Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 34 – Grammar – Making Contrasts

Welcome back, everyone! Time to do some more contrasts! For those of you who didn’t tune into my IELTS writing a few weeks ago, I’m going over it again in general English form. 

Less and fewer are comparatives.  They are the opposite of more.  Use fewer with count nouns and less with non count nouns. 

Least and fewest are superlatives.  They are the opposite of most. 

To emphasize a comparison or contrast, you can use the words with far, a lot, or much. 



Less + noncount noun

Fewer + count noun


The fewest + count noun

The least + noncount noun


There is less production in Japan than in Germany. 

There are fewer electric cars than gasoline-powered cars.


I wonder which company has the fewest electric cars in production. 

Hybrid cars use the least gasoline.


A lot/much/far + fewer + count noun

A lot/much/far + less + noncount nouns 



  • There are far fewer cars sold in winter. 
  • A lot less money is spent on motorcycles than in the past. 

Complete the sentences with less, fewer, least, or fewest. 

  1. You will find ________________ automobile manufacturers in Honduras than in Costa Rica. 
  2. South Korea produces _____________ vehicles in Japan. 
  3. Togo is the country with the _____________ motor vehicles per capita. 
  4. Right now, Iran produces _____________ cars than China. 
  5. I think the boat industry makes _______________ than the car industry. 
  6. In my country, _________________ people use public transportation than drive cars.
  7. The _________________ popular form of transportation in my country is the train. 

Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 33 – Pronunciation – Suffixes with I

Welcome back, everyone! Here are some suffixed with -i. It’s been a while since uploading, but i took three days off to see what was and wasn’t working. So, here I am again

Here are some suffixes beginning with -i

ion, -tion, sion
















-ian, -sian, -cian




ial, -cial, -tial




Practice: say the words and write them in the correct columns down below.

o O o

o  o O o

O oo

o O o o

authority, automatic, correction, critical, diplomatic, chemical, humidity, objection, physical, prediction, priority, energetic


TOEIC: Incomplete Sentences #8

Hello, everyone! Welcome back to yet another episode of Arsenio’s TOEIC-TOEFL-IELTS and I’m bringing to you today another incomplete sentences exercise.  This one is number 8.  Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel, Facebook page and other forms of social media for updates.

With that being said, let’s get into it.

  1. The addition of steel pipes was designed to _______ the roof support beams.
  1. strong
  2. strongly
  3. strength
  4. strengthen

2) Disagreements over the _____ of the house eventually led to a court hearing.

  1. own
  2. ownership
  3. owning
  4. owned

3) It is essential to ___________ fully on the operation of the machinery in order to avoid bad things from happening.

  1. concentrate
  2. concentrating
  3. concentration
  4. concentrates

4) He was known in the business for his ________ attitude and excellent communication.

  1. positive
  2. superficial
  3. preventative
  4. internal

5) The public’s ___________ to the advertising was very good.

  1. reaction
  2. suggestion
  3. interjection
  4. submission

6) Visitors to this part of the facility must have proper __________.

  1. identity
  2. identify
  3. identification
  4. identifying

7) Plans to _________ the tollway from three to fix lances was blocked by the headmaster.

  1. wide
  2. width
  3. widen
  4. widely

8) The meeting will have to be __________ to a later date.

  1. arranged
  2. rescheduled
  3. planned
  4. prepared

9) Your free yearly _________ to Sports Magazine will include sneak peaks of each team.

  1. prescription
  2. subscription
  3. designation
  4. participation

10) Smart travellers research the prices of local hotels to ensure that they do not _______ when traveling abroad.

  1. pay
  2. repay
  3. underpay
  4. overpay



TOEIC- Incomplete Sentences #8