TOEIC: Text Completion #3

Dear Arsenio,   It was great to finally meet you in person on Tuesday.  I hope you enjoyed the wonderful lunch.  The food was amazing, wasn't it? I'm excited about our company's new _________________ campaign.  I think we will be able to sell lots supplements because of it. a. advertising b. advertised c. advertiser d.... Continue Reading →


IELTS Writing: Run-Ons & Comma Splices (Quick Read & Video)

Learning about different types of sentence fragments, especially for IELTS, is extremely important.  I will go over incomplete sentences and other variations soon, but I want to help you on avoiding run-on and comma splices, two mistakes that occur in the writing task II. So, a run-on happens when you join two simple sentences without... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Conditionals II

I wanted to do another rundown of conditionals so you all have a more thorough understanding. If you understand conditionals, not only will it improve your score by about 5-10 questions on Part 5, but also improve your writing - enabling you to use complex structures rather than simple structures. Conditional sentences contain two distinct parts:... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Causative Verbs

Causative verbs show that someone or something made a certain action happen.  The most common causative verbs are get, make, and have.  Verbs like order, cause, force, and want can also be causative verbs.  They are followed by noun clauses. If the direct object of the causative verbs make, have, and let perform the action, the... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Transition Words

There are my absolute FAVORITE! I remember back in my college days my professor said to me, "if you can put transition words in your essay, I'll give you A's.  It needs flow."  So, I did.  The result = A's! These transition words, just like in the writing task II of the IELTS, are imperative... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Subordinating Conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions link a main clause with a subordinate clause.  There are different kinds of conjunctions that show different kinds of relationships between two clauses. Time: before, after, while, when, until, as soon as Please take these packages to the post office before it closes. After the meeting was over, we enjoyed dinner.   Cause... Continue Reading →

TOEIC: Coordinating Conjunctions

Welcome back to some more grammar work! Today is coordinating conjunctions! Coordinating conjunctions are basically transitional phrases, linking words, phrases or independent clauses.  And links similar ideas. We need five tables and forty chairs. John writes the reports and Mary edits them. But links contradictory ideas. The new photocopier was very expensive, but it doesn’t... Continue Reading →

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