Staycation: Marriott Marquis, First Big Presentation

Wow! So many mixed feelings, so let’s dive into this — step-by-step.

I had my first ever big presentation today and it was life transforming. The amount of inspiration injected into younger generations, figuring out niche markets, developing podcasts/YouTube channels for the younger generation and doubling-down on what everyone is good at. On a scale 1-10, I give my presentation an 8, just because I knew I was repeating some words. Nonetheless, let’s go into this unbelievable stay in Bangkok…little by little.

Marriott Marquis Queens Park

This hotel is the best — period. What I love about major hotel brands is that they have people from all over the world working there. You had westerners, along with Taiwanese, Chinese, Singaporeans and Filipinos (and I’m sure a bunch more) working at this hotel. What I love so much was the service. The Filipino woman, although she was a bit oblivious to a few things, had magnificent service. Not only her, but the doormen, staff, cleaners, and just about everyone. SOLID. Suit-wearing gentlemen who are more than willing to help. The lobby was incredibly massive with well-dressed people everywhere. Seeing flight attendants come in was also just SO AMAZING. Keep in mind, this was a 200+ USD a night hotel, so you would and should expect the best. The room was extra cozy with a massive rainshower and tile placed throughout — also, USB outlets are now installed in most high-class hotels around the world, too. You don’t have to worry about having a “universal charge” or anything. Just solid all the way down.


What a beautiful thing. I shared it a day after the presentation on my social media and it blew up. 576 views in a couple days. I’m so excited about what’s to come. Before the presentation, I wasn’t too nervous. I was waiting for people to go in, then I saw that the size was very small, so I was pretty content, considering that shit was my first overseas presentation. After that, I took the stage and all the nervousness went away. It’s natural for me, and my ability to overcome stage-fright was a hairflip. Following that were handshakes, cards exchanged, an offering to collaborate and a few other things. All in all, this was a remarkable 24 hours and definitely the ultimate highlight of my year. What comes after? Oh, that’s when the FUN begins!

Interviewee #18 – Soheir Ghanem on All Things E-Commerce

Soheir is the host of the eCommerce QueenBOSS podcast, a public speaker and a Fashion eCommerce entrepreneur. 

Through her podcast and programs, she helps creative entrepreneurs to build an eCommerce business that sparks passion, and creates wealth in their lives, so they can share their gifts with the world, even if they’re just starting out or have no marketing knowledge.

She specializes in Consumer Psychology and Experience Marketing.  Here are the show notes, links, and other things.


Get in touch with Soheir Ghanam from France

– All the things about eCommerce.



Things we discussed:

  • Introduction of Soheir and how Soheir started.
  • What are the types of e-commerce?
  • E-commerce has different business models.
  • Customers will be your unique selling points.
  • Team building and brand building.
  • Customers and employees retainment.
  • What is the shortcut for a beginner who wants to sell on their website?
  • Consider your preferences and your goals.
  • The necessary tools that you need based on your preferences.
  • WordPress and plugins.
  • The challenges of learning curve for non – techies and the ROI on learning curve.
  • Social learning on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Their differences are huge.
  • What is Soheir’s opinion on Facebook advertisement?
  • Content is king and video craft and editing is important.
  • What is the 3 important features for a beginner’s website?
  • Loading of the website, graphic designing and design of the layouts are important.
  • Who are you trying to reach for your products?
  • Is email marketing effective?
  • Are newsletters are effective?
  • Personalisation of your newsletters.
  • Landing pages.
  • Branding has a variety.
  • Do different platforms like personal website, Shopify and Facebook have its advantages and disadvantages?
  • Talking about hidden fees in Shopify.
  • You need to brand yourself for being legit.
  • What Soheir’s insight on Instagram influencer marketers?
  • Seek information about an Instagram influencer marketers’ numbers of followers and people who follow them.
  • A monthly marketing budget is important.
  • Get some references from others about Instagram influencer marketers and do your research about them.


Thank you for listening!


Thank you so much for joining me for this podcast. Please do write down some feedbacks and comments. Please do share this podcast to your social media.





Books & Podcast Schedule for January 2018

January 1st – Goal-Setting 

Now that I have hired a graphic designer, I now get a second opinion about everything I’m doing an how I can run new traffic through my podcast.  There needs to be an easier way to access certain things in terms of self-confidence, habits, savings, etc.  I feel on my podcast right now is just a stream of information jumping from one side to the other.  However, having Lewis Howes book on weekends gives everyone an idea of when something is debuting.


