Herbalife Healthy Meal Shake Recipe – Pralines N’ Cream + Peanut Cookie

I picked up a massive shipment of my Herbalife Formula 1 Shake mixes and boy, I’ve got some surprises for you!

I woke up at 1am (jet lag has been killing me for a while) and was hungry.  I was contemplating eating candy and getting a processed chicken sandwich from 7-11, but then I realized that I had three new shake mixes and decided to try out a combo.

With two scoops of Pralines and 1 Scoop of the Protein Drink Mix (Peanut Cookie), I get about 30 grams of protein (much needed after food poisoning on my Singapore Airlines flight) and all the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals.

The taste is very distinct, primarily because the Pralines N’ Cream is very strong; so to offset the taste, you can possibly switch out the Pralines for an ordinary French Vanilla.

I haven’t tried adding any fruits with it just yet, but I would recommend some peanut butter.  Two variations are ones with and without nuts.  For this, try it with nuts….having that crunchy taste makes it so much better.  If you’re not a fan of the crunching, go with the smooth.  If you’re not a fan of peanut butter, just go with a whole banana.

If you have any recommendations on what to add, comment away!

Favorite Snack On-The-Go: Herbalife Cookies & Creme Protein Bar

I was shaking uncontrollably one day during a spin class because I was beyond hungry.  Honestly, that had to be the hungriest I’ve ever been at one particular moment in my life.

Sadly, when working out at gyms, you would find a variety of sugar-stuffed protein bars that were beyond disgusting and took hours to digest.

Well, the introduction to Herbalife back in 2013 was the biggest blessing in disguise because I woke up one day and said, “I need GOOD PROTEIN!” So, after contacting a lady, I headed to her office and I was introduced to one of the most delicious protein bars I’ve ever had.


To have 15grams of protein, on the go, at any given time, is a blessing.  Period.  On days whereas I have to make a long voyage to the airport (seems like one here in Bangkok), or especially on days I work in Bangkok in the morning; I normally leave my house around 6am, so I’m not able to have a full functional breakfast.

Of course making a smoothie is always the easiest route to go, but to make sure I get all the necessities my body needs in the morning, I gobble one of these bad boys down.

Out of all the protein bars I’ve eaten in three other countries, this is definitely the most enjoyable – and with a tall glass of milk, this is almost like setting out cookies and milk on the table for santa (because it sounds just so delicious).

With my busy schedule, and sometimes teaching upwards to 7-8 hours a day (believe it or not…that’s a pretty heavy day of teaching), this proves to be extremely vital because with the amount of breaks I have in between classes, I don’t have enough time to have a full course lunch.

With that being said, if it’s a post workout or a pre workout meal, this alleviates that feeling of hunger, gives you a good amount of energy (because the B vitamins), and you definitely don’t have that full feeling compared to eating three whole eggs before a workout.