Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 8: Episode 26 | Offloading Your Problems

Do you set boundaries? Do you know how to just say “no?” When people approach you at work, do they offload their problems, schedules, and things into your schedule, causing more overload and overwhelm? From aggression, to making them feel bad because they did something in the past for you — and I’m here to say loyalty comes with an expiration date. In today’s podcast, I break EVERYTHING down that you will hear, things that are good, and another two-part series will be debuting!


TOEFL iTP | Listening | Course Sneak Peek | Part B: Previewing Questions

Based on the different types of question you may have, it’s always great to have an understanding of what may be asked. Remember, mental note, if you’re living in a country where questions aren’t available, you need to do this. If you’re living in a country where the questions are available and you need to understand how to take notes, I preview it by plucking out keywords. Nonetheless, this is going to be a phenomenal segment, and it’s just a preview so if you want the full course, the link is down below to access it!

Listening Course

TOEFL iTP | Listening | Course Sneak Peek | Part B Introduction – Extended Convos

We’re finally here! Part B has arrived, and I’m grateful to be debuting this to you! Extended conversations, the pesky side of Part B that so many of my followers have been asking for, is here. In today’s podcast, I’m going to give you an introduction, and in the next podcasts, it will become increasingly increasingly difficult. Just giving you a heads up! HA!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 8: Episode 23 | How to Develop Influence

Whether it’s in the workplace, which I explain in detail; or at home. Developing influence doesn’t necessarily mean you need to become a leader. It actually means you developing your intention with others. Today’s podcast is about questions that you can journal and understand how you can win and influence people.


Business English Podcast | Corporate Finance | Presenting Slides & Useful Language

Business presentations that involve data analysis are like emails — it contains the same type of language, verbs, and you would have to throw in some complex vocabulary to describe trends and other language, too. 

In today’s podcast, you’re going to hear me presenting slides, then a recording of someone else giving a presentation. 

Also, choose the best summary down below.

  • The presenter is explaining why sales have declined. 
  • The presenter is explaining why reduced net profit is a risk for the company. 
  • The presenter outlines the risks of rising level of inventory.


TOEFL iTP | Listening | Course Sneak Peek | Dialogs about Plans, Topics & Dialogs

Another amazing sneak peek! This was a monster, 22-minute video, but the majority of the video is available only on my course, which is available in the link down below. Today is about breaking down dialogs that could be very confusing, and it was just that. However, with my techniques, you’ll be able to navigate the storms.

TOEFL iTP | Listening | How to Answer Questions about Plans, Topics & Problems

We’re back with a FULL introductory video! In this lesson, you’re going to hear me break down segments in regards to answering questions about plans, topics and problems. In the next lesson, which will be available only for my course students, will be the break down of 15 dialogs. Get ready!

Full Listening Course

TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | 1 on 1 Coaching | Parallel Structures & More

Here’s a great preview from my course! In this episode, I’m teaching one of my Panamanian students about parallel structures, a part of TOEFL itp that’s extremely crucial to know not only in the Structure but also in the Written Expression portion of the test. How to identify parallels? Come listen!

Course available in the links down below if you want the full course!

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Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 8: Episode 19 | What Type of Decision Maker Are You?

In today’s podcast, we’re going to do a test to figure out what type of decision maker you are. Now, with the questions, the majority of mine are ‘yes’ and ‘no,’ but the more “it depends” you put for your answers, the more indecisive you may be.  Here’s a break down of it all!


TOEFL iTP | Listening | Course Sneak Peek | Dialogs with Suggestions Part II

We’re back with another fantastic dialog! In today’s lesson, we’re going to do more dialogs with suggestions. Remember, this is only a sneak peek. The entire course is available in the link down below!