I think having a schedule and having an internal preview is vital.  That’s why I tell the majority of my followers to follow me on Instagram and Twitter because they’ll be able to figure out what books they want to follow.  So, here’s the schedule for January.

Monday – Idle (this day I will add in a “ramble of positivity,” or something outside the book.

Tuesday/Wednesday – Darren Hardy’s Compound Effect: A very actionable book that gives you things to put in place.  The Compound Effect, like the Law of Attraction, is a telling of doing the small things will compound over time.  People cannot gain 30 lbs (15kg) overnight; this happens because of a compounded habit over the course of x amount of months/years. I’ll post the link below with the introduction so you guys can follow suit.

Thursday/Friday – Napoleon Hill’s ‘Law of Success’ is soon to finish.  I have the co-operation lesson and a few more to go before it finished in its entirety.  So this should go on for the next month or so.  If you guys are interested in some of those lessons, check out the link below and start from the introduction.

Saturday/Sunday – Lewis Howes ‘Masks of Masculinity’ is probably some of the most important books for both men and women because a lot of people suffer from societal masks. This book debuts every Saturday and Sunday.


The Direction of The Podcast

Now, August-October were the most successful months in my podcast’s history.  However, November and December was an absolute nose-dive.  I’m not exactly sure what’s happening, but I’m looking back at some of the content and maybe it’s not – actionable.  Now Darren Hardy is one of my favorite books because it provides everyone with lots to do.  Those were big listeners.  However, I still believe it’s a small select group of listeners who listen to me from around the globe.  For instance, I would know the iPad and Android listeners because one was a student and the other was a friend.  If I check the sources now, both are gone because I stopped either talking and/or teaching both.  Having a podcast per day can’t be overwhelming, and the more content that I put out there, the better.  I absolutely love doing it, and regardless if anyone is listening to me or not, I will continue doing it at all costs.

More Interviews

The more interviews and exposure, the better.  The collaborations are critical with podcasts.  Gary Vee would say try paying influencers to put your podcast on their Instagram, but I do believe there’s a more organic way of doing it.  I started sending messages on Instagram to some people.  Half responded and were happy about doing it, until they disappeared.  One talked about an outrageous fee of 995$, but not sure if that was for her to be on my show or me to be on her show.  She was extremely charismatic, but there are plenty of other people out there who would do it for free.  Again, it’s just a podcast.

Facebook Advertising

I’ve hit rock bottom and hit a lot of empty holes with advertising on Facebook.  I would get maybe a click or two, but that’s in.  No comments or anything….so I’m still trying to figure out the Facebook area.


It’s Just A Matter of Time – Stay Persistent & Grateful

Yesterday was one of those days that I was completely down-in-the-dumps for no reason. I was on the bike trying to pick up the intensity like the day before – only to be thinking about what’s happening at work.

What’s happening at work?


However, when I waltzed into the workplace, I knew the energy was off.  No one was saying anything.  No “hellos” or anything was happening.  So I just said, “ok, it’s going to be one of those days.”  After my two classes, I scampered off, went back home and just feel like the life was sucked out of me.

It felt almost to the point that I was off track with my purpose.  This has happened a couple of times.  When I check my feelings and ‘degree’ of worry, there’s nothing looming.  So, what was this that I’m feeling? Well, when I’m off track with my purpose, that inner-guidance system sends a message throughout my body saying, “hey, get back on track! Get focused and be grateful for what you have!”

However, this can’t happen everyday.  I’m not a perfectionist….so I decided to sleep as early as 5:45pm before waking up several times between 6pm and 5am.  When I woke up, a picture struck me.

image1 2

And this was it! It was like the friend I never heard chirping in my ear saying, “stop worrying about why your podcast hasn’t taken off yet; why you haven’t got the opportunity of a lifetime in Bangkok; why you didn’t get this job opportunity or that one!”

This is how it always starts.  You start from the very beginning; and because we don’t reap those immediate rewards, we get discouraged almost immediately and give up.  How many failed podcasts are out there? How many people are producing more content than me?  How about blogs? Websites? YouTube videos? TOEIC and IELTS videos? Wise up, Arsenio….you’re doing an outstanding job and your friend Deeptha phrased you as a “content machine” just yesterday.  However, because you’re not getting more gratification from the outside world, you’re hard on yourself.

See, that’s myself talking to myself.  It’s time to take a step back, look at what you’ve become so far, and be grateful as hell.  We’re not always going to get the immediate and instant gratification from the world, but those handful of people, especially in countries like Uganda, Switzerland, France, Belgium, South Africa, Iran and Singapore need you, Arsenio! So keep your soul on fire and ignore your personal wants!