Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | In-Company Interviews Part II

We’re back with some more interviews! The returnees, A.K.A. Three Accents, are here again to discuss salespeople’s roles in product development, email templates, how you can devalue your product, and reflection after crucial meetings.


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 16 | In-Company Interview: Owen Purcell

Welcome back to another in-company interview! In this episode, Owen Purcell talks about conferences, entrepreneurs, the internet and important skills.  The PDF, which has the write up and questions you need to answer, is available only on my Business English Podcast Badge. On there you can download, make corrections, and submit it to me, as well as write down your opinions for some of the discussion questions (on my membership site). So, make sure you tune into that!

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 15 | 5 Skills Entrepreneurs Need

Welcome to another Business English Podcast! This blog is a full write-up in regards to what skills entrepreneurs need. I decided to write the blog out because I know a lot of people will be interested. So let’s dive into the five skills!


The Art of Communication is absolutely essential. I’m not talking about insincere flattery, a very bad approach to doing business, but I’m talking about hearing someone while asking the right follow-up questions. There have been a number of times that I’ve failed in regards to communication and communicating with the other party, but I’ve gotten better at it. In the business world, you need to be top-notch and reply promptly. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other titans have failed MISERABLY at communicating with people. I’ve sent emails to ZOOM and they had stunk up the show in replying to me. However, great communication, such as calendly and my podcast hosting site, Buzzsprout, is superior. And that’s why they’ll always be the top of the game.


I want to be clear, no one likes to be sold to. Stop doing that. Also, pitching is not good, either. If you have to pitch to someone, that means they’re unaware of who you are and they’ll judge you predicated on your presentation.

My podcast sells. My words sell. My power of influence sells. These are two things that I developed by creating a podcast 5 years ago. People follow my podcast and they’re willing to pay anything at all costs because they know how great I am. However, some people ask a number of questions through Facebook, completely unaware of the number 1 podcast that I have. I don’t need to sell to anyone, and if you try haggling me, that’s when I’d cut you off.

Build your product and influence in a way that people are willing to pay and that you don’t have to try to convince anyone that your product is #1.

The other three skills in the podcast down below!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 14 | Can CEOs Be Trusted?

If you look at Google, 63% of employees are not worried about layoffs. However, if you look at Walt Disney, the CEO slashed 40k jobs at the beginning of COVID and have laid off an additional 28k at the beginning of this month, leaving its workers in “an awful lot of pain.”  Meanwhile, the heir of the company, Abigail Disney, went on a Twitter-tirade over the businesses’ practices and why the upper-echelon had received billions in bonuses and dividends while the hard-working middle-class suffered egregiously during the crisis.

So, can we trust big cats? Can we trust that Jeff Bezos actually gives a damn about his employees (apparently not because tens of thousands had gotten COVID)? It’s tough to call, and that’s today’s focus.  Can we trust the FAT CATS?


TOEFL iTP | Grammar | Incomplete or Missing Infinitive and Gerund Phrases

An infinitive is a verbal form that consists of the word to and the simple form of the verb: to be, to go, to give, to build. Infinitives are often followed by an object: to give directions, to build a house. Together, an infinitive and its object form an infinitive phrase.

Infinitives can be used in a variety of ways. They may be the subjects or objects of verbs or used after to be + adjective.

  • To read the directions is important. (infinitive as subject of a verb)
  • He forgot to read the directions. (infinitive as object of a verb)
  • It’s important to read the directions. (infinitive after to be + adjective)

Infinitives can be used as adjective phrases after noun phrases. You will often see this in structure problems after noun phrases containing the word first.

  • John Glenn was the first American to orbit the Earth.

Infinitives can be also be used to show purpose. In other words, they explain why an action takes place. (The phrase in order + infinitive also shows purpose.) These infinitive phrases often come at the beginning of a sentence, and are set off by commas.

  • To learn how to dance, he took lessons.
  • In order to learn how to dance, he took lessons.

You may see Structure items that focus on passive infinitives. A passive infinitive consists of the word to + be + past participle.

  • Roberta was the first person to be asked to speak at the meeting.

A gerund is a verbal form that ends in -ing: being, going, giving, building. Like infinitives, gerunds are often followed by objects: giving directions, building a house. Together, a gerund and its object form a gerund phrase.

Gerunds are verbal nouns, and are used as other nouns are used. You will generally see gerunds as subjects or objects of verbs or as objects of prepositions. (Note: infinitives can also be subjects and objects bu never objects of prepositions.)

