Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 68 – Grammar – Third Conditional

My favorite conditional of them all is finally here! Let’s break this down and give you exercises.


If + past perfect….would/wouldn’t have + past participle.

If I had seen him, I‘d have spoken to him.

We wouldn’t have passed our exams if we hadn’t studied.

If can go at the start of the sentence or in the middle. If it goes at the start, we must use a comma before the second half of the sentence.


We use the third conditional to talk about imaginary or impossible situations in the past and their consequences. The situations are impossible because we cannot change them now that they have happened.

If I had done my homework last night (imaginary past situation — it didn’t happen), the teacher wouldn’t have been angry with me. (the consequence)

  1. If the Roman Empire had never end/ended, Latin would has/have remained the universal language.
  2. If aliens land/had landed on the Earth, somebody would had/have some evidence to prove it by now.
  3. Perhaps dinosaurs would survive/have survived if an asteroid didn’t/hadn’t hit the Earth.

Write sentences in third conditional.

  1. I got first place in the race because I trained a lot.
  2. The road wasn’t wet today because it didn’t rain.
  3. I didn’t buy any food because I didn’t have any money.
  4. We didn’t know they were such horrible people when we became their friends.
  5. My brother and I don’t speak anymore because he’s jealous.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 67 – Developing Vocabulary – Prepositional Phrases with Verbs

Oh, this was requested! Well, not really, but a wonderful individual from Iran reached out to me and asked if I can do prepositions and phrases, and wadaya know, lesson is on it! I’m bringing to you guys today some prepositional phrases with verbs!

Complete the sentences with these prepositions.

about for for in of
to on on with to
  1. Residents listened _______________ the experts.
  2. Most people agree ______________ my theory.
  3. People used to believe _____________supernatural causes for natural disasters.
  4. The strength of the hurricane depends ________ different factors.
  5. The experts apologized ______________ lying repeatedly about climate change.
  6. The residents complained _______________ the loud music.
  7. Nobody thought _____________ that!
  8. The government waited ______________ the shutdown to happen.
  9. Nobody knew who the dog belonged ______________.
  10. You can spend money ______________ optional extras.

Complete the sentences so they are true for you. Use a preposition.

  1. I occasionally spend money……….
  2. I hate waiting…………
  3. For the future, I dream…………
  4. I know I can rely………..
  5. I never listen………..
  6. Once I had to apologize………
  7. I nearly always agree………..
  8. I don’t usually complain………

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 66 – Grammar – So & Such

We’re getting into some more important areas for grammar over the next couple weeks (before season 4), so you guys will surely enjoy this one. Let’s go!

a. It looks so sad and lonely.

b. They do it so well.

c. It’s so relaxing that you slow down.

d. It was such a nice movie.

e. It’s such a great smell.


We use so to intensify the meaning of adjectives and adverbs.

This painting is so beautiful.

Usain Bolt runs so fast!

We use such to intensify the meaning of nouns, with or without adjectives. We use a/an after such when we continue with a singular countable noun, but not with uncountable or plural nouns.

It’s such a lovely morning.

It’s such a pity.

She paints such beautiful pictures.

This is such fresh air.

After sentences with so or such we can continue the sentence with that.

The music is so loud that the windows are shaking.

Complete the sentences with so or such.

  1. That’s ______________ a good movie.
  2. I find trekking _____________ strenuous.
  3. It was ____________ a problem to get here.
  4. You and I are ______________ good friends.
  5. We did _______________ in that track meet last week, huh?

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Juliette of Estonia – The Queen of Visibility

What a wonderful podcast this was with a brilliant entrepreneur, coach, author and many other things. Juliette, born and raised in Estonia, brought the house down with some amazing personal development bits (needed for my English learners, too). This was my goal all along to bring amazing people around to share some serious knowledge with everyone… a point — that they won’t even realize they’re studying English — but more learning it. I hope you guys enjoy this one! Link down below!

Get in touch with Juliette Stapleton, a Queen of Visibility


Things we discussed:

The power of visibility through social media.

How she started her business.

The power of referral marketing and the power of determination.

The power of facing death and how to enjoy your life.

The power of gratitude.

Chaos and motivation. How did the guest manage to get through all the hardships and negativity?

The “aha” moment.

The guest’s to-do list.

When did she move to Thailand.

The removal of negative people.

The power of being an introvert by leveraging the power of internet and English learning.

The big three things.

Why the guest is leaving Ireland and moving back to her native Estonia. How she is going to manage the reverse culture shock.

How to travel to Estonia?



Thank you for listening!



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Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 65 – Grammar – Indeterminate Pronouns: Some, Any, No, Every

Oh, this is going to be a great one! Most students around the world don’t understand these, so I’m here today to talk about them and make you understand them.

  1. You never planned on buying anything.
  2. Anybody who walks past can smell the roses.
  3. Nobody can go inside!
  4. You need somewhere to put your belongings.
  5. Fill the cans with something heavy.
  6. Everybody goes to the mall on the weekend.


  1. We use pronouns with some (in affirmative sentences and in offers and requests).
  2. We use pronouns with any (in negative sentences, questions, and in affirmative sentences when it means it doesn’t matter who, what, were.)
  3. We use pronouns with no (with affirmative verbs because the meaning of the pronoun is already negative)
  4. We use pronouns with every (in all types of sentences)

Fill in the chart below.

