The Most Important Questions of Your Life

The most important questions that schools do not ask students.  I’ve done this before, and I’ve also replicated what Vishen Lakhiani did in one of his videos.  These questions are vastly important for a lot of people, but yet they go undiscovered because of outside influences.  With the PDF that I provided below and with plenty of empty space, get your life back together and take charge NOW!

Here are some of the questions I’ve answered….

What is my life purpose? To inspire people with my voice all around the world; to build an organization that brings innovation to rural villages and focus on the core geniuses of individuals; to make learning English as easy as possible and build a thriving community where people can help one another on a daily basis.

What are my dreams?

What are my goals?

What am I grateful for?

What makes me happy? Running, speaking, living and laughing.  I make sure I do my exercise once a day to bring that fulfillment that’s needed at the beginning of the day.  I also speak (with my podcasts, live video, or YouTube) on a routine basis (and that’s teaching, too).  I feel most alive when I’m speaking and working out; therefore, I’ve dedicated an amount of time to do these things.

How would I like to grow personally? Become a better empathic listener.  To build and nurture my relationships and not let go so easily.

How would I like to grow spiritually?

What would my perfect relationship look like? Walking anywhere and anywhere in the world, unattached to “our” surroundings while blissfully laughing the day away.  Interdependency and not having to rely heavily on one another like traditional relationships.

What would my ideal family life consist of?

What is something that I’ve always wanted to do?

What would I like more of in my life? Free time.  I’m dedicating far too much time to something that students can learn with (and will learn with) through virtual reality in the coming years.

What would I like to do more of in my life? Enjoy the little things.  Spontaneity.

Where would I like to travel? Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Macedonia, Kenya, Egypt, Morocco, Fiji, Samoa, Norway, Sweden, Croatia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Chile, Panama.

Where would I like to live? For now, Asia.  In about ten years, I want to establish my presence in South America where I’ll retire.

What career would I ideally choose or create for myself?

What are my financial goals?

How can I give back within my community?

Which causes or charities would I like to be more involved with?

If I could change the world, how would I make it a better place?

Life Goals Assessment

Tim Ferris: Questions & Actions: Monday

1. What would you do if there were no way you could fail? If you were 10 times smarter than the rest of the world?

Create two timelines—6 months and 12 months—and list up to five things you dream of having (including houses, cars, clothing), being fluent in Spanish, visiting Samoa, in that order. If you have difficulty identifying what you want in some categories, as most will, consider what you hate or fear in each and write down the opposite. Do not limit yourself, and do not concern yourself with how these things will be accomplished. For now, it’s unimportant. This is an exercise in reversing repression.

2. Drawing a blank?

No excuses to why you’re being held back from your dream. NONE!

If this is the case, even if you’ve ran into a mental roadblock, consider these questions:

a. What would you do, day to day, if you had $100 million in the bank?

b. What would make you most excited to wake up in the morning to another day?

Don’t rush—think about it for a few minutes. If still blocked, fill in the five “doing” spots with the following:

one place to visit
one thing to do before you die (a memory of a lifetime)
one thing to do daily
one thing to do weekly
one thing you’ve always wanted to learn”

3. What does “being” entail doing?

Convert each “being” into a “doing” to make it actionable. Identify an action that would characterize this state of being or a task that would mean you had achieved it. People find it easier to brainstorm “being” first, but this column is just a temporary holding spot for “doing” actions.

Great cook —->make Christmas dinner without help
Fluent in Spanish——> have a five-minute conversation with a Spanish speaking co-worker”

4. What are the four dreams that could change it all….

I’m talking about myself coming here to Thailand.  If it wasn’t for coming here, I wouldn’t be in a remarkably primed position where I’m at today (because the story of teaching here and hardships I’ve overcome).  Pick four dreams that could reshape your life forever.  Period.

5. Target Monthly Income

Read carefully since I actually made it much more complicated in my podcast.  Target Monthly Income is how much you’re going to need to finance your goal (car, plane ticket, train ticket around Europe, etc).   With that being said, take a Hawaiian Airlines RT ticket from Los Angeles for example.

Hawaii Airlines ticket July 3rd, 2017 = 682.10$

I’ve found the ticket for you, although there are other tickets 50$ cheaper but involve you doing multiple stops (makes no sense doing multiple stops when you’re already at LAX).

So, look at your finances.  Another example would be if you make 1500$ USD a month, how much are your monthly expenses and utilities?  How much can you actually save? Ok…lets say you can save a hundred a month.  In 7 months, you have a plane ticket.  Cut back a little bit and you might possibly have a plane ticket in 6 months.

Get the drift?

So, in 6 months…you have money for the plane ticket and hotel per night is probably around 100$ (could pay much cheaper for hostels but wouldn’t recommend it).  In one year, you have the hotel and plane ticket money for that absolute dream trip to the most gorgeous state and America and one of the most beautiful islands on the planet.

No excuses.  Start calculating!

Here’s an example from Tim Ferris’ book which he had written down.



Change Your Mindset About Money

When I was 7 years old, I remember watching my brother play Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis while listening to Babyface’s “when can I see you again.”  In the kitchen, my mom cooked flour tortillas in vegetable oil for dinner.  These thin-crusted chip figures was our dinner because my father didn’t come home that night and we didn’t have any food.

2003 – My mother lost her job.  Without a father, we didn’t have any income coming whatsoever, so I recall one night having the power cut off.  My mom called the power company and said, “what about my kids? I have kids at my home! They can’t sleep in the cold!”  It was cut off for a very difficult 24 hours, but more hardships would come when she didn’t have enough money to buy a Thanksgiving Day dinner for us until a long time family came knocking on the door just after 9am and handed us a complete dinner.

She cried.

I didn’t know how powerful that was at the time, but after hearing Tony Robbins story about a stranger giving them a turkey dinner and his father left out of humiliation….I was in awe at the fact that it was a similar situation.

People, who have obviously gone through financial hardships, would grow up thinking “money is the root of all evil” whilst having a very negative perception towards it.

Just two months ago, I stayed at a business hotel in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  This cozy, exquisite, luxury-class hotel was in the heart – just down the street from the gorgeous Petronas Towers.  The turning point was when I was 30 floors in the sky sipping on margaritas, talking to one of my friends in Australia on my Mac and listening to a group of 4 rich Filipino/Malaysians having an absolute blast.

I’ve never, in the 28 years on planet Earth, heard people so incredibly happy and content with where they were in life.  All I heard was the sound of grace.

Rich people have a different language.

What language do you possess?

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