Listen First Trust Tips

  • Think back over your interactions with others during the past week, both at work and at home. Think of a time when you did or didn’t Listen First. What were the results? What would have been the results if you had behaved differently?

Of course, withdrawals. See, this is very important, especially in the world of business. When handling a client, it’s important to know that “they’re always correct.”

Recently I was watching a YouTube series of Heathrow Airport and they featured a man on Singapore Airlines who said, “no matter what, the passenger is always right.” Yes, even if they’re wrong. Remember the technique I gave you a long time ago involving Dale Carnegie and how he handled belligerent wood buyers? Ask the right questions and then make the other personal realize, indirectly, that they’re wrong. It takes strong personal skills to achieve such a feat though.

Nonetheless, if you just listen instead of voicing your opinion, the matter can be handled. Yes, when dealing with First Class and Business Class passengers, these entitled brats would still not say “thank you” and talk about their personal feelings. It’s insanity, and thus why I can’t work for anyone who has these types of individuals.

  • The next time you’re in a conversation, stop and ask yourself, Have I really listened to this other person? Do I really understand how he or she feels? If not, simply stop and do it. Set your own agenda aside and really focus on understanding the other person’s point of view before you share your own.

I’ve gotten FAR BETTER at this! This past Tuesday, I nailed it. When dealing with an investment client and a few other employees from Agoda. I listened….for the very first time, and it felt damn good! I didn’t want to impose my agenda and opinions no subjects, but rather asked the right follow-up questions afterwards.

  • In your company, take proactive steps to understand your stakeholders — both internal and external. Don’t get caught up in the illusion that you know everything or have all the right answers. Consider what you can do to ensure others that you are listening to them and making an effort to meet their concerns and needs.

And this is the ultimate one of humanity. Please, don’t always assume that you’re correct and know everything. This type of broken leadership is why companies completely fall apart — often overnight.

When In Doubt, Check It Out: Part II + Feeling The Fear & Doing It Anyways

Phew, I woke up in the morning on February 6th, contemplating whether or not I was going to block this fair-weather person who I had just met a week prior.  This person, who has sent me a crazy amount of jobs on a daily basis, has never given me a job.  Let’s put it this way, imagine that you met someone on a job site and she would send you daily job updates on newly updated gigs.  You “apply” for those gigs through an application, and then that’s the end.  You literally waste time applying for something that doesn’t even exist – either that or the students are just very adamant with studying with a colored guy.

Anywho, I was contemplating in the shower and I told myself, “Arsenio, don’t just pull the historical action of blocking someone without saying anything.  Confront her, check out what’s going on, then make a decision.”

I did just that.  A couple hours later I got a response from her telling me what was going on.  I said to myself, “man, regardless if I think she’s full of $hit, I would’ve gotten rid of her without any explanation.”  This is my problem.  Impulse.  When you’re in doubt and you’re not sure what’s going on, ask the question.  Straight up.

Feel The Fear

Let me explain this particular day.  After the events that have taken place the last few days in terms of me finally resigning and getting out of the toxic environment, I’ve been pondering worse case scenarios (and I should resort back to my Dale Carnegie book) because I don’t know what’s happening.  What’s next.  Will I get a job? Will a company accept me? I need primary income while building this empire on YouTube.

I was walking this morning, adding up all the figures and figuring out what I should do.  A job, which I thought pulled a hiatus a week ago, messaged me two days after I sent the initial message.  This was the online teaching gig – and now it’s a thing of the past.  I tried looking at other ways of making income and nothing was happening.

Luckily and thankfully I got a quick response from a companion, telling me to fulfill a role in the afternoon before doing my evening gig.  On top of that, I got a new student.  However, the most disturbing aspect of it all was the potential was my job-for-only-7-more-weeks offering me two classes, which I haven’t been offered a god damn thing in the last four months.  It’s almost like a slap in the faith.  But what should I do: hold my pride together and say “f*** you,” or accept the job because it’s income? Explanation in the podcast down below.


Was Not Going Back Home Suppose To Happen? How The Universe Truly Works

Late October

Told my friend that I had an ominous feeling about going to America.  Without consulting her, I took the matter into my own hands and trusted my gut-feeling, cancelling the trip and throwing our 11 year relationship into disarray.

November 16th-18th

I received an email from a coordinator regarding my removal from a company where I taught.  I was completely confused by the ordeal, and my students were the one that ultimately suffered the most because of personal preferences.

Later realized that the excuses to my removal were controversial.  I began to believe that I was the epicenter of a racial attack, and then the verbal threats from my coordinator began.  It’s hard to see eye-to-eye when one is Anglo and another is African American.

November 18th – The Evening

After hearing such disgusting remarks, I didn’t look at the insults by face-value, but rather by the emergence of something so wonderful and so magnificent that was trying to make way into my life.  I applied for about 50 jobs in over 6 different countries.

Monday, November 20th – WHOA!

Ten jobs in China, one job in Honduras, another job in Costa Rica and others scattered around the planet — begging for my services.  Unsung hero came into my life the morning of Monday, asking me if I was still working at my present job. LOL! Was that a coincidence?  She told me about a very significant project she would like me to do.  Three hours later, I was given another project.  Three hours after that, around 2pm, I received an anonymous text message from someone giving me the biggest project of my life, teaching people from an embassy.

The week of the 27th…

I was offered a job and now the attachment with my present job no longer matters.  If something does arise, and it will, I can leave without any equivocations.  Just a few days later, I looked for high-rise condos in the heart of Bangkok since that is going to be my next point of living (Costa Rica job never contacted me back after emailing initially).


I will be moving into my new condo the 22nd of December — marking the best present I’ve ever received in my life.  I have four new jobs who will want my services very shortly.  I got new projects, viewership, and so many other unbelievable things happening in my life.

Get this, everyone.  This all came from what? Being removed from a company because I’m African American.

Now ask yourself…….”wait, how? Another racial issue that’s about as common as seeing a bird came roaring into your life, and now you have 6 projects, a job offer, and four other suitors? How do you do it, Arsenio?”

Not only that….if I had gone to America this upcoming December, I wouldn’t have been able to move into my new condo, negating a big move to Bangkok which would’ve resulted in losing some of my projects and possibly even a job opportunity.