Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 46 – National Celebrations: Thanksgiving & Songkran

With the above activities, how do you celebrate holidays in your country? Here is a list of some holiday activities. Cook a large meal get dressed up go out to eat visit relatives watch a parade watch fireworks Songkran, which is a Thai holiday (New Years), has transformed into a world phenomenon over the years. ... Continue Reading →


TOEIC Listening: Part III – Conversations (Breakdown only)

In this part of the test, you're going to have to listen to two people discussing something.  The short conversation often goes by very quickly, so if you don't listen for key words, you're going to be in trouble.  If you miss the first question, move onto the next question because if you continue glancing... Continue Reading →

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: What To Say/Not To Say

So, there has been some discussion going around in the world that pertains to "labeling."  Labeling can have severe repercussions when visiting other countries.  If you don't know a specific group of people, labeling them can be very detrimental and sometimes dangerous. Example, when I first started exploring "The Strip" in Las Vegas, Nevada, I... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Grammar – Verb Tenses Breakdown + PDF

Present Simple: walk, do, speak, come, eat, jump, catch Past Simple: walked, did, spoke, came, ate, jump, caught Past Participle: walked, done, spoken, come, eaten, jumped, caught Present Continuous: walking, doing, speaking, coming, eating, jumping, catching These tenses are pretty basic in general, but the TOEIC test is designed to confuse the hell out of you.  There... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Text Completion #3

Dear Arsenio,   It was great to finally meet you in person on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoyed the wonderful lunch.  The food was amazing, wasn't it? I'm excited about our company's new _________________ campaign.  I think we will be able to sell lots supplements because of it. a. advertising b. advertised c. advertiser d.... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions link a main clause with a subordinate clause.  There are different kinds of conjunctions that show different kinds of relationships between two clauses. Time: before, after, while, when, until, as soon as Please take these packages to the post office before it closes. After the meeting was over, we enjoyed dinner.   Cause... Continue Reading →

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