TOEFL iBT | Independent Essay | Webinar Snippet | Body Paragraphs

Here’s another webinar snippet for everyone! This webinar happened just last night, so if you’re someone who’s having difficulty in developing your body paragraphs of the independent essay, this could be extremely useful for you! This is a snippet and the full link is down below!



TOEFL iTP | Structure | Mini-test #4 + Course Bundle Preview

Welcome back to another TOEFL Structure Mini-test! Remember, if you want all the details, techniques, and want to understand misplaced modifiers, verb errors, parallel structures, word order, XYZ and more….tune into my courses in the links down below! Also, the reading course will be debuting September 15th! Get it for pre-sale now or wait for the huge bundle to be sold together with Structure and Written Expression!

Written Expression



  1. The North Pole ________ a latitude of 90 degrees north.

a. has

b. is having

c. which is having

d. it has

2. ______ greyhound, can achieve speeds up to thirty-six miles per hour.

a. the

b. the fastest

c. the fastest dog

d. the fastest dog, the

3. The Mayflower was bound for Virginia, but a hurricane _______ off course.

a. blew it

b. to blow it

c. it blew

d. blowing it

4. The greenhouse effect occurs _______ heat radiating from the Sun.

a. when does the Earth’s atmosphere traps

b. does the Earth’s atmosphere traps

c. when the Earth’s atmosphere traps

d. the Earth’s atmosphere traps

5. The Rose Bowl, _______ place on New Year’s Day, is the coldest postseason collegiate football game in the United States.

a. takes

b. which takes

c. it takes

d. took

6. Experiments ______ represents a giant step into the medicine of the future.

a. using gene therapy

b. use gene therapy

c. they use

d. gene therapy uses

7. ______ off the Hawaiian coastline are living, others are dead.

a. coral reefs

b. some types of coral reefs

c. there are many types of coral reefs

d. while some types of coral reefs

8. People who reverse the letters of words _______ to read suffer from dyslexia.

a. if they tried

b. when trying

c. when tried

d. if he tries

9. Featured at the Henry Ford Museum ______ of antique cars dating from 1865.

a. an exhibit is

b. an exhibit

c. is an exhibit

d. which is an exhibit

10. Rubber ______ from vulcanized silicones with a high molecular weight is difficult to distinguish from natural rubber.

a. is produced

b. producing

c. that produces

d. produced

11. _______ in scope, romanticism was a reaction against neoclassical principles.

a. mainly literary

b. it was mainly literary

c. the main literature was

d. the literature was mainly

12. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) _______ came about as a result of the National Security Act of 1947.

a. what

b. it was

c. was what

d. it was what

13. Oil shale is a soft, fine-grained sedimentary rock ______ oil and natural gas are obtained.

a. from

b. is from

c. is which

d. from which

14. _______ appears considerably larger at the horizon than it does overhead is merely an optical illusion.

a. The Moon

b. That the Moon

c. When the Moon

d. The Moon which

15. According to the World Health Organization, _______ there to be an outbreak of any of the six most dangerous diseases, this could be cause for quarantine.

a. were

b. they were

c. there were

d. were they

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 30 | Work-life Balance is NOT About Hours

So, the common myth about work-life balance in under-performers is about time. So many people who allow activities to manage them believe that it’s impossible to achieve a balance.

However, the goal is not about hours, but it’s about the quality. It’s about self-awareness and assessing yourself on a weekly basis in the different categories of your life.

In today’s podcast, we’re going to dive into time, the mismanagement of time management, and coming up with solutions.


TOEFL iBT | Webinar Snippet | Integrated Essay | Your Ultimate GUIDE!

Honestly, I kid you not, while I was breaking down this entire webinar for my students, I realized, “this could be the most prolific quality piece of content I had ever produced.” I made this webinar $15 total, up 200% from the usual webinars, just because I know once someone hears the entire webinar, they’ll never have difficulty constructing an Integrated Essay ever again. Here’s a snippet of the webinar, and if you’re interested in the full webinar, the link is down below (at the top of the rest of them). ENJOY!

Integrated Webinar

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 29 | A Job Interview

So, from an interviewee’s perspective, you will know if the employer is interested or not. If an employer says, “so tell me a little bit about yourself,” your goal is to show out (meaning impress them). At the same time, make sure everything you tell them about you is relatable to what they’re looking for.

Now, there are times that interviewers are condescending, and even if they do offer you the job, be very careful in choosing it because no one wants to work for someone who minimizes what they’ve accomplished.

In this episode, we’re going to dissect an interview between two people, see what the girl did right, wrong, and the tone of the interviewer. Lots to cover!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 7: Episode 28 | How to Apply for A Job

First and foremost, a big shout out to Tony, a follower of my website who messaged me via WhatsApp, telling me how appreciative he was about how much I helped him in my blog “How to Write a Letter.”

