TOEFL iTP | Written Expression | Mini-test #1 Breakdown

BOOM! We got a big one today. For the first time, I’m introducing the written expression part of TOEFL iTP! This is a big shout out to a wonderful fan of mine….so here’s is the massive breakdown of each individual question with answers.  If you guys are interested in each question’s formula and additional work, videos, exclusive podcasts, know that there is a membership (TOEFL iTP Badge) available! Inquire!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6 | Sales | Planning

Planning is absolutely ESSENTIAL in the world of life. Whether you’re planning daily goals, weekly, monthly, quarterly….it’s all part of the process. A workout enthusiast once said “failing to plan is planning to fail.” So, when we talk about sales in general, what are some of the targets that you set yourself at the beginning of the year? Or perhaps, monthly targets? Do you “up the ante,” so to speak? Do you increase it every month? How about personal development? Planning activities with your family members? Planning for “me” time? All of these questions need to be answered before execution because if you don’t have anything on your schedule, to begin with, you’ve already failed.

Blog source: In Company 3.0 Elementary

Additional write up is available on my Business English badge. The podcast release is both on early access and the business English podcast.


TOEFL Independent Writing Tips for Success

If its your first time here, welcome! Today, we’re going to go over the scale in which you’re graded + the different tips and break down of each paragraph. This will be very useful for you, so keep this handy at all times to grade yourself!

TOEFL Independent Writing Tips for Success

These are general tips that will appear on all Independent writing questions.


Introductory ParagraphProvide background information about the essay topic. Here are a few techniques:

Begin with two sides of opinions on the essay topic Begin with the general public’s opinions Introduce a fact that raises a question about the essay topic Introduce a debate on the essay topic Mention the advantage or disadvantage of a subject as a way to contrast your main opinion on the subject.

2. Write a strong thesis statement
Body Paragraph A
Body Paragraph B
Body Paragraph C (Optional)
1. Include a transition word/phrase at the beginning
2. Write a topic sentence
3. Include supporting sentences

Conclusion Paragraph1. Include a restatement of the thesis statement you wrote in your introduction
2. Provide a brief summary of your main ideas

There’s no maximum length for your essay, but a good response is usually at least 300 words.


You need to use transition words and phrases to connect your ideas in your essay. You should have 2 transition words/phrases every 4-5 sentences.

Type of connectionTransition words
These words can help you show the order of ideas.First/Second/Third
Firstly (or “First of all”)/Secondly/Thirdly (or “Lastly”)
For one thing/For another thing/Finally (or “Lastly”)
In the first place/in the second place/Finally (or “Lastly”)

Instead of “First“, “First of all” and “Firstly“, we can use “To begin with”, “To start with”, or “For starters”. We can also use “First and foremost” to state that the first key point is the most important one among all key points. Likewise, instead of “Finally” and “Lastly“, we can use “Last but not least” to state that the final key point is just as important as the others, despite it being mentioned last.
These words can help you add informationIn addition, furthermore, additionally, also, next, moreover, what’s more, on top of that
These words can help you conclude or to summarize:To sum up, in summary, in conclusion, to conclude, all in all, all things considered, overall, taking everything into consideration, in a nutshell
These words can help you demonstrate contrastConversely, on the contrary, by contrast, by way of contrast, on one hand/on the other hand
These words can help you compare or demonstrate similaritySimilarly, likewise, by the same token, along similar lines
These words can help you state a result.As a result, as a consequence, consequently, therefore
These words can help you state a generalization.Generally, on the whole, in most cases, in general
These words can help you clarify a point.That is, in other words, to put it simply, That is to say, just to reiterate
These words can help you give examples.For example, for instance, take something, for example, to give a clear example
These words can help you state an alternative.Alternatively, as another possibility

TOEFL Speaking & How You’re Graded

How your speaking response is graded.Task Fulfillment

Pronunciation & Intonation
Flow & Speech
Correct Grammar Usage
Vocabulary Usage (Appropriacy and Range)
Support & Development
Connections & Coherence
Task Fulfillment (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
Task fulfillment is about how well you respond to the question you are given. TOEFL raters are looking for a response that answers the question directly, with relevant ideas that are fully developed. Fulfilling the task means answering all parts of the question completely.Score:
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 The response is unconnected or minimally connected to the given task

2 is mostly connected to the given task/question, but presents some ideas and information that are not directly related to the task/question may focus more on the reading passage than the listening

3 is connected to the given task/question, but may not be fully developed generally focuses on listening passage but may include a few unnecessary details from the reading passage

