ESL Worldwide Conversations Update

I’m so excited to be writing about this today. This has always been a dream of mine — to work for myself. Not only that, but to influence and help people achieve goals around the world under my OWN UMBRELLA.

For years, I had ALWAYS WORKED for someone, and it never got the job done. I was always ridiculed, taken advantage of, disrespected, and told what to do.

Because of my student pitching to me a brilliant idea, and rather than having individual students, I’m now kicking off something so unbelievably magnificent that NO OTHER ENTREPRENEUR is doing! Teaching English conversation, online, and worldwide.

Imagine being in a room with someone from Brazil, Japan, Portugal, Zambia and Iraq. Could you imagine the amount of barriers, cultural codes and social beliefs that would be broken? Not to mention, the wide range of chats and things that we can discuss?

Today marks my first day (introduction) where I’m going to host a soon-to-be teacher from Iran and another student from another country. There’s going to be a conversation, and then a podcast that they’ll be able to share with all of their friends around the world. After that, they’ll be able to purchase teaching hours and book teaching times, indicating that they actually liked the discussion and they want to go through with it.

For anyone who is interested, get in touch with me as soon as possible! Slots are feeling up rather quickly and I don’t want you to miss out on an opportunity such as this one.


How To Become A Good Conversationalist: Part II – Conversation Gambits

Things being discussed:

  • How to become a conversationalist? What is a gambit?
  • How to strike up a conversation?
  • Different ways of identifying a gambit.
  • You need to be profound.
  • Looking for ways to strike an initiative.
  • You need to be observant of people’s actions.
  • Living in a different country is a way to become a conversationalist.
  • Don’t lie and exploit the gambit.
  • Some gambits can’t be a topic of conversation.
  • What are bad gambits?
  • Don’t talk about personal life.
  • There are a lot of situations and interesting gambits for you to dig into.
  • Cut the conversation if people don’t feel comfortable.
  • Be an excellent listener.


Thank you for listening!


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