Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 4 – Episode 103 – Listening – Green Products

We’re back with some more listening! So, let’s first talk about what this listening is about. Are there many products in your country which claim to be “green?” Which types of product?

What do you think of the term “greenwashing” and what might it mean?

Time to listen to an interview with a consultant for a consumer protection organization and choose the best answers.

  1. An American marketing firm
  • found 1,018 environmentally friendly products.
  • found 1,017 environmentally friendly products.
  • investigated 1,018 different products.
  • were astonished that they couldn’t find even just one environmentally friendly product.
  1. The problem with one shampoo manufacturer was that it said
  • the shampoo was organiz, but when it was tested, it evidently wasn’t.
  • it had proof that the shampoo was organic, but the proof didn’t exist.
  • it had proof that the shampoo was organic, but the proof was falsified.
  • something that was only partially true.
  1. The consultant says
  • all natural products are good.
  • all products are essentially natural.
  • knowing a product is natural is not good enough.
  • companies should list all the natural ingredients in a product.
  1. The consultant tells us
  • to buy products that claim they are CFC-free.
  • not to buy products that claim they are CFC-free.
  • any product that say it’s CFC-free is lying.
  • CFC-free products are the best for protecting the ozone layer.
  1. The consultant tells us that one of the keys to buying products that help the environment is
  • to read all the information and then check that the information is true.
  • to disbelieve the ecological claims that companies make.
  • not to believe that all products with an EcoLogo or Green Seal are good for the environment.
  • not to reject a product if the manufacturer mentions something negative about it.


What would you propose to stop companies making false claims about “green” products?

What reasons are there for people not buying green products?

What could be done to encourage people to buy more?

What other things can people do to be “green” in their daily lives?


Arsenio’s ESL Podcast: Season 3 – Episode 32 – Grammar – Will, Be Going to, Present Cont/Simp for Future

Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast
Arsenio's ESL Podcast: Season 3 - Episode 32 - Grammar - Will, Be Going to, Present Cont/Simp for Future


Yes! All of these combined and for the future! This is going to be a difficult one, so please,  prepare yourselves for a long podcast and blog! We’re getting into the Intermediate realm now.

1a – Match the sentences (a-d) with the rules (1-4)

a. In the next few weeks, leaders of the world are meeting to discuss climate change.

b. When you get home this evening, what will you watch on TV?

c. Some people say this will be the future of technology.

d. It appears that it’s going to be difficult to produce fresh food in the future.


  1. We use the present simple with time expressions like when, after, before, as soon as to talk about the future.
  2. We use the present continuous to talk about fixed, confirmed future arrangements.
  3. We use will to make general predictions.
  4. We use be going to to make predictions based on some sort of evidence.


Complete the sentences with the correct form of the present simple or will.

  1. When she _________(come), we ____________(leave).
  2. My brother ______________(call) you back as soon as he _____________(finishes) his homework.
  3. I ______________(do) the dishes before mom ______________(get) home.
  4. When you ___________(go) to the shops next week, ____________ you ___________(buy) new shoes?
  5. When you _______________(come) to my hotel, we ______________(eat) dinner.
  6. Before Auntie Anne ____________(get) home tonight, I ______________(clean) the house.
  7. When I _____________(have) enough money, I ______________(travel) to Chile.
  8. I ______________(not take) the pie out of the oven until it _____________(be) ready.


Read the pairs and choose the correct answer.

1a. What do you do this weekend?

1b. What are you doing this weekend?

2a. I think I’ll leave soon.

2b. I think I’m going soon.

3a. Someone’s calling. I’ll see who it is.

3b. Someone’s calling.  I’m seeing who it is.

4a. She’s going to win the competition.

4b. She’ll win the competition.

5a. When I get home, I’ll make a snack.

5b. When I will get home, I’ll make a snack.

6a. What time does your plane leave?

6b. What time is your plane leaving?


Additional Podcast: Motivational Mentors

Yes, the picture of me is pretty bad, but bear with me until I get a new one (LOL).

