Gary Vee: Facebook 101

Foreword I've done a heavy dose of Facebook advertising over the years.  When I launched my first YouTube video back in 2015, I sponsored the hell out of the video on my Facebook, which then turned into a few hundred likes and maybe a dozen views on the YouTube video.  To this day, that has... Continue Reading →


Gary Vee: Twitter

Listen, I was never -- AND I MEAN NEVER -- a fan of twitter.  Everyday back in 2010, when I was YOUNG, I would see one of the TV (that thing they call television) anchors always make remarks about Twitter (in a funny and joyful way).  I kept saying, "psshhh I'm not using that!"  Well,... Continue Reading →

The Story of Nuttakul & Branding + Instagram Hashtags

15-year-old Thai student in a boarding school on the outskirts of Bangkok was getting very disinterested with learning the same-old boring, flipping page-by-page English, although I don't do that.  Everything I threw at her, including different real-life English activities, didn't move her. So, instead of throwing the "historical style" learning system at her, I decided... Continue Reading →

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