So, what did this entail? Well, it comes down to doing things through the perspective of others rather than yourself. When it comes to job interviews, we mostly approach the situation by saying “me, me, and me.” But in today’s podcast, I’m going to teach you how you can write in a way that speaks to the core and values of a company and it’s not about YOU YOU YOU.

Get ready, pen and paper, because I’ma GET YOU SOME JOBS (bad grammar, I know. Don’t judge.)


TOEFL iBT | Listening | Discussion | Location of Physics Class

Hello, all! Welcome to my first-ever discussion in months! I was scrolling earlier on my podcast episodes and realized that most discussion podcasts have between 400-1,000 downloads each. I assumed that this wouldn’t be a problem, but it is — and here I am! Let’s dive into this!


– physics class science building

where’s class

physical class

room assignment sheet on bulletin board

class isn’t listed

class was cancelled

should’ve gotten letter from registrar

letter was sent out a week ago

throw it away by mistake?

sent to apartment on center street

hasn’t changed address at administration office

why would they cancel it? not enough students = college can’t offer it

can’t have instructor when only a few students in class

any courses next semester? Take classes now and sign up for physics next seester

how mayn students enrolled for it to be cancelled

10 people minimum

they might do it with less next semester

give phsycsi dept call a couple oweeks before




Why does the women come to the office? 

A . To notify the university of her change of address
B . To find out where her physics class is being held
C . To get directions to the science building
D . To complain about her physics class being canceled

What happened to the letter the university sent to the woman? 

A . She threw it away by mistake
B . Her roommate forgot to give it to her
C . It was sent to her old mailing address
D . It was sent to another student by mistake

Why was the woman’s physics class canceled? 

A . Not enough students signed up to take the class
B . No professors were available to teach the class
C . The university changed its requirements for physics students
D . There were no classrooms available in the science building at the hour

What does the man suggest the woman do before the beginning of next semester? 

A . Consult with her advisor about her class schedule
B . Check with the registrar’s office about the location of the class
C . Register for her classes early
D . Call the physics department

What does the man imply when he says this: 

A . He knows the physics class has been canceled
B . He is not sure where the science building is
C . Many of the room assignments have been changed
D . The women can check for herself where her class is

TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Mini-test #4

We’re back with another 12-13 question mini-test! You guys have enjoyed these so much, so I’m going to keep them coming! Remember, I do have a Written Expression and Structure Course available in the links provided!

  1. Segregation in public schools was declare unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1954.
  1. Sirius, the Dog Star, is the most brightest star in the sky with an absolute magnitude about twenty-three times that of the Sun.
  1. Killer whales tend to wander in family clusters that hunt, play, and resting together.
  1. Some of the most useful resistor material are carbon, metals, and metallic alloys.
  1. The community of Bethesda, Maryland, was previous known as Darcy’s Store.
  1. J.H. Pratt used group therapy early in the past century when he brought tuberculosis patients together to discuss its disease.
  1. Alloys of gold and copper have been widely using in various types of coins.
  1. The United States has import all carpet woods in recent years because domestic wools are too fine and soft for carpets.
  1. Banks are rushing to merge because consolidations enable them to slash theirs costs and expand.
  1. That water has a very high specific heat means that, without a large temperature change, water can add or lose a large number of heat.
  1. Benny Goodman was equally talented as both as a jazz performer as well as a classical musician.


TOEFL iBT | Listening | Lecture | Full Webinar: Aristotle’s Theory of Happiness

Are you ready?! Oh, you’re blessed! In today’s EXTRA-LONG-WEBINAR, I and students from Colombia, Brazil and Peru are dissecting all the details of these questions. We came across a very difficult question (#2) which is going to be a great topic of discussion. Nonetheless, Aristotle’s Theory of Happiness provided us with stress and ease and times, so get ready to take notes and answer the questions with us!

TOEFL iTP | Listening | Part B | College Course

  1. Who is taking part in the conversation?
  • two students
  • two professors
  • two sociologists
  • two lecturers

2. Why does the woman want to talk with Mike?

  • she wants his opinion of sociologists
  • she wants to hear him lecture
  • she wants to know about a course he took
  • she wants to meet Professor Patterson

3. What kind of course does the man prefer?

  • a course where the professor lectures
  • a course where the students just listen and take notes
  • a course with Professor Patterson
  • a course where the students take part in discussion

4. How does the woman feel about professor Patterson’s course?

  • she thinks it’ll be boring
  • she doesn’t want to take it
  • it sounds good to her
  • she’d prefer a course with more student participation