  1. I’ve finished my homework. I’ve done anything/everything.
  2. Who’s upstairs? I can hear somebody/anybody.
  3. Where are my keys? I can’t find them somewhere/anywhere.
  4. She’s really angry. No-one/anyone is talking to her.
  5. Why are you so worried today? Is nothing/anything wrong?
  6. I went to the mall yesterday with a friend and everybody/anybody had a great time.
  7. Excuse me everyone/no-one! Does anyone/everyone know who this is?
  8. That’s weird. There isn’t anyone/anybody here.


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 64 – Vocabulary – Compound Nouns & Adjectives

Welcome back to another podcast, everyone! These compound nouns and adjectives could be a bit difficult, but I’m here to break them down for you. This is in relations to movies and arts.

Match the compound nouns 1-8 with their definitions a-h

  1. Screenplay
  2. Blockbuster
  3. Box office
  4. Drawback
  5. Feedback
  6. Turnout
  7. Outcome
  8. Page-turner

a. a book that is very interesting or exciting.

b. a film or show that is very successful

c. a story that someone writes for a film

d. the final result of a process or a meeting

e. the number of people who come to an event

f. comments about how well or badly someone is doing something

g. the place in a theatre where you buy tickets, or the number of tickets a film sells

h. a disadvantage

Tune into the podcast for my explanations.


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Developing Vocabulary – Collocations Connected with The News

Welcome back, everyone! I do apologize for the episodes being everywhere (in the 60’s), but I’m just trying to push everything and catch up. Without further ado, let’s get into some of these sayings!

  1. Global Warming is making headlines all over the world.
  2. 350 million years ago Antarctica used to be a tropical climate. It made front-page news!
  3. The PM of Thailand held a press conference about the pollution hanging over the city of Bangkok.
  4. The next news item is great news for Bangkok commuters but terrible for drivers.
  5. We will keep you informed with the next breaking news.
  6. There has been a very surprising turn of events regardings Alibaba.
  7. Our website is the best for breaking news, bringing to you news updates at every moment.
  8. There was a newsflash earlier and it made my head turn.

Match the expressions in bold with their meanings down below.

  • piece of news, individual story or article
  • organize a meeting where journalists get information and ask questions about a particular piece of news
  • become famous by being reported in the news
  • reports containing all the latest news
  • news that is appearing for the first time
  • become important enough to appear on the first page of a newspaper
  • a short broadcast of an important piece of news in the middle of a TV or radio program
  • an expected change in a situation
  • tell you all the essential information

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 63 – Grammar – Modal Verbs of Speculation & Deduction (Past)

Here’s the second grammar section, which is a follow-up from the “present” modals I’ve already done.

  1. Some people might have known about her.
  2. This girl must have been the princess.
  3. She may have deceased.
  4. This could have happened anywhere, but unfortunately it happened here in Queensland.
  5. It couldn’t have been easy.
  6. They may not have realized the truth.
  7. The commander couldn’t have known.

Complete the sentences with past modal verbs and the verbs given.

  1. King Authur ________________(exist) but nobody really knows.
  2. If he really existed, he ________________(be) an amazing person because many stories were written about him.
  3. Merlin _______________(use) magic because magic doesn’t exist.
  4. The British poet Alfred Lord Tennyson __________________(like) the stories about Arthur because he wrote poems about him.
  5. Authur’s popularity ________________(disappear) because people are still making films and TV series about him now.

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: International Guest Speaker – Actress/Tedx Speaker Ariane del Melo of Brazil

Had the wonderful pleasure of bringing on an amazing human being. International Guest Speakers are back in action! Tune in for some great stuff and the show notes are down below.

Get in touch with Ariane del Melo, a TED Speaker.


Things we discussed:

Why the move to Germany.

Journalism, cultural differences, racial stereotypes and the flawed education system.

What the interviewee’s feeling about Germany is.

German language.

Sharing about teaching English in German kindergarten and being a salesperson in a German store.

The calling of ambition.

Entering the realm of theatrics.

A bullying victim and an experience in a German school.

What the advantages are of performing arts.

German and American performing arts difference.

Inner voice.

Advantages of facing death.

Her writing experiences.

How did the host earn herself a writing internship and a publishing contract? Learning German.

The beauty of Germany and the opportunities it has for foreigners.

Purpose of self-development.

Being yourself is important.

Being authenticity isn’t being creative but it is who you are.

Thank you for listening!


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Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Developing Vocabulary – Idioms Connected with Health & Illness

Some great idioms for you travelers who will travel, or are already currently living abroad. Some nurses and hospital/clinic staff use idioms to cover up what’s actually being said. Here are some of them.

  1. I think I’m coming down with the flu.
  2. To be honest, I’m feeling a bit under the weather today.
  3. I work out in the gym to keep in shape.
  4. I had an amazing sleep last night so I feel like I’m on top of the world!
  5. “Riding this boat is really making me feel dizzy. I feel like I’m going to black out.”
  6. “Arsenio, stop worry. It’s only a minor cold. You’ll be back on your feet.”
  7. Don’t worry. I heard the diagnosis, but with chemotherapy, you’ll pull through.

a. lose consciousness

b. keep fit, in good physical condition

c. catch an illness, become sick with something.

d. recover from a serious illness or injury.

e. very healthy

f. recover after an illness.

g. not feel very well.