Many of my podcast listeners have been listening to me on two different platforms.  When I wasn’t creating podcasts on my personal development podcast, they went to my ESL podcast.  So, I think it’s really exciting to tell you guys that there is a 3rd and joint podcast I’m doing with another mentor called Motivational Mentors. 

This particular podcast was thought of by one of my ex-interviewees that I had on back in March.  We flirted with some ideas in April, but nothing was concrete.  On July 3rd, we officially launched the first podcast.  We didn’t have much direction in the beginning, but we kicked it off by doing a Q & A.  So, the first couple of podcasts were by people who wanted to have questions answered by us.  Mild success, but then I thought about bringing on other entrepreneurs and whatnot and that’s when it exploded.

Luke Burrows, who has a great contact list, began asking people all over the world about coming on for episodes.  We set up an official date and on every Sunday, we brought someone on the show to chat it up with us.  So many interviewees later, our podcast plays have spiked significantly (especially compared to my personal development podcast) and we have booked out time slots for the next several months into the new year.

The best part about this is that NO ONE IS DOING THIS.  There aren’t mentors flexing their personal development muscles because it’s a bit risky to do so.  With the amount of experience and me putting in serious work with the things I’ve read, and with Luke teaching his clients and the amount of knowledge he has; this not only creates brand awareness, but it shows that we do know what we’re talking about.

I remember talking about some people recently on my podcast about being afraid of getting exposed — like dog trainers.  If you’re a dog trainer and you don’t have a podcast, videos, 1-minute videos on Instagram or no online presence, you don’t exist.  Moreover, people can call you out rather quickly because they don’t know if you’re real.

This is the important part of business, people.  You need to show the world that you’re competent in the area you’re talking about, because if you don’t, you have no leverage.  It’s about creating those relationships and collaborating with as many people as possible.  So with Motivational Mentors  and my ESL podcast excelling quickly, you can’t only imagine what’s about to happen in 2019!


Darren Hardy: Chapter 5 – Influences

There are three influences: input (what you feed your mind), associations (the people you spend time with),  and your environment.

If you’re one of those Facebook scrollers, you’re feeding your mind with a good amount of head-trash.  This means that you’re going to end up reading, posting, or sharing something which you have no control over.  Look at the President of the United States, for instance.  How many people post and rant their heads off at them? What do you accomplish by doing it? You really have to take a step back and look at it from that perspective.

I had a wonderful student a year or two ago.  She was a marvelous dental student, but she was quieter than ever.  Sure, “that fits the profile and persona of a dentist,” but she asked me “how can I bring out my personality?”

I asked, “are your friends quiet?”


Of course they are.  I can bet you right now if she had funny friends around her for a month, her personality would change.

A funny story about this would be Thai women try looking “black.”

That’s right.  They get hair extensions and tan their skin as much as possible to come off as an “African American.”  When you speak to them, they have a good amount of slang.  Guess who their friends are? You guessed it! Wait, no you didn’t.  Their friends are all from Africa.

I thought it was a funny story to tell. HA!

Environment has to be the biggest.  Honestly, biggest slum in Bangkok by the name of Khlong Toei is infested with poor people.

Rose Garden Townhomes, a place that my mother has been living for almost two decades, is full of a bunch of generational welfare pumping hood rats (hey, just calling it how I see you).

Are rich people hanging out with poor people?  Is someone from Beverly Hills going to a gym in Watts? Do the people in Manhattan live in the Bronx?


I. Input: Garbage in, garbage out.

“If you want your body to run at peak performance, you’ve got to be vigilant about consuming the highest-quality nutrients and avoiding tempting junk food. If you want your brain to perform at its peak, you’ve got to be even more vigilant about what you feed it. Are you feeding it news summaries or mind-numbing sitcoms? Are you reading the tabloids, or SUCCESS? Controlling the input has a direct and measurable impact on your productivity and outcomes.”

Excerpt From: Darren Hardy. “The Compound Effect.” iBooks.

This tackles it from two different angles.

On the super-busy days at my job, if I don’t eat protein and a handful of vegetables, I suffer from a mid-afternoon crash.  I can give you straightforward why I do, too – RICE!

Doesn’t make sense to eat rice when your body is not burning anything, right? However, I do!