4 directly addresses the task/question and is fully developed focuses exactly on the points from the listening that satisfy the requirements of the task
Pronunciation & Intonation (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
Pronunciation and intonation is about how you form English sounds and how you use natural English intonation. Your pronunciation and intonation can damage your score if it is difficult for the raters to understand what you are saying.
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 The response requires significant effort by listener because speech is mostly unclear, due to errors with: individual sounds and clusters word and sentence stress final intonation

2 The response requires some listener effort because speech is sometimes unclear, due to some unnatural use of: individual sounds and clusters word and sentence stress final and non-final intonation

3 The response may require effort by listener at times, though speech is generally clear, with: some sound and cluster pronunciation mistakes unnatural word and sentence stress some unnatural intonation

4 The response requires almost no effort by listener because speech is clear, including: natural sound and cluster pronunciation mostly natural intonation natural word and sentence stress, which may be used to convey subtle meanings
Flow & Speech (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
Flow and speech is about how quickly you can speak and how much pausing and hesitation you use. You don’t have to speak quickly, but just quickly enough to sound natural and explain all of your ideas. Raters want to hear natural rhythm and flow.Score: 2 / 4
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 has disconnected speech that does not flow naturally has mostly short and overly basic utterances includes many unnatural pauses and hesitations that may make the listener uncomfortable

2 attempts but has some difficulties maintaining natural rhythm and fluid speech attempts more than just basic utterances, though stops frequently to prepare ideas or self-correct may contain some long pauses and unnatural hesitations

3 sustains mostly natural rhythm, though at times breaks it with unnatural linking or stress has some unnatural pausing and hesitation

4 has mostly natural rhythm is generally quite fluid and sustained has minimal unnatural pausing and hesitation
Correct Grammar Usage (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
Correct grammar usage is about how you use English grammar and sentence structure. Raters want to see that you can use what you know correctly. Your grammar doesn’t have to be perfect to score high, but mistakes shouldn’t interfere with your meaning.Score: 2 / 4
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 Meaning is often difficult to understand because of significant and frequent errors with: nouns verb tenses adverbs and adjectives, including some phrases word order articles, pronouns, quantifiers, prepositions gerunds

2 Meaning is sometimes obscured because of errors with: noun and noun phrases verb (tenses and modals) adverbs and adjectives (including phrases) word order articles, pronouns, quantifiers, prepositions gerunds

3 Meaning is generally clear despite some errors with: noun phrases and clauses verb (tenses, modals, and passives) adverbs and adjectives (including phrases and clauses) word order articles, pronouns, quantifiers, prepositions

4 Meaning is not affected by grammatical errors, though there may still be minor errors with: noun phrases and clauses verb (tenses, modals, and passives) adverbs and adjectives (including phrases and clauses) word order art
Vocabulary Usage (Appropriacy and Range) (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
Vocabulary usage is about how you use English words. Raters are looking for responses that use different words correctly and accurately, and that use a wide range of words that help listeners understand.Score: 2 / 4
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 includes mistakes with basic word form includes limited vocabulary, with repetition and reliance on vocabulary from the question prompt often uses inappropriate or incorrect words or wording

2 may include some incorrect word forms attempts to use a range of words and phrases but may make errors that confuse the listener makes somewhat accurate word choice but at times leaves the listener guessing

3 uses mostly correct word forms uses a range of words and phrases that is mostly appropriate, possibly including some idiomatic language makes generally accurate word choice with only some effort by the listener

4 uses generally correct word forms with only minimal errors effectively uses a wide range of words and phrases, which may include phrasal verbs and idioms includes generally accurate word choice and at times demonstrates sophistication
Support & Development (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
Support and development is about the content of your speaking response. Your content should be related directly to the topic, and you should have several main ideas that support your opinion or position. These ideas should be persuasive or compelling.Score: 2 / 4
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 does not include much relevant information has no or very little detail or explanation

2 includes some important information but not all key ideas presents several ideas or some information incorrectly or imprecisely may show lack of understanding of key ideas from listening and reading

3 includes most important information or key ideas may include some inaccuracies or imprecise ideas shows generally good understanding of key ideas but may not describe them specifically

4 includes all key ideas required by the question may have slight errors shows very good understanding of key ideas and the ability to explain them well includes all key ideas required by the question may have slight errors < 
Connections & Coherence (Sample)
Criteria DescriptionScore
connections and coherence are about how you put your ideas together and link different sentences to each other. Raters want to see speaking that flows naturally from idea to idea without confusing the listener.Score: 2 / 4
Score TOEFL Report 0 doesn’t address the task or no response was given

