Business English Podcast Badge | Exclusive | Problems with Eating Out on Business Lunches

Stories, stories, and more stories! What are some problems you may have at a restaurant? Perhaps the food was cold when you got it, indicating that it had been sitting on the counter for some time.  Maybe the chicken is too dry, or the soup was too hot (which doesn’t make sense — but I’ve seen people complain before). Well, I have stories stemming from cold-plated plates in Manly, to cockroaches marching across the table in Thailand.  Plus, you’re going to listen to the dos and more don’ts when selecting a restaurant for a business lunch.

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Pronunciation Course | Phase I | Syllables

Here we are with the first official video of the pronunciation phase. Today we’re going to be going over syllables. Make sure you watch me in the video down below so you can hear me explain everything, and of course, you practice your pronunciation. My email is at the bottom, too, so you’ll need to click the video for instructions on what to do.

One Syllable                                    Two Syllables                                  Three Syllables

  Sent                                                      present                                              president

prez(ə)nt/ – is the phonetic symbol for present.

Look at the following words and categorize them in terms of how many spoken syllables each word has: business, center, competition, curious, dictionary, essay, immediate, manager, omitted, own, page, please, positive, text, (bonus) congratulations.

These words have become more and more common over the last two years. How many syllables do each word have?

  1. Hashtag
  2. Selfie
  3. App
  4. Twitter
  5. Urbanization
  6. Tik-tok
  7. Snapchat
  8. Popular
  9. Travel
  10. Fortnight

In words with more than one syllable, pay attention to the strongest syllable – the syllable with primary stress. That syllable is longer, clearer, louder, and higher in pitch than the other syllables.

Free-dom, Fan-TAS-tic, edu-CA-tion

Email me your homework:

Pronunciation Course | Phase I | Speech Profile

Before we begin, I wanted to make this as interactive as possible.  What you’re going to do is send me a video – yes – a video of you speaking and giving a thorough introduction of yourself (if you want to do an audio, that’s ok, too).

Why? I want to give you feedback on your pronunciation before we begin the course.  If I don’t, we’ll never know exactly if you will have improved or not.  So, your introduction will be based on the questions down below.

  • Your name, where you’re from
  • Tell me about your hobbies, interests, passion
  • Reasons for taking my course, areas you would like to improve
  • Your overall goal as a non-NES speaker (or Native Speaker)

Pronunciation Features

Consonant Sounds

Vowel Sounds

Grammatical Endings

Word Stress


Thought Groups


Final Intonation

Connected Speech

Consonant Clusters

After you submit your recording, I will grade you in the areas above before sending it to you.

Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | Features & Benefits – Early Access & Business English Badge Patreon

“Features tell but benefits sell. You’ve got to know the benefits of your product if you want to close.”

In today’s podcast, I discuss how Apple discusses all the features but without benefits, leading to me not buying any of their products in the last half-decade. 

I always beckon the question: “how will your product make my life easier?”

If you can’t answer that, I don’t buy.

So, in regards to my online teaching business, people have seen results just by listening to a 15-minute podcast. They actually get the benefits for free, and this is why my podcast sells itself because of the amazing content I give.

If you’re in sales, have a product, or service, these are things you MUST address.  Tune in!


Pronunciation Course Debut on Facebook, YouTube, Early Access Patreon Badge!

For the first time ever, I’ve taken my courses off UDEMY and now they’ll be debuting on my Facebook page! I’m so excited to bring you up to 30 videos over the next 30 days, leading to the debut of Phase IV and V on podia (stay tuned). I made these pronunciation courses initially for those of you who have difficulty with pronunciation in general. This is a comprehensive course that will require you to send your home to me, check your speech profile, your pronunciation levels, etc. Because UDEMY’s marketplace isn’t very good, I decided to focus on my real demographic, which is obviously my ESL Podcast, FB page, YouTube, etc. So, here’s the introduction to what you’ll be learning today! For the next 30 days, tune in at the same time. Also, make sure you check my blog for the template debut and coursework on a consistent basis.

If you want access to all the audio forms now, go to my Patreon! All links are down below!


Facebook Page


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 5 | Daily Routine – Hot-Desking

Welcome to another Business English podcast! Just want to tell everyone first that I’m SO GRATEFUL that you guys are loving these podcast. The plays are up 25% compared to my general English podcasts, so I’m glad you guys are loving it!

In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about what your routines are, whether you’re a student or if you have a job/business. Also, we’re going to introduce the controversial topic of hot-desking, an office space (desk) that is shared between a number of people throughout the day. Do you share your personal space (at work or school) with other people? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Tune in!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | Three Accents, Sales, Customers, & Targets

BOOM! A fully loaded podcast we have here! In today’s episode, we’re going to listen to Robert Harrison, head of Marvel Property Solutions; Lisa Catto, who works for The Back Office; Motivational Speaker Phil Berg of BNI UK & Ireland; and Wiktor Kostrzewski, author of quite a few books — talk about idioms, managing customer expectations, and sales targets.

Also, you’ll hear Lisa and Roberty speak about Lead Generation Magnets and which ones they prefer.  Phil Berg will give some profound advice in regards to “time-wasters” and story-telling Wiktor about being caught in the wrong position. Get ready!

By the way, hoping to bring on Lisa and Robert at some points, so stay tuned!

Update: Lisa Catto has responded and it looks like a podcast may brew — or at least, some selling tips!


TOEFL iBT | Independent Essay | Evaluating an Essay #3

Welcome back to another amazing TOEFL iBT Podcast! Because I realized this is my true market, I’m now focusing heavily on both iTP/iBT rather than IELTS (a completely different market with too many takers). So, here I am giving you a Patreon Special Snippet. In this video, (which I normally do for all my students who are on my Patreon), I will discuss how my student’s introductory paragraph doesn’t support the second body paragraph. Although her second body paragraph is phenomenal, it misses the mark here. So, let’s dive into this amazing snippet and break this down. Again, for anyone who’s interested in my Patreon membership or 1 on 1 coaching, inquire today!



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TOEFL iTP | Listening Part C | Longman | Bookstore Conversation

Welcome back to another ESL podcast! And today is a TOEFL iTP special! I know many of you have been waiting, but also be sure to tune into my Patreon! I do lots of exclusive TOEFL iTP material over there, as well as you get two coaching hours per month to learn with me (and a discount for additional hours you may need). Nonetheless, let’s get into the listening Part C!