 years (last one apparently a Thai said I was playing basketball in my room. HAHA!!)….and now it’s like…oh boy, physical environment is plummeting.  Overall wheel-of-life is taking a hit right now.

Arsenio, perhaps it’s time.

There will come a time in your life when you just have to face what isn’t working.  Living in Thailand and having gone through the things I’ve been through….enough is enough.

What I thought was a beautiful job has turned cold.  Only one reason why, because with my experience and credentials, China, Mongolia, Honduras, Costa Rica and now Chile are begging for my services.

The time is now.