Topic: Stick With Those Who Were There For You

A podcast from a few days back. People, throughout these crazy times, look around you. Take a good look around you to see who’s there for you.

Now, look at pre-COVID and see who was there for you. See how many individuals had dropped out of the race of “giving a fuck.” Now, when post-COVID comes, and it will — don’t allow those ass-clowns from before to come back in your life. Period.

Can SmartAir Capture the Coronavirus?

I literally lost a long-time lost. That’s right. “How can you lose a lost?” Well, it was a guy who I had worked for back in 2012. It was when I was a dental assistant. Since then, we haven’t had a phone conversation, but it’s disheartening to see him come around only to shower negativity. I can’t remember the last time I got a like/comment from him, but it had to be back in 2016 and it wasn’t nice. Well, another one came, and this one was absolute garbage on his side. I blocked him. I blocked him not for having an opinion, but for showing no respect. At the beginning of the month I had to block another guy who I met on a plane moving to Thailand in 2013 — another DOCTOR — of course! So, in saying that, do SmartAirs really work? Well, let’s go over the science part of it in my YouTube video down below.