Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 48 – Grammar – Quantifiers

So, the first time I heard about quantifiers and determiners while speaking, I asked myself, "what the hell do these even mean?" After reading over them, it was pretty easy....but never knew about the label. So this is the what they are: we use quantifiers before nouns or pronouns to express how much. All   ... Continue Reading →


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Episode 47 – Vocabulary Skill – Identifying Word Families

Word families are groups of words that relate to each other and form a "family." If you know one word, you can guess the meaning of other words.  This will improve your listening skills. Enjoy (v.) -------> enjoyment (n.) Work with a partner.  complete the word families in the chart. Verb         ... Continue Reading →

The Reason for My Hiatus

So, it's been about three days since I did a personal development podcast (for my listeners out there), and some were wondering why I hadn't done one (because I normally do one a day).  Well, some things happened. My ESL podcast, which I started in late March, just got an insane amount of plays over... Continue Reading →

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