1 has little or no connection between ideas, making the logic difficult to follow includes no effective words or expressions of transition, introduction, or conclusion

2 has some connection between ideas but may jump between some topics, causing some listener confusion includes some brief or simple words or expressions of transition, introduction, or conclusion

3 has generally good connection between ideas includes generally good range of words or expressions of transition, introduction, or conclusion but may not feel wholly unified

4 has very good connection between ideas that are logically and effectively ordered includes a range of words or expressions of transition, introduction, and conclusion which conveys a feeling of unity and completeness

TOEFL iTP | Listening Part C | Longman | Bookstore Conversation

Welcome back to another ESL podcast! And today is a TOEFL iTP special! I know many of you have been waiting, but also be sure to tune into my Patreon! I do lots of exclusive TOEFL iTP material over there, as well as you get two coaching hours per month to learn with me (and a discount for additional hours you may need). Nonetheless, let’s get into the listening Part C!


Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | High Performance Habits | Prolific Quality Output

Often times, as business people, workers, or students in general, we find ourselves focusing on tasks that aren’t giving us meaning.  Instead of myself, focusing on podcasts and creating videos, I would focus on mundane tasks such as emails and meetings.  That doesn’t take me one step closer to reaching my goal. Some of you focus on producing non-essential quality rather than the prolific aspect of it. In today’s podcast, with prompts, questions and all, you’ll be focusing on what brings you the most return on investment.

International Guest Speaker | Nicole of Argentina | Being Multilingual & Developing Passion for English

I woke up one morning and I had a follow from a private profile on Instagram. Normally when this happens, it’s someone who follows me one of my podcasts. I went to message this individual, and a message was already awaiting me. Nicole, 16-years-old and from Argentina, sent me an amazing welcome and wanted to come on my podcast. This is the first conversation, in my life, with someone from Argentina. In this podcast, Nicole talks about her English language learning journey that began at 10, but how did she become an upper-intermediate speaker so quickly? Learned Portuguese in Brazil for five years, and speaks German (although she doesn’t like it quite as much). So, she speaks from many vantage points and this is going to be an AMAZING inspiration for future generations!

(Patreon Early Access!)Arsenio’s Business English Podcast | Season 6: Episode 2 | Mobile Phone Etiquette & How to Improve Yours

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Often times we’re so caught up in our own lives that we forget about everyone else around us, even those who go out with us for a meal. This could be problematic because then you would lose relationships and not exactly sure why you had lost them, to begin with. In this episode, you’ll be taking a Mobile Phone quiz to see where your etiquette is and how to improve it.


UDEMY Course Re-Launch Coming Soon! — Podia Platform!

It’s not failure; it’s feedback.

So, I entered UDEMY very enthusiastic about landing potential clients and students. Other than 3 purchases at the beginning of January, two from people I knew; and an additional student who sent me an email…..UDEMY was a FLOP.

Now, some people would say “wait, maybe it was your course?”

Well, I had 6k students! The problem is, if you offer something free, which the majority of UDEMY’s courses are, people will expect only FREE FREE FREE. UDEMY’s Marketplace is comprised of India and Arab countries — that’s not saying that this is a People-Without-Money-Market, but this is a “takers” market. Most of the people on UDEMY feel that everything should be free, at the marketplace is saturated with takers rather than people who are willing to pay. 6k students buy only three paid?

Not only that, but the comments from users in Arab nations, even giving two stars at times, was ignorant as hell. I know my courses aren’t even close to being 2-star. I’m open to feedback, but I’m not open to ignorance. One user said “you’re not funny. I skipped everything you had to say.” Again, ignorance on UDEMY is GRAND.

So, I pulled my courses and deleted my profile because I don’t need a marketplace…I AM the marketplace and I want 100% of my revenue on my own! Because my brand has finally reached significant heights, I can now market my courses on my podcast and have everyone go over to Podia!

With an all-in-one approach, I will slowly start putting my courses on Podia, as well as a variety of other courses that will help users learn-as-they-go.

So here’s the relaunch! I no longer need a marketplace — I AM THE MARKETPLACE!

IELTS | Speaking | 1 on 1 Coaching | Speaking Part 2 – A Building That Influenced Your Community

Because she’s such a phenomenal speaker, I really had to critique her in a more thorough way and I found out that she does go on a ramble. She spoke over the mark, as you guys will hear in the podcast, and she prolonged it by giving a lot of examples that didn’t support the overall story.  Also, she missed the question, so listen to the feedback I give her.