  • Playing cards is enjoyable (gerund as subject of a verb)
  • He enjoys playing cards. (gerund as object of a verb)
  • He passes the time by playing cards. (gerund as object of a preposition).

Listen to my podcast for the examples and Patreon for the additional write up.

{Patreon Special} Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 17 | Hotels

From the gorgeous hotels such as Bangkok Marquis Marriott in Bangkok, Sintesa Jimbaran in Bali, Sheraton (minus them double-charging me), in Kuala Lumpur, to terrible hotels in the USA, Thailand (same area as Bangkok Marquis), and Australia. Today is story-telling Thursday! There are plenty of vocabulary terms for you guys on my Business English Podcast Badge! I go over them briefly on here, but if I speak very quickly and you want to practice your writing, verbiage, phrasal verbs, etc….make sure you click my Patreon down below!


Arsenio’s ESL Coaching & Membership Services

Hello, all! Here’s the comprehensive overview of my membership and coaching services! I’ve had a lot of inquiries, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew exactly, step-by-step, how much it would cost for the different packages involved.

January 2021 New Pricing

As of January 1st, there has been a 33% increase in hourly coaching packages, but it’s still similar to the 5-hours coaching packages.

1 hour = $40 an hour.

5 hours = $200 per package (one hour free) so a total of 6 hours.

Last Year

1 hour was $30 an hour.

5 hours was $150 an hour (no free hour). With the free hour now, last year’s package of 6 would technically be $180 — so there’s not much of a difference.

Group Learning

2-3 students = $30 per student/per hour (25% reduction).

4-5 students = $20 per student/per hour (50% reduction).

So, the more students there are, the cheaper is is for every individual student. The cap is at 5 students…and even so, understand that teaching IELTS Speaking and TOEFL Speaking with 4-5 students may be a bit difficult because the talking time for each student. Other areas, + TOEIC, would be far easier to teach with that amount of students.

Top-up packages will be coming soon!

Keep in mind, this is for all test preparation courses ONLY.

More questions? Book my calendar! Or email me

The TOEFL Tournament

Who’s ready for this year’s tournament? You guys are going to LOVE this.

In the link down below, there are a series of question for you to sign up for this month’s TOEFL tournament.

In the tournament, you will immediately start off in the quarterfinal round and you’ll be writing against someone else. So, it could be someone from Brazil vs. someone from Denmark. Whoever writes the best Independent Essay, moves onto the next round (semifinals). In the semifinals, you will be given an integrated task. And like the quarterfinals, whoever writes the best integrated tasks moves onto the finals. In the finals you will submit a package of four speaking questions (all materials will be provided by me) and the winner gets a free, 4-hour package of coaching (valued at $160 USD)!

Loser of the quarterfinals gets 2 speaking question evaluations.

Loser of the semifinals gets 1 free hour of coaching and 1 independent essay/integrated essay review.

So, WHO’S UP FOR THE TASK? Sign up today!

For your information, I will be making videos to grade your essays, speaking tasks, etc. This is all part of the process, but your name won’t be used. If you don’t want your voice or essay being used on video/audio, this tournament won’t be for you. But remember, it’s just a voice/write-up…no one will know WHO YOU ARE! Ha! Let’s go!

Sign Up Sheet

{Patreon Special} Pronunciation Course | Phase III | Word Stress in Two-Syllable Verbs, Noun-Verb Pairs, & Two-Word Verbs

Here’s the 4th audio of the course! If you’re on my Early Access Badge (5$ a month), getting all the podcasts early (more than 30), or any of the other badges, you’re getting my pronunciation course FOR FREE! Make sure you inquire! And in saying that, here’s a snippet of what today’s audio session is about…..

Many English verbs consist of a prefix (e.g., de-) and a root (e.g., -cide). Listen for the primary stress in the following words in my video.

Decide                         decide on the next step

Convince                      convince him to go

Reference                   refer to your notes

In two-syllable verbs with a prefix, stress the root form.

Additional Task: Use the root forms below to write at least three more two-syllable verbs in each column.


Pronunciation Course | Phase III | Word Stress in Numbers

Happy New Years! It’s officially 2021 and we’re back with the follow up from “compound nouns” yesterday. If you’re reading this on Facebook or the blog, know that price changes won’t happen on Patreon; therefore, every badge will have my pronunciation (audio) course. Be sure to tune in!