Shrugging Off Negativity: Round 1 – Social Media Purge

How often do you find yourself in arguments with fake accounts on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? Will those type of engagements help you or hurt you in your run for whatever you’re trying to achieve? Social media is bone-crushing – and engaging in quarrels with people who don’t have faces is going to hurt you more than them.

Just recently I posted a very educated post on Nikkei Asia’s Facebook page and I attracted to me wife/sex tourists here in Thailand trying to defend Thai people and the culture, although I’ve been a victim of extreme racial hatred.  What happens? I could ultimately lose face because just like 3 years ago, they could snapshot a photo of what I said and use it against me or my business in the future.

Also, I got another comment, around the same time, of an acquaintance I met on a plane about 8 years ago saying, “why did you unfollow me on Instagram?”  Both of these messages, which I read very early in the morning, dictated about the next 15 minutes of my morning.  I needed to make a quick decision and say, “ok, media purge time.  Delete the comment, block the people, and lets move forward.”

Rule #1 – Social Media Can Destroy You – If You Engage In Pity Parties

Anytime you’re vying for superior status on ESPN forums, CNN/FoxNews comment sections or anything else, you’re going to attract to you others who are out to ruin your day; let alone your life.  Just know that every comment can dictate the way people view you.  As Tim Ferris said, “stay the hell away from the news.”  Sure, if you want to create a fake account and troll everyone, you can….but what satisfaction are you getting out of calling someone 10k miles a way a bunch of adjectives? Commenting, especially on sports forums and news forums, is useless.

Rule #2 – Notice It Early & Steer Clear

After receiving sensationalistic comments in the morning, I told myself, “ok, I’m done with social media for the day.”  Instagram is much better in terms of real people and surrounding yourself with people who will boost your persona; on the other hand, Facebook is troll city.  Commenting on Twitter, also, is not what you want to do.  I knew because I read those comments early in the morning that I could be in for a lot of trouble…consciously.  So, I immediately made my grateful list and I snapped out of it by listening to Micheal Bernard Beckwith.  If you don’t snap out of the funk, your day is funk.

Rule #3 – Is The News Helping You?

Honestly, what “feel-good” stories are in the news?

Go ahead.

I’m waiting.

Exactly.  The news is all about clicks and it attracts what it puts out.  The world is on FIRE at the moment with opinions, so the best thing to do is again….”circle of influence” vs “circle of concern.”  Talk about only the things you can control and leave the trolls for the trolls.  Go on a media fast.  Stay away from all news and have a partner at work or home where you can rely on him/her for information.  Unless there’s a nuclear bomb coming or a flash flood (Thailand – lol), you don’t need to know a damn thing!


Drop Out Of The “Ain’t It Awful” Club

Phew, then there’s this.  The most controversial topic of my podcasting life.  Just last year I was approached by someone in particular to the point someone was trying to blackmail me.  Put it this way, someone google’d my name, started listening to all of my podcasts, then BOOM! Apparently I made inferences and implications regarding other people in my podcasts – and that wasn’t my intent.

So, I got a verbal warning and was even told to “delete all my previous episodes” and I said ‘NO.’  I said I was going to “clean it up,” but no names were dropped and quite frankly I think I’m being targeted because of jealousy.

Later, the majority of everyone in my workplace gave me dirty looks because they THOUGHT I was talking about them in my podcast.  This is when my practicing of perseverance came into play, because if it had been the past in Australia, I would’ve given up.

After everything blew over, I continued doing my podcasts but switched up my stories to the point where if there are snakes (and they still do linger around) who just hate me to the point they want to try to replace me to obtain more work, there’s no way they can implicate that I am/was talking about them.

This came because I stopped conversing with the “ain’t it awful” club.  There was constant complaining about everything “Thailand,” and I knew in order for me to become successful, I needed to avoid these toxic, and what’s now – venomous beings.

Until you reach the point in your self-development where you no longer allow people to affect you with their negativity, you need to avoid these types of people at all costs.  Stop spending time with them.  You’re better off being alone because these ticks will hold you back with their victim mentality and their mediocre standards.

Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people – people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories.  Surround yourself with possibility thinkers, idealists, and visionaries.

Start learning by going online and seeing what other people’s success strategies are, then try them on and see if they fit for you.  Experiment with doing what they do, reading what the read, thinking the way they think, and so on.  If these new ways of thinking and behaving work for you, adopt them.  If not, drop them, and keep looking and experimenting.