Now is rice junk food? Absolutely not.  Brown rice is amazing.  But if I eat it at wrong times of the day, my body falls apart.

From an intake of information standpoint, people watch the news, sitcoms, reality TV (A.K.A – sitcoms!) and a handful of other things that serve them no purpose.  Controlling what our brains consume is very difficult. Also, our brain is not designed to make us happy.  It’s got one agenda: survival.

Robberies, fires, terrorist attacks, economy, Trump, internet trolls, nagging co-workers, angry individuals on public transportation – AVOID! If not, your brain is going to dissect the information and spend hours chewing on the fearful information, which will then bring more fear, which could lead to a heart attack.  I mean, pretty excessive, but it most certainly happens when people are driving to work in America every Monday morning.


Face What Isn’t Working

There was a time last year where I had a wonderful friend who lied to me about her being from Thailand (she was in fact from Myanmar), and in that lie were promises of starting a wonderful, healthy-food catering business that would deliver clean food all around Bangkok.

In this plan, I wrote so many action steps down on a monster poster board and then I suddenly started seeing her slipping.  She was hiding something and I didn’t know what it was because she did a great job covering it up.  I started seeing signs from even Thai people who would speak English to her instead of Thai BECAUSE they thought she wasn’t Thai.  None of these things started clicking until one morning I received a phone call from her asking me for $6 dollars because she didn’t have money.

If you don’t have $6 dollars to your name, there’s a much bigger problem then not actually having $6 dollars.  By that time I scrapped the plane and in the ensuing weeks the big question came, “can I borrow a large sum of money to pay off old debt.”


I knew that there was too much problem and not enough action…but I didn’t face what wasn’t working in the beginning until I let it fester to the big question.

If you are going to become more successful, you have to get out of the denial like I was in, and I’m sure you’ve been in throughout your life in certain situations.

Do you defend or ignore how toxic your work environment is?  After reading this particular principle, I made a podcast (which I will still post down below for anyone who’s interested in listening) which a blackmailer went sniffing through some of my dirty laundry, found it, and began implicating and inferring that I was talking about specific individuals in my work place, although I was just stating facts about different age groups I’ve came across here in Thailand.

How about marriage? Do you make excuses for how bad it is?

Are you in denial about your lack of energy, your excess weight, your ill-health, or your level of physical fitness?  Are you failing to acknowledge how bad sales are at work? How bad one coworker is with finishing tasks on time?  The loud music that’s being played late at night that keeps you up 50% of your sleep time?

You have to begin facing these circumstances squarely, heed the warning signs, and take action, no matter how uncomfortable or challenging it might be.

Don’t Ignore The Yellow Signs

Your child comes home late from school again.  Strange notices start showing up in your mailbox.  You hear noises coming from across the hall and no one is there (ok, that might be a bit over the top, but it happens).  A friend, neighbor, classmate or anyone makes a very odd comment.  We just simply ignore them.

Why? Because to face what’s not working in your life usually means you’re going to have to do something uncomfortable.


Wheel of Life Update: Threshold Has Been Breached!

On a monthly basis, I like to reevaluate the categories of my life.  In Glenn Harold’s Book “The Answer,” he has a nice wheel of life exercise that I abide by.

For those of you who want to see where you stand, you could definitely check my twitter (arseniobuckshow) or instagram (thearseniobuckshow) and just get a clean sheet of paper, draw a wheel, and begin shading in the different categories – 1-10.

Career, romantic relationships, fun & hobbies, personal development, physical environment, health, wealth, family & friends.

Everything that’s going on in your current life is what the wheel will represent.  Career, health, wealth, family and friends are self explanatory; however, personal development is what you’re feeding your mind.  What are you doing everyday to improve your knowledge? What motivational or transformation videos are you going to watch throughout the week? Audio programs? Podcasts? That’s personal development.

Physical environment revolves around your home and work.  Both together make 10…..are you content with where you’re living and your investment?

With that being said, I’m looking forward to what people will have on their own wheel of life.  Mine? Absolutely amazing and I’ve peaked in multiple categories for the first time in my life.

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